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 iPhone 6s Plus repair: professional and reasonable price

Smartphones with an apple on the back are the most recognizable and desirable technology for millions of users around the world. The relatively high cost of devices is justified by their quality and minimal risk of manufacturing defects, as well as long trouble-free operation. However, sooner or later, most of the owners of Apple technology are forced to contact the service center for gadget breakdowns, because any device wears out during use. This happens faster if you violate the rules for operating gadgets. Whatever the breakdown, in the ICOOLA service center you can get qualified assistance, while the cost of services will not be exorbitant.

What is the price of repairing an iPhone 6s Plus?

Prices for iPhone 6s Plus in the ICOOLA service center are the lowest in Ukraine, you can repair this smartphone starting from 4.6$.

Will the device work well after repair?

Of course, after repair at the ICOOLA service center, the device will work properly, like new. We provide a 1-year warranty for each replaced spare part!

What is the term of repair of iPhone 6s Plus?

As soon as your device is in our service, the wizard immediately begins to perform repairs. On average, any breakdown can be fixed in 15-30 minutes!

What spare parts do we use for repairs?

ICOOLA uses only original spare parts of the best quality. Note that the cost of repair includes both the work of the master and the spare part!

Where is the ICOOLA service center located?

We accept Apple gadgets for repair from all over Ukraine, so you can use our services from anywhere in the country. Use the New Mail service to send your device. ICOOLA service is located in Lviv!