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 Broke iPhone 7: Repair smartphone in Lviv from the service ICOOLA

The innovative model from Apple iPhone 7 has surpassed all the expectations of fans of this brand. The gadget has clear advantages over the previous series. Improved design, increased performance, improved performance, powerful processor enable the user to get the most stable device in their price range.

Despite the high level of reliability, the gadget is not insured against damage associated with improper or careless operation. If repairs are necessary, contact the ICOOLA service center . We carry out work of any complexity.

Common problems and breakdowns of iPhone 7.

The technology of the "apple" manufacturer is considered one of the highest quality on the market for mobile devices. But breakdowns and specific "glitches" are not excluded. What are the most common iPhone 7 problems:

  1. Damage to the protective glass. Occurs as a result of falling, impact or other mechanical impact. If the sensor is working properly, replace only the damaged element.
  2. Inoperability of the display module. The phone does not respond to the touchscreen, there are spots, stripes on the screen, cracks, no image, blurry picture (a new sensor is required).
  3. Case breakage, chips, peeling paint, back cover dripping.
  4. Moisture (fell into water, spilled tea, milk, juice). It is necessary to dry, clean the components of the device from the residues of the substance. A complete disassembly of the case is carried out with the removal of the formed oxides.
  5. Distortion of the sound when talking. The issue is solved by resetting the settings or replacing the loop.
  6. Activation failed.
  7. The Home button is overheating and is held down.
  8. Possible scratches, cracks on the camera glass. This is due to the fact that the optics "sticks out" a little from the body. The problem is solved by replacing the glass. Fast and inexpensive procedure.
  9. Poor charging. There may be several reasons - a plugged with dust, some software failures.
  10. The phone goes down quickly. Battery replacement required.
  11. Faulty speaker, the interlocutor is hard to hear.
  12. Problems related to the motherboard. System errors are generated during the update.
  13. The main camera, flashlight does not work. Possible cause - loop disconnection. Eliminated within 10 minutes by a service specialist.
  14. Violation of Wi - Fi functions . Solved by replacing the module.

Any software failures - "freezing" of applications, tabs that do not open require specialist intervention. This may be due to an incorrect iOS update . The cause is eliminated within half an hour by a specific set of steps.

If any kind of malfunction occurs, it is recommended to contact a professional, not to try to carry out repairs yourself. Attempts to manually disassemble the phone without special tools can lead to complete or partial damage to the equipment.

Is iPhone 7 expensive to repair ?

It is extremely difficult to determine the cost of work without preliminary diagnostics. Our center conducts a comprehensive examination of the gadget before starting service procedures. The final price will depend on the following factors:

breakage level. In the case of modular repair - replacement of the screen, camera glass, battery, housing, cables, sensors, the amount is determined to a greater extent by the cost of the new spare part. If it is necessary to solder the motherboard, cleaning and prevention after water ingress, the decisive element is the professionalism of the staff and the use of modern equipment;

  • consumables used;
  • possible malfunctions revealed during the work.
  • In fact, any component of the device must be replaced. What non-working modules can be restored:
  • main and front camera;
  • display module;
  • safety glass;
  • battery;
  • body;
  • volume control button, " Home ";
  • charging and microphone cable;
  • polyphonic and voice speaker;
  • audio codec;
  • recovery of the motherboard and others.

In any case, buying a new iPhone 7 will cost much more than repairing the device's components. If you are looking for where to repair equipment inexpensively and with high quality, order services from our company. We form fair prices at no extra cost.

How long does it take to repair and what parts are used?

Telephones have become so firmly established in human life that they are used not only as a means of communication, but also as an analogue of a personal computer. They help organize the workflow, maintain a personal blog on social networks, advertise, and manage the Smart Home system. Therefore, if there is a breakdown, the owner wants to get a working device as soon as possible.

If the malfunction relates to light and standard procedures (screen replacement, cleaning the charging connector, etc.), the phone is ready on the day of call.

What factors affect the speed of fulfillment of obligations:

  • scope of work;
  • the complexity of the task;
  • availability of spare parts in warehouses;
  • busy service department.

Our engineers use original parts to ensure full compatibility with the internal components of the product. The use of low-quality analogs can lead to incorrect operation of the device, as well as cause further malfunctions. Our service engineers will offer an effective solution to the problem within the prescribed time frame.

Does this phone model break down often?

Technology Apple's , in particular the iPhone 7, characterized by quality and robust assembly for maximum performance and efficiency in operation. In order for the product to function properly, several recommendations must be followed:

  • careful handling;
  • use of protective covers;
  • exclusion of the ingress of various liquids, accidental drops;
  • installation of proven applications;
  • repair in specialized centers.

They are considered reliable devices that can last more than one year. They do not break often, the main problems are associated with mechanical damage.

What is the guarantee after repair?

Our center performs specialized work on the replacement of spare parts for Apple products . We provide an official 12-month warranty for all types of services, including original spare parts. We can repair both new items and models of previous generations.

We carry out diagnostics (if necessary) to identify all possible causes of the malfunction. The work is carried out only after the cost and terms have been agreed with the customer. We use specialized equipment, we test the functions of the device after the repair.

Where to fix iPhone 7 in Lviv?

We recommend that if you find any breakdowns, contact the specialists of our service center at the address: Lviv, st. Kotsyubinskogo, 25. Qualified staff will appreciate the complexity of the task, provide the most complete information on organizational issues. Finding us is easy, just use a Google map or call the phone number listed on the site.

Advantages of iPhone 7 repair at ICOOLA

The iPhone 7 is a sophisticated device that has all the essential characteristics of a modern device. The pleasant, ergonomic body fits easily in the hand and is comfortable to use. Fans of online games will appreciate the instant launch of the heaviest toys and applications. A stylish and functional gadget is in demand, the model will be relevant for more than one year.

If over time this model does not work at full capacity, you should contact ICOOLA for advice . We offer favorable working conditions:

  • free diagnostics;
  • low prices;
  • actual availability of original spare parts in warehouses;
  • quick repair of gadgets (in case of standard situations);
  • experienced professionals;
  • high-quality service from the moment of receiving an application to technical support after completing repair procedures;
  • consulting support;
  • proper documentation (check, warranty);
  • work throughout Ukraine (we accept orders through the branches of Nova Poshta).

Every day we improve our skills, improve customer service, and use specialized tools.

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How fast is the iPhone 7 repaired?

The Icoola company employs the most experienced specialists who are able to repair the iPhone 7 in an average of 15-30 minutes.

What spare parts are used during the repair?

Our employees use only original spare parts. Our company provides a one-year warranty for each replaced spare part.

What are the prices for iPhone 7 repairs?

Icoola has the lowest prices for iPhone 7 repairs. On average, repairs of this smartphone model will cost from UAH 160

Do I need to leave a deposit for iPhone 7 repairs?

No need! Only after the repair work you pay for this service.

Do I have to pay for diagnostics if I refuse to repair?

No need, because first of all we strive to make the repair service available to everyone. Therefore, if you bring your phone for diagnostics and refuse repairs, you do not need to pay anything.