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Apple Store / How does the ICOOLA affiliate program work?

How does the ICOOLA affiliate program work?

Dear Friends, we sincerely ask you to wait, as the ICOOLA referral program is under development / testing.  Everyone will be able to earn money with us in a powerful and convenient affiliate program very soon.

The affiliate program from ICOOLA allows everyone to join the cooperation with our Internet market and to earn money together. By registering in the personal account on our website, you will receive a special link, thanks to which you will have a unique chance to become our partner.

How will I earn money?

Everything is very simple. Once you have your affiliate link, you can start posting it on forums, blogs, social networks to attract customers and your own partners. If the buyer follows such an affiliate link and places an order, you receive bonus points. If you have attracted a new partner, you will receive a % of its sales by the end of the cooperation with ICOOLA. Note that our affiliate program is designed for a 5-level system, it means: you will receive bonuses for sales, even from those partners whom you have not brought yourself.

Which products are covered by the affiliate program?

It doesn't matter what kind of product the buyer whom you brought from your own affiliate link, bought: protective glass, smartphone or paid for repair services (paid by the bank card, or paid for the goods by cash on delivery at Nova "Poshta"), you will still get your income in any case.

The unique program allows you to start earning money right now. After collecting the required number of bonus points, you can buy Apple products for these points or use them as a significant discount for the purchase or repair iPhone. Just imagine that you brought more than 100 people from your own link, who as well invited so many more. In this case, you can do absolutely nothing and receive dividends from their sales. We will note that our most active participants earn huge funds by doing absolutely nothing.