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iPhone XR repair in ICOOLA in 15 minutes: the best Apple service in Ukraine

Bright, interesting, noticeable - this is how you can describe the style of the iPhone XR from Apple . In addition to a large selection of colors (in comparison with the classic line), the gadget has increased performance, energy efficiency, and ease of use. Technologically LCD - the screen is protected from minor scratches, but still suffers when dropped. Other types of breakdowns during use are not excluded. ICOOLA is a reliable service center providing services for the repair and scheduled maintenance of smartphones from the "apple" manufacturer throughout Ukraine. We provide a brand guarantee, the best service and decent quality.

Professional iPhone XR repair: prices for services in ICOOLA

High-quality repair includes several components:

  • experience of engineers;
  • specialized equipment;
  • profile tools;
  • use of reliable components and auxiliary materials.

The masters of our center cope with tasks of any complexity. We eliminate common problems, software and hardware failures. To find out the exact cost of work, it is necessary to inspect the product and conduct diagnostics. The final price will consist of the following components:

  • the cost of a new part. If a replacement is needed, then the lion's share of the final price is exactly the cost of purchasing the part;
  • direct repair. Depends on the complexity of the design, time spent on a specific type of work;
  • the amount of materials used. The lowest cost item.

Given the close cooperation with suppliers of original spare parts, our company sets the lowest prices for components.

Types of iPhone XR breakdowns

Potential problems are conventionally divided into visible and invisible. Broken screen, cracked case - visible cause, software glitches, slow loading are invisible malfunctions. What problems do clients come to us with:

  1. One of the most common is mechanical damage to the screen. The solution is to replace the glass in the case of a properly working touchscreen or install a new display module, if there is an obvious sensor defect, spots, stripes are present. The second option is not a cheap pleasure, but it is necessary for the full functioning of the device.
  2. Dent, crack, chips in the case or back panel. Although the product is encased in an aluminum frame, which guarantees scratch resistance, the back cover remains glass. The repair process includes a complete disassembly of the device, warming up, cutting off the glass and installing a new one.
  3. Contact with water. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a degree of protection against moisture and dust IP 67. Accidentally spilled tea, juice, "swimming" in the lake may result in partial or complete failure, despite Apple's assurances . It is important to immediately after getting wet to get the SIM card, battery, dry the device, remove visible liquid stains. It is advisable to submit for inspection and professional cleaning to our department.
  4. Problems in the power circuit (it does not charge well, does not see the charger, quickly sits down). The battery is being replaced. The procedure is quick, with a spare part - 15 minutes.
  5. Failure of individual systems - speaker, microphone, loop, control buttons. It is solved by replacing parts with new ones.
  6. Damage to the camera. If the reason is in the protective glass, it is changed. In case of failure of the lens itself, you need to install the original module.
  7. Motherboard related problems. Possible solutions - replacing the audio codec, soldering the modem, Wi - Fi module .
  8. Incorrect operation of the OS (arbitrary shutdown, reboot, "freezing" of the device). Perhaps flashing, resetting to factory settings, updating software, freeing up internal memory will help. The reasons are revealed after diagnosis.
  9. Broken charging connector. Occurs as a result of misuse or use of foreign chargers.
  10.           Failure of the proximity sensor.
  11.           Dust, dirt under the case. Cleaning is carried out on site within 15 minutes.

To accurately determine the problem, you need to conduct a competent diagnosis. This is a guarantee of the safety of time and money.

What does the iPhone XR diagnostics include

Our company uses an integrated approach. The expert assessment is free of charge and includes the following operations:

  1. Visual inspection for visible damage. Troubleshoot speaker noises, broken screen or cabinet, or broken button.
  2. Disassembly of the product for testing individual components. Special devices are used. At this stage, you can say for sure about the timing and cost of repairs.

Before starting work, we agree on the final amount. We do not carry out expensive procedures without the customer's approval. If the necessary spare part is available, the client can receive the phone on the day of contact. We constantly fill up the missing positions so that the details are always at hand. All products are guaranteed for 12 months.

We do not recommend disassembling the device yourself. It is advisable to contact the service center. Employees have the appropriate experience and a set of required tools.

How long does the repair work take?

Simple problems are eliminated within 15 minutes. More complex procedures are carried out within a few hours. This is due to the need to check the operating status of the device. In rare cases, recovery can take 2-3 days. If the required part is not in stock, then you will need to wait. This issue is discussed with the client at the diagnostic stage. In most cases, parts are available.

IPhone XR recovery cost in Kiev

The prices in the capital differ significantly from the prices for services in our center in Lviv. It will be much more expensive to repair iPhone XR in Kiev. We work throughout Ukraine. We accept orders from other cities with delivery through the offices of New Mail. We guarantee careful handling of the device, communication of all repair details by phone or in another way.

In any case, phone repair will cost less than buying a new gadget. You don't have to get used to the interface, fill out the organizer, all user settings are saved.

How to avoid breakdowns

Phones are used quite heavily, so over time, each model needs routine maintenance or repair. A number of recommendations from our service providers will help to save the gadget from unpleasant situations:

  • use of protective accessories. For the screen, it is better to purchase 3 D glass from reliable manufacturers. A cover should be chosen practical, made of high-quality material, should fit snugly on the gadget, and should not have gaps. Not 100% protection against mechanical stress, but reduces the risk of breaking the screen, damaging the case or camera. And this is the main part of all typical breakdowns;
  • charge the phone only with native charger;
  • carry in a pocket or bag separately from metal objects;
  • lay on a stable, dry surface;
  • use with caution near water;
  • install only verified software, do not follow questionable links;
  • try not to discharge the device until it is completely turned off;
  • carry out routine cleaning at a service center.

Our tips will help you extend the life of your device without losing functionality.

Advantages of contacting the ICOOLA service center

Smartphones perform a number of important functions - with the help of them we communicate with family and friends, solve work problems, draw up a schedule for the week, record the most significant events through photos and videos. The telephone is an indispensable assistant in everyday life. It is very important that the device meets the requirements and functions properly. We provide fast and high-quality repair of Apple equipment throughout Ukraine. Our services:

  • prompt acceptance of orders;
  • competent pre-service consultation;
  • free diagnostics;
  • low prices;
  • replacement of old parts with originals;
  • urgency;
  • availability of a large assortment of components;
  • workshop equipped with certified equipment;
  • well-coordinated team of qualified personnel;
  • execution of the application on time.

At the exit, the customer receives a working device with preservation of the factory functionality. The device is always tested to ensure correct operation. Masters undergo periodic trainings to improve their qualifications. We have reliable and inexpensive repairs available.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone XR?

Prices for iPhone XR repairs start from 9,5$

How long does the repair take on average iPhone XR?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone XR be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone XR from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.