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 IPhone 11 Pro Max repair with warranty

Apple's top 11th-generation Pro Max iPhone delighted users with a 6.5-inch display, progressive graphics, and plenty of storage. A capacitive battery and a high-performance processor ensured the possibility of active use of an advanced gadget for a long period without recharging.

Stylish minimalism and multimedia made the phone the most desirable among fans of the American brand, but its vulnerability to breakage, like any other technology, has not gone anywhere. If you are among those who are faced with this problem, the specialized ICOOLA service center will restore your "apple" device to the level of a full-fledged flagship of the most popular brand in the shortest possible time and with a one-year warranty.

Major breakdowns of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Despite the relatively recent release of the model in question, our specialists managed to encounter a variety of malfunctions that relate to the hardware, the technical condition of the case, and software. The main causes of the plight are:

  • careless handling, which leads to the fall of the device on hard surfaces, the "arrival" of sharp, heavy objects on the panel, "drowning" in a humid environment or fine loose compositions;
  • failure of units and parts during active operation, using a non-original network adapter, recharging an iPhone from a Power Bank, a car battery;
  • manufacturing defects, although extremely rare.
  • Among complaints about the failure of a particular function, the most common are:
  • iPhone won't turn on or screen doesn't work;
  • charging is not in progress or very slow, battery power is quickly consumed;
  • the display is not blocked during a conversation;
  • the camera does not respond to commands;
  • speaker, microphone does not function;
  • the back or front glass is clogged;
  • the gadget has been dropped into water or has been splashed with other liquids.

What not to do to the owners of the "apple"

Do not risk the "life" of your expensive device, trying to independently detect and fix the breakdown. The complex device of the apparatus with the smallest details and sensitive components requires the use of professional equipment and tools that are not available at home. The intervention of an amateur can only lead to an increase in the cost of subsequent repairs, or even a complete loss of a stylish accessory.

Despite the manufacturer's claim that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is IP68-rated, the case is not always so tightly sealed. You should not experiment by immersing the flagship in the water, even for a short period. As practice has shown, this often ends up in serious breakdowns of various working modules.

If this happens, then in no case try to use the phone or put on a charger. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics to ensure that everything is in order, or to identify a defect. In Aykula company this service is free of charge.

How can you try to fix the problem yourself

Before handing over the device for repair, the user should carry out simple manipulations without interfering with the "internal affairs" of the case. There is a real chance of achieving success in this, adhering to these tips:

the sound becomes weak - check the settings and the button on the side panel, which may have been accidentally set to the lower position;

the camera is not taking pictures or they are blurry - make sure that protective film and other accessories do not cover the lenses;

the video module does not turn on - switch the shooting mode from the main camera to the front camera, and vice versa;

the battery does not charge well - look for dirt, foreign small objects in the connector, try using a different adapter;

the "mobile" does not turn on - check the battery charge level;

the gadget quickly began to lose energy - delete unnecessary applications, disable unnecessary options and background programs.

Did not help? Then only an experienced master will return you peace, and the phone will have full functionality corresponding to its original capabilities.

The most common types of repair

The causes of the iPhone's malfunctions are not only diverse, but insidious. For example, a broken front panel may look horrifying, but in reality you only need to reinstall the glass, or a small-looking crack in the screen will entail replacing the display module. In order to avoid the installation of erroneous "diagnoses" and inappropriate correction of defects, professional diagnostics of devices is carried out.

Most often, in addition to the examples given, you have to carry out the following activities:

  • recovery after penetration of water under the body;
  • replacement of the battery due to non-compliance with the rules for recharging;
  • "Rotation" of the new camera, which can be damaged by mechanical stress and software failures;
  • often it is necessary to update the dome of the rear camera, the lens protruding beyond the plane of the panel;
  • reinstallation or soldering of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chips;
  • repair of the speaker is necessary if the loop, audio codec is damaged by water.

This is not a complete list of services, since each iPhone has its own characteristics, which are influenced by both the intensity of operation and compliance with the rules of operation.

IPhone 11 Pro Max Repair Price

The cost of debugging a gadget is one of the main questions of users who are forced to seek help from a wizard. It is impossible to unequivocally answer it without a preliminary examination, since the description of the problem from the words of the owner does not always give a clear understanding of the situation. But the fact that we have low prices and favorable terms of cooperation is an indisputable fact.

Lviv SC ICOOLA, which has been successfully operating in this service sector for more than five years, has equipped its workshops with modern professional equipment and tools, staffed the staff with knowledgeable, experienced engineers. That is, the entire recovery cycle of devices takes place within the framework of one enterprise, without the involvement of third-party specialists and resources, which allows us to set fair, affordable prices for our customers.

What are the benefits of repairs you will get by contacting us

In addition, realizing the importance of identifying the exact cause of the dysfunction of mobile devices in relation to the customer's financial capabilities, the center's management exempted all customers from paying for preliminary diagnostics. We will find the source of problems, calculate the amount for the restoration of the flagship, and you will make a decision on how expedient it is for you at the moment. At this stage, you will not have any expenses.

If you prefer to immediately "return to life" your iPhone, then the master will immediately start work and complete it in the shortest possible time. Upon completion of all "resuscitation" activities, a functional assessment is performed again to make sure that all deficiencies have been eliminated. The device is returned to the customer for verification and confirmation of the completed order.

From the moment the "mobile phone" is handed over to its owner, there are warranty obligations that provide for free iPhone service for a year in case of a warranty case.

In short, the advantages of interacting with our center are as follows:

  • high professionalism of employees;
  • low prices;
  • free testing and warranty service;
  • high-quality original spare parts and components;
  • prompt solution of any tasks;
  • we accept applications from all regions of Ukraine.

Terms of work with the gadget in Icoola

As in the case of prices, it is impossible to say offhand how long it will take to “cure” a multifunctional mobile device. Our expert will answer this question by assessing the object visually, subjecting it to a deeper check on professional equipment.

As a rule, after testing, the work lasts from 15 minutes, and in difficult cases up to one and a half to two hours. The master starts performing the services as soon as the client gives his consent to this. We have a full staff of employees who are interested in maintaining a positive image of the company by performing high-quality work. We are not chasing short-term income, but we are building mutually beneficial relationships with our partners for sustainable development.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Prices for iPhone 11 Pro Max repairs start from 12,6 $

How long does the repair take on average iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone 11 Pro be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone 11 Pro Max from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.