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 High-quality repair of iPhone 6s with a guarantee

Connoisseurs of devices from Apple have been looking forward to the release of the new iPhone 6s in 2015. The gadget has been successfully operated for several years, over time it has not lost its uniqueness and working performance. Offers enhanced functionality, has a more robust case compared to previous models.

During operation, a mobile device is exposed to various external factors (moisture ingress, cracks, scratches) that affect the operation of the device. In the ICOOLA service center, they eliminate any malfunctions, carry out full diagnostics, replace parts if necessary and other types of services.

What can break most often in the iPhone 6s?

Most often, the following elements fail in the iPhone 6s: battery, display, and volume buttons, Home.

What is the price of repairing an iPhone 6s?

Note that prices for repairs of the Apple iPhone 6s smartphone start from 4.6$

How fast is the iPhone 6s repaired?

iPhone 6s repair is performed by professional craftsmen in 15-30 minutes, with more complex breakdowns the repair process can take up to 1 day

How can i rent an iPhone 6s for repair?

You can come in person to our service in Lviv, at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street, or call 063-626-11-94!

What spare parts do we use and is there a guarantee for the work performed?

The ICOOLA service center uses only original spare parts of the best quality. We also give a guarantee for each spare part that has been replaced for a period of 1 year!