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 Is it profitable to repair the iPhone 6 Plus?

Many of our customers often ask how profitable it is to repair a 6 Plus iPhone and whether it is better to buy a new smartphone? The answer to this question is simple, in most cases, it will be more profitable to repair the breakdown than to buy a new gadget. Despite the fact that this model is not the first position today, it has a reliable operating system, widescreen, modern touchscreen, and others. Especially surprising is the display, which still impresses users with excellent image quality. 

What is the price of repairing an iPhone 6 Plus?

It is possible to repair iPhone 6 Plus in ICOOLA starting from 4.6 $. All prices are listed on the site, taking into account the work of the master and spare parts!

What is the price of iPhone 6 Plus breakdown diagnostics?

Diagnosis in the ICOOLA service center is absolutely free, even if you later refuse to perform repairs.

How fast is the repair done?

On average, we can perform any repair or replacement service in 15-30 minutes!

How to send a gadget to ICOOLA for repair?

You can apply for a repair in person, by coming to our service in Lviv, along Kotsyubynskogo street 25, or send it through Novaya Pochta to our service, we will first talk to the manager!

Is there a warranty for the iPhone 6 Plus after repair?

Yes, for each repaired spare part we provide a warranty for a period of 1 year!