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IPhone 11 Pro repair at the lowest price in Ukraine

The American brand of the eleventh generation is developed on the basis of its predecessors, it still has the same almost 6-inch display with OLED technology, Super Retina XDR, similar connectors and flash drives. The iPhone 11 Pro differs in a matte green body, on the back of which there are three lenses and, according to tradition, one front. The powerful A13 Bionic processor does wonders for functionality when combined with longer run times from a single feed. According to the manufacturer, special attention was paid to improving the reliability of water resistance and the strength of the rear window.

Nevertheless, the ICOOLA service center , located in Lviv, regrets to state that the breakdowns that users of the new line of smartphones deal with are practically the same. Our pros can say this, as they receive orders not only in their own city, but also from all regions of Ukraine.

IPhone 11 Pro repair: why a gadget can break

The flagship, as before, does not withstand "water procedures", as well as "mud baths". All the same, glass cracks from impacts with sharp, heavy objects, from falling from a height. There are also various kinds of malfunctions in the hardware segment that require professional intervention to fix them. By entrusting us with your "apple pet", you will put it in safe hands, since there are no impossible tasks for us. We do not practice eliminating non-existent breakdowns, because we are not chasing short-term income, but are planning long-term partnership with customers on mutually beneficial terms.

Always remember that panic is a bad guide. If you notice changes in the operation of the multimedia device, never open it, trying to find the cause of the "disaster". Firstly, without skills, you will not be able to understand the complex "stuffing", and secondly, without a special tool, it is impossible to replace, solder, without causing additional damage to the technical part of the top-end phone.

But in some cases it makes sense to try to provide "first aid at home" without resorting to radical methods. Here are some tips from the masters:

  1. If there is no network, no connection to Wi-Fi, Internet, restart the device. If there is no result, resort to resetting the network settings. The last option is to return to factory settings, which will lead to the loss of data, applications, user settings.
  2. A fast discharge of the iPhone can be caused by a manufacturing defect or an overabundance of services and applications running in the background. The first case involves replacing the iPhone 11 Pro, in the second case, the issue is solved by disabling unclaimed functions and programs. Thus, the option "optimized charging" according to numerous observations leads to a rapid loss of battery power. An increase in the growth of autonomy will also occur when the "Screen Time" function, which collects data on the use of various "programs" by the user, is abandoned. Geolocation and automatic content updates also take away some of the charging. Worse, when the battery does not charge, or it takes too long, and another AC adapter does not change the situation for the better - a master is needed here.
  3. If the gadget freezes, try restarting it. This action will not lead to the loss of files, utilities. If it does not turn on, check the charge level indicator.
  4. Weak sound of messages, audio files can be caused by accidentally pressing the volume key or moving the slider in the settings - go through these options.
  5. When the pride of the model refuses to work, the camera, showing on the screen the "black masterpiece of Malevich", there is hope that restarting the application or the device itself will help out. Sometimes switching the rear lens to the front lens and vice versa helps.

The listed measures can be useful if you are convinced that the iPhone was not exposed to aggressive mechanical stress, no one tried to check the validity of the IP68 protection parameter specified by the manufacturer, sending the favorite Apple on a deep journey.

The most common iPhone 11 Pro breakdowns

Most often, iPhone 11 Pro owners ask for help when faced with such problems:

  • The iPhone refuses to turn on;
  • loading stops when the brand logo appears;
  • cracks have formed on the glass, matrix;
  • the back panel glass is cracked;
  • stripes, spots appear on the display;
  • the life of the device without recharging has been reduced;
  • The camera is "on strike";
  • the interlocutor is not heard or the microphone does not work.

This is an incomplete list, since there are different cases: simple, complex, combined. Sometimes the case ends with only a new firmware, sometimes surgical intervention requires a comprehensive replacement of parts and assemblies.

Most often, to return the iPhone 11 Pro to life, you have to:

  • replace the glass if the touchscreen does not work correctly;
  • install a new display module in case of deep damage to the display;
  • "Restore" the glass of the back panel, in the immediate vicinity of which the battery and wireless charging loop are located;
  • change the protective dome of the rear camera that protrudes outside the body, which causes frequent damage;
  • reinstall the battery due to the use of a non-original adapter, maintaining power through the Power Bank or car devices;
  • modular camera replacement.

How does an inexpensive iPhone 11 Pro repair work?

Aikula SC, specializing in servicing high-tech Apple technology in Lviv, has been operating on the service market for more than five years, which made it possible to thoroughly study consumer demand for American brand products, repair features, establish stable supplies of original components, equip workplaces with everything necessary for specific manipulations and in-depth testing devices.

Thus, we have created all the conditions for fulfilling orders without the need to involve outside specialists and can set prices based on the cost of spare parts for a smartphone and the complexity of the work required. This approach made it possible to reduce the financial burden on our clients, and also to offer each of them a pleasant bonus - free diagnostics without the obligation of further cooperation.

The algorithm for applying for services in the ICOOLA SC is as follows:

  1. Contact us in any convenient way (application on the website, phone call) to clarify the reasons, the essence of the malfunction of your iPhone 11 Pro and the method of its delivery to the expert. This can be a personal visit, sending with a trusted person or courier service, since the center accepts orders from all regions of Ukraine.
  2. The wizard begins inspection immediately as soon as the device lies on the desktop. It is mandatory to test the functional iPhone basket for "making a diagnosis", calculate the cost of correcting defects and the deadline.
  3. If the client is satisfied with the conditions, then our pro starts "revitalizing" the gadget. Upon completion of the set of measures, control diagnostics are carried out, a warranty card is issued, which provides the right for free service throughout the year. The stylish accessory returns to the owner.

How quickly does the iPhone 11 Pro repair

The recovery speed of a multimedia device depends on the damage caused to it and the degree of damage to the hardware. The team of the enterprise is interested in promptly solving any problems with a smartphone, since good reviews raise the company's image, and therefore, the welfare of its employees. The procedure can take from several minutes and last up to one and a half hours, but the deadlines are always respected in accordance with the agreements.

ICOOLA advantages

Trusting us with a new-fashioned phone, expensive in all respects, be sure that:

  • all faults will be fixed with a high level of skill;
  • you will be offered loyal prices;
  • replacement of parts is carried out with original analogues;
  • Warranty for services and components is valid for a year (except for the battery).

Contact us! We will be glad to answer your questions.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone 11 Pro?

Prices for iPhone 11 Pro repairs start from 12,6 $

How long does the repair take on average iPhone 11 Pro?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes

Where can iPhone 11 Pro be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone 11 Pro from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.