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iPhone repair in ICOOLA - why are we the best in terms of Apple service?

Why choose our Apple service center for iPhone repair in Lviv? It's simple, because ICOOLA is not just a workshop where iPhones are repaired - it is an eco-brand that cares about nature, restores equipment and sells high-quality Apple gadgets.

The world famous Californian Apple brand is hard to beat in product quality. All the manufacturer's equipment differs from competitors in high endurance and durability. But even with high-end devices like the iPhone, things can get tricky at times.

Minor breakdowns and malfunctions, incorrect operation and software bugs, or banal mechanical damage to the iPhone or moisture ingress into the case - ICOOLA specialists will settle any trouble with your gadget. In our official Apple service center, which is located in Lviv at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street, you will find support and assistance in saving your device. Everyone who visits us with a problem iPhone will receive high-quality and free advice, as well as the fastest possible service support for the iPhone. Doesn't your favorite gadget deserve this kind of care?

Prices for repair of Apple iPhone in ICOOLA?

Since Apple smartphones are not a cheap accessory, many owners are afraid of the prospect of repair. This is especially true when the gadget needs really serious help.

Cases that need major repairs, in particular, include the effects of falling iPhone from a height and moisture inside the case. Rupture of the cable, broken camera lens, cracked display or corrosion of the contacts - such problems will require not only repair services, but also replacement of original spare parts.

By applying for iPhone repair services to the ICOOLA service center, you will receive not only a qualified repair of your favorite device, but also the lowest price among competitors for the work done. We love our customers, so we approach the repair of their equipment with special care and caution.

ICOOLA uses only original and tested spare parts purchased directly from the manufacturer to repair Apple gadgets. So repairing your iPhone in our service center will be more than profitable, even in the event of a serious intervention.

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How fast can we repair an iPhone?

Friends, as soon as you come to our service, in Lviv at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street, our masters immediately start repairing your iPhone (out of turn), because we understand how important the client's time is.

How much will it cost to repair an iPhone?

We practically make this repair at its cost. Eco-company ICOOLA does not want users to throw their gadgets in the trash and pollute the surrounding area. Come, repair, restore. On average, repair of breakdowns costs from 300 to 1000 UAH.

Is it a diagnostics-free one?

Yes, yes and yes again. Come, diagnose and, even if you refuse the repair, no one will charge for the diagnosis, because it is a kind of extortion. Diagnosis in Shark is free in all its aspects!

How to order repairs if you live in another city?

Don't be afraid to send your gadgets through Nova Poshta. Think for yourself, which is better, to use a low-quality service center in your city or a quality one, but in another? Of course, it is better to choose the second option! So feel free to call, write, order a breakdown on our website, and we will definitely repair your device!