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 IPhone SE 2 (2020) repair: price, terms and guarantees after work

IPhone SE 2 went on sale without loud statements from Apple representatives and presentations and became the masterpiece of the year, embodying versatility and advanced technology at an affordable price. The favorite acquired the power of the eleventh-generation Apple Pro model and the eighth-generation body with a 4.7-inch display. The processor is based on A13 Bionic , and there is also a Touch ID sensor . But having inherited the principles of functionality, the smartphone has not lost its characteristic breakdowns.

However, they will not become a big problem, since solutions have long been found and ways to eliminate them have been worked out. If you, being the proud owner of this gadget, encounter any malfunctions, the team of the Lviv ICOOLA service center , specializing in Apple brand multimedia technology, is always ready to help. Even if you live in another region, it does not matter, we accept orders from all over Ukraine.

Is it possible to help your "mobile phone" yourself

Professionals in the field of repairing digital devices, and in particular the ICOOLA SC, categorically do not recommend resorting to radical methods of "healing", opening the case and interfering with the complex system of interaction of loops, microcircuits, modules. Such actions are likely to lead to new dysfunctions or complete failure of the device, since many parts are very fragile, while others are sensitive to touch. Overdoing the retaining bar bolts will create new problems.

Contact the service if you have any problems with the gadget in the form of:

  • broken glass on a panel or display;
  • the appearance of cracks on the screen, stripes, spots, lack of touchscreen response;
  • non-working camera;
  • decrease in sound or lack thereof;
  • fast discharge of the battery or, conversely, the inability to power it;
  • sticky buttons;
  • stable lack of network, wi-fi, Internet;
  • "Drowning" the flagship in liquids or finely dispersed bulk formulations.

Therefore, if thunder has struck, then you should immediately, at least, consult with an expert in the “resuscitation” of multimedia devices.

However, you can still try to fix some problems before going to the workshop. Namely:

  • if the phone does not start, the battery may need to be charged;
  • weak sound - check the settings and the control button on the side panel;
  • incorrect pictures of a video camera are sometimes provoked by a displaced protective film, dirt adhering to the lens;
  • if the main camera does not turn on, switching to the front camera and back will probably help;
  • does not catch the network - restart the phone;
  • the charge is quickly lost - remove unnecessary utilities, disable rarely used background options;
  • the battery is not feeding - try a different AC adapter, make sure that the connector is not clogged with dirt, foreign objects.

Remember that opening the case on your own without proper skills and a special tool will most likely damage the screen, rupture of loops, damage to working units.

Also, never check the validity of the manufacturer's declared water and dust protection, positioned with the IP68 standard. Firstly, the iPhone SE 2 is not included in the category of diving equipment, and secondly, the tightness is broken due to wear of the protective elements, the formation of microcracks.

Why iPhone SE 2 (2020) doesn't work

As the saying goes, you need to know the enemy by sight, and if the source of troubles is determined, then getting rid of him will no longer be difficult. But the nature of the "symptoms of ailment" of the iPhone does not always categorically indicate its cause. So, the reason for the failure of the speaker will be the corrosion of contacts, and the failure of the electronics, and the flaws of the system board, and the mistake of the master will lead to additional financial and labor costs, the customer will have doubts about the competence of the employee.

To quickly and accurately find the "hero of the occasion", it is necessary to carry out comprehensive testing of the device, which our experienced specialists carry out free of charge on professional equipment. Only after that, the client is explained the nature of the malfunction, the scope of necessary measures, the consequences of ignoring the problem are brought to the attention, its probable cause and the full cost of the service are reported.

Types of breakdowns that happen in the iPhone SE 2

The lion's share of all gadget malfunctions occurs due to a careless attitude or annoying surprises when the phone falls on a hard surface from a height or sharp, heavy objects are dropped on it . This leads to the emergence of obvious and hidden defects, sometimes immediately and not showing their detrimental effect, but sooner or later this will happen.

The most common services that have to be provided in such cases:

  1. Re-flashing the gadget in case of software failure.
  2. Replacing the glass of the screen is sufficient if the “vital” elements are not affected by the crack or chipping.
  3. Reinstallation of the display module is required if the touchscreen functions fail, the IPS matrix is ​​damaged.
  4. "Rotation" of the battery is necessary in case of natural chemical "aging" and due to violation of the charging rules.
  5. "Resuscitation of a drowned man" iPhone SE 2 implies diagnostics, visual inspection of the hardware of the smartphone in order to exclude corrosive processes and in order to remove the affected elements.
  6. Soldering the motherboard may be required after shocks, contact with water, unprofessional actions when trying to repair yourself.

Is this gadget reliable

Yes, despite the budget version of the multimedia device, it is worth noting that the iPhone SE 2 is characterized by good performance and wide functionality. The high degree of reliability is due to the parameters that ensure accurate operation:

  • powerful processor with a six-core chip, like the eleventh generation PRO ;
  • RAM of 3 GB allows programs in the background not to overload, to quickly process the footage.

Why we are preferred

Aikula started its activity more than five years ago, and since then has succeeded in the field of repair services for high-tech multimedia devices. We have established strong business relationships with trusted suppliers to always have a stock of quality parts on hand. We provided professional equipment for employees' workplaces, creating all the conditions for perfect customer service without involving third-party resources.

Thanks to the work done, we have achieved the opportunity to set our own conditions for the repair of gadgets that best meet the interests of customers. Every user in need of a refurbishment of their practical and stylish accessory can count on:

  • loyal and reasonable prices;
  • elimination of malfunctions in the shortest possible time and efficiently;
  • replacement of parts and working units with original analogues;
  • advisory support;
  • free preliminary diagnostics even in case of refusal of further services;
  • provision of warranty service for a year without any additional payments.

The last points testify to the confidence of the center management in the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the repairs performed, and also serve as a pleasant bonus for the customer.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone SE 2020?

Prices for iPhone SE 2020 repairs start from 15,8$

How long does the repair take on average iPhone SE 2020?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone SE 2020 be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone SE 2020 from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.