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 Is it profitable to repair the iPhone 6 Plus?

Many of our customers often ask how profitable it is to repair a 6 Plus iPhone and whether it is better to buy a new smartphone? The answer to this question is simple, in most cases, it will be more profitable to repair the breakdown than to buy a new gadget. Despite the fact that this model is not the first position today, it has a reliable operating system, widescreen, modern touchscreen, and others. Especially surprising is the display, which still impresses users with excellent image quality. 

The most common breakdowns of iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus is very reliable. Breakdowns are rare, most often they are minor. The most common reasons for contacting a service center are described below.  

Battery failure

If the battery is very worn, the battery will have to be charged in 8 hours. Another alarming sign - the smartphone began to charge very quickly, if you notice this, then it's time to change the battery. Note that the battery is not repaired, but simply replaced with a new one. It takes about 15 minutes. 

Display failure

If you have not yet installed the protective glass, the iPhone 6+ will fall to the floor and crack. The same thing will happen if you put the phone in the back pocket of your pants and sit down. 

Connector failure

Careless use of the charging socket or headphones will cause them to stop working quickly. As a preventive measure, we recommend that you handle this device with care. Use only high-quality charging, not a cheap Chinese counterpart from the nearest market. 

Speaker failure

If handled carelessly, the speaker may malfunction. This problem can be easily solved in the service center. Most often, the speaker needs to be replaced.  

Breakdown of buttons

Although the iPhone is recognized as the most reliable phone, we do NOT recommend abusing Apple's quality. If you press the button with all your might, it will NOT work faster. However, you will quickly notice that it has stopped responding to your signals. So if Button does not respond to commands, it's time to seek polygamy repair, it will take up to 30 minutes of time.   

What is the price of repairing the iPhone 6 Plus

You can find the prices on the website in the relevant product cards. As you can see, fixing a problem is much cheaper than buying a new model. Moreover, the iPhone 6 Plus is a very reliable device, almost any spare part can be replaced without problems. This phone will be relevant for more than one year. Troubleshooting one problem will cost a very small amount. A new phone will cost much more. Of course, if the phone is completely broken, several elements are damaged, it would be more logical to buy a new model, as you will have to replace almost everything. 

How long will it take to repair an iPhone 6 Plus in Kyiv?

iPhone is a universal phone. Replacement of or other unit takes a minimum of time. Most faults can be rectified within 15 minutes. We will have to wait only in two cases:     

  • If you have to order a missing spare part (in most cases, spare parts are always available);
  • If the master found an additional breakdown (for example, when replacing the speaker found that the problem is in the audio codec ). 
  • You can get acquainted with the prices for the repair of the iPhone 6 Plus and other models on our website.        
  • Prices for iPhone 6+ repairs in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, or Odesa do not differ significantly.

Repair begins with diagnosis, the master finds the fault, identifies its causes. After that, the customer is informed of the cause of the fault, ways to eliminate it, and the price. Our service center employs experienced technicians who will repair your phone in minutes.     

Will this smartphone still be relevant in 2021?

iPhone 6 Plus is a very productive model. Despite the fact that the smartphone was released in 2015, it still has not lost relevance. Its fans note the high response speed, large display, long operating time without recharging. The camera will not leave anyone indifferent, its ability to transmit colors is not inferior to more expensive counterparts from competitors. Thanks to the optical stabilization, professional-level shots will be available to everyone, even novice photographers. It is now possible to shoot video in 4K format. Note the original 3D Touch feature. In general, the technological stuffing iPhone 6+ is fine. Of course, from the new Apple flagships 6+ lags far behind, but compared to other "middle-class" it looks very attractive. So that, if your iPhone 6 Plus broken, this is not a reason to "give up" and go to the store for a new phone broke, it is not a reason to "give up" and go to store for a new phone.

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What is the price of repairing an iPhone 6 Plus?

It is possible to repair iPhone 6 Plus in ICOOLA starting from 4.6 $. All prices are listed on the site, taking into account the work of the master and spare parts!

What is the price of iPhone 6 Plus breakdown diagnostics?

Diagnosis in the ICOOLA service center is absolutely free, even if you later refuse to perform repairs.

How fast is the repair done?

On average, we can perform any repair or replacement service in 15-30 minutes!

How to send a gadget to ICOOLA for repair?

You can apply for a repair in person, by coming to our service in Lviv, along Kotsyubynskogo street 25, or send it through Novaya Pochta to our service, we will first talk to the manager!

Is there a warranty for the iPhone 6 Plus after repair?

Yes, for each repaired spare part we provide a warranty for a period of 1 year!