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Apple Store / Why us and what does the ICOOLA online store offer you?

Why us and what does the ICOOLA online store offer you?

"ICOOLA" is one of the leaders in the service and sales of refurbished iPhones in Ukraine. Today the number of complanies that sell high-quality original Apple appliances at affordable prices, is insignificant. Ask yourself if you want your used 11 iPhone or any other model to serve until you simply get tired of exploiting it? If you want, then our products are just for you. Our smartphones are sold only in perfect condition, with battery life higher than 87%. We guarantee that you will receive a high-quality and original smartphone from Apple. Also, our service center provides a one-year warranty for all products, because we are confident that these products are of high quality and will definitely work for a long time.

In addition, unlike many other online stores that ask for a significant advance payment for the goods, we send our equipment by cash on delivery, so you can test and check your Apple for originality right at the "Nova Poshta" office and when you are sure that this technique is perfect - make a purchase.

What Apple technology do we offer?

We offer high-quality iPhones in perfect condition at the lowest prices in Ukraine. Our company is only engaged in the sale of iPhones of such models as:

  • iPhone SE;
  • iPhone 6;
  • iPhone 6s;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8 Plus;
  • iPhone X, XR, XS (Max)
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone SE 2 (2020);
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini.

You can choose each of the models, mentioned above, in different colors: Jet Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Space Gray, and in the case of purchasing smartphones of the XR, 11 or 12 series, the colors are even wider. In addition, our iPhones are available in 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB capacities. By purchasing in the ICOOLA Internet market, you will receive a complete set and a 1-year warranty. Want to have the best iPhone? Order it at icoola.ua.

Do we repair the iPhone?

Of course, we are one of the best Apple service centers in Ukraine. The minimum experience of our specialists is on average 5 years, which allows us to cope with any iPhone breakdowns without any problems and issues. The key to our success is the lowest prices and the fastest repairs. On average, we are able to repair any breakdown in 15-30 minutes, but more serious problems take up to a maximum of 1 day.

How to contact us?

You can order purchase in the online menu on the website itself, by phone number 063-626-11-94. Contact us by e-mail at icoolaua@gmail.com or come to Apple Store and purchase equipment right here. We are located in Lviv, at Kotsyubinsky, 25 Street.

How are we different from other online stores?

First, we have our own service center, which provides a 12-month warranty. In addition, we have the lowest prices and fast delivery. Having ordered a product on the website, our staff will send it to you on the same day. Also, the ICOOLA company is official and works openly. Our smartphones are checked and tested by the service center for quality and originality because we strive for excellence. ICOOLA has been successfully operating on the market for over 5 years and during this time we were able to satisfy the expectations of the several thousand buyers with high-quality smartphones. We have more than 30 employees on our team who are concerned about getting your iPhone Never lock in perfect condition and having a 101% satisfaction rate. Reaching this level is not easy, which is why we are building a team of professional people who care first about their clients. And this is just the beginning. Thank you for choosing ICOOLA.

ICOOLA plants a tree for every phone sold

In addition to selling high-quality Apple smartphones and repairing phones, we have taken it upon ourselves to plant a tree for every iPhone sold, as we believe that our nature needs protection and restoration. Every year, hundreds of thousands of kilograms of garbage around the world, including broken phones, pollute our planet. We, as a service for restoring gadgets, understand our responsibility in this area and, in addition to reducing electronic garbage, strive to green our planet. Thank you for choosing ICOOLA.