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 How much does it cost to repair iPhone 8 at ICOOLA service center

Company Apple has pleased fans of the "apple" products original and stylish smartphone the iPhone 8. In addition to improved performance, the developers replaced the rear of the cabinet glass base with steel inserts and an aluminum frame. This solution will enable the implementation of wireless charging technology.

Despite the increased reliability of the device, the technique is vulnerable to various mechanical damage, as well as liquid ingress. ICOOLA company carries out repair work of any complexity of Apple smartphones . If you need help, please contact our service center specialists.

How long does it take to repair an iPhone 8

Today the telephone is used not only as a means of communication. With its help, people carry out certain work functions - they maintain a professional blog in social networks, place orders, write articles, posts, check mail. We are used to being in touch all the time. When contacting a service center, customers are concerned about two equivalent issues - the cost and timing of the repair. Simple breakdowns are eliminated within 15-30 minutes, more complex ones 1-2 days.

What determines the term of work performance:

  • fault level. For an accurate determination, we carry out diagnostics, according to the results of which a future plan for resolving the issue is determined. The service is free;
  • availability of spare parts in the warehouse;
  • workload of the engineering department.

If it is necessary to order a part from a supplier, then the repair period is extended by the delivery time. We always have the most common components in stock (batteries, cables, microphones, touch glass, control buttons, speaker, charging connectors, etc.). In case of non-standard breakdowns, you will need to wait a little.

Urgent repair is possible, details are specified with the manager. When placing an application, the consultant must agree on the time of work with the customer.

Why iPhone 8 may not work?

Equipment from Apple is one of the trusted devices of our time, but it is not immune to glitches in software or certain "glitches." Let's consider some of the problems with this model:

  1. Poor call sound quality. It manifests itself during audio calls , communication using Facetime , invisibly when talking through a headset or on a speakerphone.
  2. Swelling of batteries. A rare defect, but it does occur.
  3. The phone is frozen and does not turn on. Breakdown can be caused by careless use, falling, installing virus software, battery failure or other problems. To determine the cause, a diagnosis is required.
  4. The smartphone does not see the network. Errors in iOS , a defect in a SIM card or a slot for it.
  5. Broken Wi-Fi .
  6. Poorly holding charge. May be due to the depletion of the battery life, the battery needs to be replaced
  7. The mute or lock buttons do not work.
  8. Impaired camera function.
  9. Not charging. It may be enough to clean or change the charging connector.
  10. Slow operation of the device. Eliminated by flashing , clearing memory, replacing some parts.

Most of the breakdowns are due to human factors. Although the model is equipped with additional protection modules, the case remains vulnerable to mechanical stress.

Frequent breakdowns of the iPhone 8 smartphone

Accidental falls, careless handling, carrying the device in pockets, a bag with other metal objects can lead to the failure of the gadget. The increased moisture resistance of IP 67 does not mean that the device will function properly after it falls into the sea or a cup of tea is spilled on it.

What are the most frequent breakdowns of this model:

  1. Broken screen, glass cracks, chips. There are two possibilities. First, the touchscreen continues to work, the only problem is in the protective glass. The second - the display module is damaged, the image is not visible, there are spots, stripes, streaks on the screen. Repair will differ in cost and timing, since in the second case a complete replacement of the display is required.
  2. Damage to the camera, scratches on the protective glass or on the optics themselves. In some cases, replacing the glass part of the module helps; in others, a new lens must be installed.
  3. Violation of the integrity of the body after a fall. Deep cracks appeared, gaps between the lid and the internal elements of the device. To continue using the device, we recommend changing the case.
  4. Ingress of moisture. Statistics show that this problem is relevant among the fair sex. A drop of water will not harm the phone, but bathing in a lake or sink can be dire. Three simple steps that you can do yourself - remove the back cover, take out the battery and Sim- card, dry the components. Regardless of the degree of wetting, you must contact the service. Experts will remove residues of oxides, liquids from the motherboard and other internal components, and will assemble and test the device. Professional drying and cleaning will cost less than buying a new model.
  5. Failure of individual systems (speaker, microphone, loops).
  6. Incorrect operation of the OS (does not see the application, arbitrary reboot, gets very hot, incorrect recognition of wireless modules).

Wizards carry out qualified diagnostics to find the optimal solution to the problem. The service is provided free of charge. Expert judgment is an important part of renovation, it saves time and money. Unforeseen circumstances are possible when additional problems are clarified during disassembly. Our managers do not start work without agreeing on the cost and terms with the client. We carry out expensive repairs only after the customer's approval.

Warranty obligations in ICOOLA 

Our company cares about customers and our reputation. We offer high-quality services for restoring the performance of iPhones of any series. The warranty is 12 months for all types of services, including replaced parts and used components.

We install only original parts, as they are ideal for a particular model, extend the life of the gadget, and are compatible with other components. Analogues are cheaper, but they do not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the device, they can lead to the failure of the device, the next repair.

We use high quality consumables and professional tools. Certain types of work are carried out on special equipment by professionals with experience, skills and appropriate admission.

Benefits of our Apple Service Center

For many years of successful activity, we have gained invaluable experience in solving the most difficult problems associated with malfunctions of smartphones "apples". Service engineers constantly improve their qualifications, attend specialized trainings, and develop new methods for eliminating breakdowns. By contacting our center, you will receive a full range of services:

  • modern diagnostic equipment;
  • experienced staff;
  • affordable prices;
  • a wide range of spare parts that are in warehouses;
  • thorough diagnostics;
  • choice of payment method;
  • competent pre-service consultation;
  • convenient location in Lviv;
  • the possibility of ordering urgent repairs.

We work all over Ukraine. We accept applications with delivery through the offices of New Mail. We try to offer the best solution to the problem, taking into account the financial and time costs.

What are the prices for iPhone 8 restoration

The cost of standard breakdowns is indicated when making an application after diagnostics. It can be calculated individually depending on the following parameters:

  • the complexity of the task;
  • order volume;
  • whether there is a need to replace parts;
  • the number of consumables used;
  • problems identified during the repair.

In any case, the final amount is discussed with the customer before starting the procedures. Expensive restoration is due in large part to the installation of a new part, for example, display, housing, rear camera, etc. With minor breakdowns, the cost is much lower.

Our center forms fair prices, issues the relevant supporting documents (check), fixes the warranty period, and provides technical support. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants. The necessary information is available in the telephone mode.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone 8?

Prices for iPhone 8 repairs start from 6,3$.

How long does the repair take on average an iPhone 8?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone 8 be repaired in Lviv?
To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35
Is it possible to send iPhone 8 from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?
After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component