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 High-quality repair of iPhone 6s with a guarantee

Connoisseurs of devices from Apple have been looking forward to the release of the new iPhone 6s in 2015. The gadget has been successfully operated for several years, over time it has not lost its uniqueness and working performance. Offers enhanced functionality, has a more robust case compared to previous models.

During operation, a mobile device is exposed to various external factors (moisture ingress, cracks, scratches) that affect the operation of the device. In the ICOOLA service center, they eliminate any malfunctions, carry out full diagnostics, replace parts if necessary and other types of services.

iPhone 6s repair price

Our center has vast experience in the repair of iPhone 6s and other models. Provides an expanded range of services from glass replacement to the elimination of more serious technical problems. The repair cost is determined by several factors:

  • the complexity of the job;
  • the need for diagnostics;
  • number of replaced components;
  • consumables used.

The price can be fixed (standard services) or calculated individually. If repairs are needed, our managers will calculate the cost depending on the level of breakdown. In the case of an urgent order, the service may cost more (discussed at the time of ordering). We form favorable prices for our clients without hidden commissions and unjustified costs.

What most often breaks in the iPhone 6s

The most common problems with the iPhone 6s and many other models are related to breakages resulting from drops and various types of mechanical damage. Our center specializes in eliminating all types of faults:

  1. Glass replacement. Scratches, chips, large cracks make working on the device inconvenient. If the display is working properly, but with broken glass, it is impossible to use the mobile device at full capacity. Our specialists repair the touchscreen without replacing the original display.
  2. Screen repair. In case of severe damage, moisture ingress, the display module stops working properly, spots, stripes appear, does not respond to touch, there is no image. In this case, it is necessary to completely change the sensor and LCD- display in the complex.
  3. Non-working camera (main, front). The 6s models are equipped with optics that change the focal length. With a strong impact, it stops working and requires a complete replacement.
  4. Charging problem. It can be eliminated in different ways depending on the diagnostic result (cleaning the connectors, soldering, installing a new socket, etc.).
  5. Elimination of breakdowns associated with the main operating buttons - volume control, Home.
  6. Battery replacement.
  7. Restoration of the speakers.
  8. Audio connector repair.
  9. Installing applications, updating software.

The list of breakdowns may include more complex technical issues. If your device is defective, please contact our center for advice. Correct diagnostics of the device is the key to a quality repair. With its help, the cause of the breakdown, methods of elimination are determined and the cost of work is formed. A qualified staff of craftsmen has the necessary experience and skills to work with any series of iPhones.

How quickly does the iPhone 6s repair in Ivano-Frankivsk

A mobile device is used not only as a means of communication but also makes it possible to conduct a full-fledged work activity. Therefore, if a malfunction occurs, the owners, in addition to the price, are worried about how long it will take to repair their device. If the breakdown is standard, then on average the repair takes 1 to 3 working days. In more complex situations, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • the complexity of the repair;
  • availability of components in a warehouse in Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • delivery times in case of ordering spare parts;
  • the workload of the service center.

During the diagnostics, the wizards can identify additional problems that will increase the time of work. Each step associated with replacing modules, ordering consumables, and other work points is agreed with the customer. We offer original spare parts at an affordable price.

Is it profitable to repair an iPhone 6s

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyday life, so the absence of a gadget due to a breakdown becomes a real challenge for a modern person. When is it advisable to repair an iPhone 6s:

  • the breakdown is not related to mechanical damage, there is a guarantee, it is recommended to hand over the equipment to a service center. Masters will appreciate the technical condition of the device. If you have a check, a warranty card, repairs are free;
  • such standard problems as replacing the screen, charging unit, the battery does not require large financial investments. It is better to eliminate them and use the device in the future.

If complex technical issues are present, repairs can be expensive. In any case, the customer receives serviceable equipment that will function for a long time. Our center works for the result, therefore we comply with the deadlines for fulfilling the assigned obligations, provide a guarantee for all types of services, provide advisory support.

Is the iPhone 6s reliable?

The iPhone 6s is an improved series of previous models, so there is no doubt about its functionality and reliability. The developers used a more durable metal for the case, which can withstand a certain mechanical pressure. Has increased protection against moisture ingress. The functionality includes a second-generation fingerprint scanner, more advanced hardware, long battery life, high performance, and the original 3D-Touch option. The cost in the middle price range makes it possible to purchase a gadget for everyone. The phone serves for a long time and efficiently, despite the annual replenishment of the market with new products.

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What can break most often in the iPhone 6s?

Most often, the following elements fail in the iPhone 6s: battery, display, and volume buttons, Home.

What is the price of repairing an iPhone 6s?

Note that prices for repairs of the Apple iPhone 6s smartphone start from 4.6$

How fast is the iPhone 6s repaired?

iPhone 6s repair is performed by professional craftsmen in 15-30 minutes, with more complex breakdowns the repair process can take up to 1 day

How can i rent an iPhone 6s for repair?

You can come in person to our service in Lviv, at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street, or call 063-626-11-94!

What spare parts do we use and is there a guarantee for the work performed?

The ICOOLA service center uses only original spare parts of the best quality. We also give a guarantee for each spare part that has been replaced for a period of 1 year!