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iPhone's recovery in the largest service center in western Ukraine

We are an Apple service center and a store - ICOOLA.UA, we are the largest Apple service in Western Ukraine, which was able to concentrate in one place such a huge number of professional engineers. By entrusting your gadget for repair to us, you choose the reliability and advanced technologies for device recovery. Want to get a quality repair of Apple equipment in 15-30 minutes? Call toll-free 0-800-602-250 right now or leave a repair request online.

Friends, many, ask if we sell new iPhones? No, because the manufacture of new technology carries a huge pile of electronic waste, because to develop and manufacture a new motherboard, Apple needs to extract dozens of chemical elements, and for this you need to recycle tons of rocks. Today, mankind has produced so many old gadgets that it is enough for several generations to come, but most people find it easier to go to the store and buy a new one than to repair the old or buy a refurbished one. It is very sad...

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