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 Quality repair of iPhone 6 at the lowest price

Apple technology is famous and is wildly popular all over the world because the brand is synonymous with quality and long-term uninterrupted operation. Indeed, factory defects are found in about 0.1% of products in the first days of their use, in which case the gadgets will be easily replaced with new ones or will provide warranty service. However, sooner or later any equipment fails and needs professional repair. If you do not want to part with your favorite device, use the services of the ICOOLA service center. Specialists will perform repair work of any complexity at affordable prices, providing a guarantee for their work.

Is it profitable to repair iPhone 6?

Definitely worth repairing the iPhone 6, unless, of course, your plans include buying a new gadget. High-quality parts or other repairs will extend the "life" of the phone for a long time and you will not have to part with your usual favorite device. Do not worry that the model is outdated and difficult to find components for it. Everything you need to replace broken components can be ordered without any problems. In addition, the repair will be much cheaper than buying a new smartphone.   

The most common breakdowns iPhone 6

Since our service center has been repairing Apple equipment for many years, we guarantee fast and high-quality service for all types of iPhone 6 breakdowns. Most often, users turn to us with the following problems:

  • Replacing the smartphone display leads to the "top" appeals. Screen - a weak spot anywhere digital technology. Quite often the device can fall banally. As a result, chips and cracks spoil the appearance, preventing comfortable viewing of information. More significant damage affects the work, as the touchscreen stops responding to touch. In this case, the need to replace the display module to restore the performance device;
  • Battery replacement. The iPhone 6 battery supports an average of up to 1500 charging cycles, which is 2-3 years. Gradually the battery wears out and eventually requires replacement. Apply to a service center should then, if you noticed, that gadget longer hold a charge and you have to charge it too often. Once a signal to appeal - excessive heating device. Incorrectly considered the work of the battery when it is heated over 35 degrees, not necessary to delay in this case, as long and severe overheating can lead to complete loss of operability of the battery ;       
  • Speakers malfunction. If during the conversation the person stops hearing the interlocutor or there are constantly any obstacles, it is necessary to address to professionals on the repair of phones. Only they can correctly identify the problem and help with its solution;  
  • Replacement buttons volume or the « Home » is necessary if you feel discomfort when using smartphones associated with incorrect operation buttons. Slow response or its absence when pressed - a reason to contact the specialists of the service center. Replacement batteries and buttons - natural processes when using any of which technology, as the active use of their deterioration, is inevitable.  

The list presents the most common reasons for iPhone 6 owners to contact the gadget repair service. You can also add to it the need for flashing. Of course, owners of "apple" equipment can face other malfunctions. In any case, by contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive highly qualified service and assistance in case of failure of any complexity.   

What is the price of an iPhone 6 repair?

The cost of repair services will depend on the degree of damage or complexity of the breakdown, the price of the necessary components, and the time required to eliminate the defect. In the vast majority of cases, repairing an old gadget is much cheaper than buying a new one. Exceptions are cases in which it is necessary to replace most of the spare parts, which becomes unprofitable for the customer.  

If you want to know the approximate cost of services to restore the functionality of the device, you can look at the price of the corresponding breakdown of the card of the product or seek advice from a service employee. Name the problems that arise during the operation of the smartphone, the wizard will probably find the cause of the fault and name the approximate cost of repair. The final price can be announced only after diagnosis. 

How long does it take to repair an iPhone 6 in Ivano-Frankivsk?

The timing of repairs is the second issue that interests customers after the price. It is clear that modern man can not do without the gadgets needed in everyday life for work, study, and leisure. I must say that our specialists work as fast as possible, but the timing of repairs depends largely on:  

  • the availability of components for the removal of faults ;
  • time of delivery of spare parts at their order ;
  • the difficulty of restoring the device;
  • the presence of possible additional breakdowns identified in the course of diagnosis.

We enter the position of customers and try to get the job done in the shortest possible time. The approximate duration of the repair can be found out from the master after diagnosis, so you can find out when to receive the phone. To save time, you can deliver our phone for repair by Nova Poshta, both in Ivano-Frankivsk and in other cities.    

Why should refer it to the company ICOOLA?

We guarantee quality repairs of iPhone 6 of any complexity at reasonable prices. Honest pricing, prompt work, taking into account the wishes of customers, extensive experience with Apple technology - our main advantages. Call!

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How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 6 in ICOOLA?

Prices for repairing the iPhone 6 in the ICOOLA service start from 4.6 $!

How long does the repair process take?

On average, any breakdown of your smartphone, the ICOOLA service center will fix it in 15-30 minutes!

What types of breakdowns do we repair?

Apple Service Center - ICOOLA specializes in breakdowns of any complexity and can handle even hopeless iPhones

Is there a warranty after the repair?

Yes of course! After any repair, a 1-year warranty (except for batteries) is provided for the replaced spare part!

Is the price of a spare part included in the cost of repairing an iPhone 6?

Yes, the price indicated on the site includes both the cost of the spare part and the work of the engineer!