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 Professional iPhone 5S repair at an affordable price

The iPhone 5S smartphones, manufactured by Apple from 2013 to 2016, are still actively used by users. They are powerful enough to perform basic tasks, meeting the needs of a modern person in communication, using the World Wide Web, solving other important issues, they are distinguished by wide functionality and a high level of reliability. But despite this, any mobile device begins to break down over time, especially if used in violation of the manufacturer's recommendations. And then the question of carrying out repairs to restore the operability of the device becomes relevant. And you can order such services at the ICOOLA service center, using high-quality and affordable offers.

Is it worth repairing the iPhone 5S?

Definitely yes, provided that you do not plan to purchase a new mobile device. If the repair is carried out professionally, using original components, then after it the device will serve for a long time, pleasing with its reliability and functionality. As for the availability of equipment recovery, there are no problems with it. All spare parts are easy to order, so it is possible to eliminate any malfunction, to do it quickly and efficiently.

The most common iPhone 5S breakdowns

Our service center has been repairing iPhone 5S for several years, guaranteeing the prompt restoration of the good condition of devices. We eliminate any malfunctions, we do it quickly and professionally. And most often you have to provide the following services:

Display replacement. Often, it has to be performed after mechanical damage to the mobile device, which led to the appearance of chips or cracks on the screen. They do not affect the performance of the device, but they significantly reduce the level of comfort in using the equipment. But sometimes there are situations when the display simply does not respond to touches, preventing the use of a mobile device. Then the replacement of the display module is required to restore the operating state of the device.

Battery replacement. The battery tends to wear out over time, to lose its original capabilities. For example, it needs to be replaced in a situation where there is, heat in excess of 33-35 degrees. If your phone gets very hot on a regular basis, do not postpone your visit to the service center so as not to aggravate the situation. You will also need to replace the battery if it stops charging or loses its charge too quickly. Often, a battery breakdown is preceded by water ingress.

Eliminating speaker malfunction. The situation when a person, talking on the phone, ceases to hear the interlocutor, is a clear reason to contact the service center. Only knowledgeable craftsmen will be able to identify and eliminate the cause of the breakdown, returning the equipment to a working condition.

Replacing the Home button or volume buttons. Such a procedure is required in order to restore the full operation of equipment because it happens that the buttons do not work on the first try. This causes a lot of inconveniences. If any button stops working at all, a visit to the service center is inevitable.

Of course, iPhone 5S owners can face other device malfunctions, because the list contains only the most common problems. But in any case, if the repair is carried out by professionals, any breakdown is eliminated quickly and efficiently.

How much does an iPhone 5S repair cost?

The exact cost of restoration work depends on the scale of the breakdown, the complexity of its elimination, and the need to replace components. But in any case, it is much cheaper to restore the functionality of mobile equipment than to buy a new one. And the repaired device will serve for several more years if the repair is done professionally and high-quality spare parts are installed.

If you want to navigate the prices, please contact our employee for advice. What are the symptoms of a malfunction of a mobile device? The specialist will be able to guess what the cause of the breakdown is, and will announce the cost of the repair according to the price list. Of course, you will find out the exact price after the diagnosis. But at least roughly it will still be possible to find out the price of the issue.

How long does it take to repair iPhone 5S in Lviv?

Of course, it is very difficult for a modern person to do without mobile technology, which helps him both in everyday life and in professional activity. Therefore, many customers of our service center are interested in the timing of the repair. And we will immediately indicate that our masters try to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. But the exact timeframe for the restoration work depends on several factors:

  • availability of necessary components in a warehouse in Lviv;
  • terms of delivery of spare parts from the seller;
  • the complexity of the restoration work;
  • the presence of additional malfunctions identified during the repair.

In any case, we understand how important mobile technology is for a modern person. Therefore, we carry out the assigned tasks quickly and professionally. As for the timing, our master will announce them after a preliminary inspection of the device and diagnostics. This will allow you to roughly navigate the speed of resolving the issue. But it is important to understand that if additional malfunctions are identified or if there is a delay in the delivery of components, the recovery time of the device may increase.

Will the iPhone 5S still be relevant in 2021?

Of course, this is a compact and functional device with high build quality, reliability, and performance. Even despite the fact that basically every iPhone model is used by owners for 4-5 years, and then they change to a new version, there are people who remain faithful to their favorite things much longer, even if they are not new. The model under consideration attracts by the affordability of the price and ease of use, therefore it is in demand.

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How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 5s?

It is possible to repair the iPhone 5s at the ICOOLA service center at the lowest price in Ukraine, starting from 4.6$

How fast is the iPhone 5s repaired?

Most breakdowns of this smartphone are repaired in 15-30 minutes.

What kind of spare parts do you need to pay for repairs?

When repairing, we use only original spare parts of the best quality!

Is there a warranty after the repair?

Yes, for any replaced spare part (except batteries), the ICOOLA company provides a guarantee for a period of 1 year!

How to contact our ICOOLA service center?

To use our iPhone repair services, you can call 063-626-11-94 or come to our service in Lviv at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street