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Broken iPhone SE: were to repair in Lviv

Appliances from Apple have won the "people's" love due to high-quality functionality and reliability. Our company offers favorable conditions for cooperation in the repair of SE iPhones:

  • provided with professional equipment to identify a specific breakdown;
  • we carry out compulsory comprehensive diagnostics;
  • we carry out repairs of any complexity;
  • guaranteed result.

We provide original spare parts at reduced prices from the manufacturer. If you are looking for where to repair your phone in Lviv, contact the specialists of our center. We work with iPhones of any generation. We comply with the necessary requirements, take into account the features of the model, carry out subject diagnostics as carefully as possible.

What is the price of repairing an iPhone SE

The cost of repairing any mobile device, including the iPhone SE, is formed depending on the type of breakdown. Standard rates are valid for simple manipulations, such as glass replacement, cleaning the power connector, and more. More complex work (soldering BGA components) requires care, skill, and specialized tools. How the price is determined:

  • type of repair;
  • the complexity of the phone design during disassembly, assembly;
  • consumables used in the process of work (fluxes, alcohol, thermal paste, solvent);
  • the cost of the spare part.

We can place an order for urgent repairs, provided that the necessary components are in stock. If your device is faulty, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. Based on its results, the scope of work is formed, the final cost is agreed with the customer. We do not make expensive repairs without specifying all the details.

The most common iPhone SE breakdowns

Devices from Apple are reliable and versatile, but they are not protected from external factors: falls, cracks, chips, moisture getting inside the device, illiterate software updates, scratches, and other influences. There are many options for equipment malfunctions that must be eliminated as they arise. Here are the most common problems:

  • damage to the screen. If the display itself is functional, then the glass can be replaced. The procedure is quick and cheap. If the display module breaks down, specialists install a new spare part in compliance with the factory technologies. In this case, repairs will cost more, you will need to order components;
  • battery problems (charging slowly, holding a charge poorly, or turning off when the battery volume is more than 20%). Complete replacement is made;
  • damage to the case (large chips, scratches, cracks) caused by mechanical stress and affecting performance. Installation of a new case is required;
  • Internet problems. Eliminated by repairing the Wi-Fi module;
  • spilled liquids on the phone (water, tea, milk). It is not enough to dry the device, since when it dries, oxides remain, gradually leading the gadget to an inoperative state. Professional cleaning is recommended;
  • broken speaker. In some cases, the procedure for cleaning from dirt, dust helps, in others - you need to change the train;
  • the iPhone is often overloaded. The reason is in the hardware or software of the gadget. A firmware update may be required. Often, viruses, untested programs, pirated software can be the cause;
  • the device does not turn on. There can be several reasons: from typical errors on the part of the user (for example, complete discharge) to serious problems with the processor. They can be identified only after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Our specialized center will provide professional assistance in troubleshooting. Experienced craftsmen will bring any gadget into working order at an affordable price. We provide an official guarantee for all types of services and replaced components.

Is it profitable to repair iPhone SE?

If you plan to use the device in the future, the repair cost does not exceed the price of a new product, then it is advisable to repair the iPhone SE to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Most breakdowns are associated with external influences associated with rough handling, accidental falls. In such cases, it is more profitable to replace the glass, screen, or case, and continue to use the familiar and beloved device. There are situations when a breakdown is associated with a factory defect, then the phone can be returned for repair under warranty.

Replacing the device with a new one is an expensive pleasure, therefore, diagnostics, determination of the malfunction, and coordination of the cost with the service center are necessary.

Conclusions: is this smartphone model relevant?

The miniature iPhone SE is still Apple's bestseller. It is selling wonderfully due to its excellent functionality and reasonable cost. Key characteristics of this model remain relevant for buyers:

  • the rugged compact body;
  • good camera, high-quality images;
  • stable performance;
  • support for software that requires high performance;
  • compatibility with accessories of other models.

Everyone can get an inexpensive model that works at a decent level. The technique is unique in terms of the ratio of technical parameters and price category. The device is in demand and continues to be popular.

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What will be the cost of repairing the iPhone SE?

At the ICOOLA service center, the first step is to carry out a non-check diagnosis of your iPhone SE for everything, so that you can tell from the exactness that the part itself needs to be repaired. The part for the repair is to be repaired at 130 UAH (replacement of the vibration motor) and to be replaced in the debris due to the cause of the breakdown and the folding of the repair.

Does the ICOOLA service center provide a warranty on the performed repair?

Yes. At the ICOOLA service center, all our customers receive a month of free warranty not only on the work performed but also on the spare parts that have been installed in your phone.

Is the price indicated only for the spare part on the website?

No. The site indicates the full price of the repair, which includes: the cost of the spare part to be used, consumables, and the cost of work.

How can I give you a phone for repairs if I do not live in Lviv?

If you do not live in Lviv and you do not have the opportunity to personally bring a smartphone for repair, you can use the services of Nova Poshta and send us your device from any place. Contact our manager to find out the delivery details.

How long will it take to repair my phone?

The repair time is usually 2-3 hours, but in more complex cases when your phone needs soldering, the repair time can take up to 1-2 working days. We always try to reduce the repair time as much as possible so that the quality of the repair is not affected.