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 iPhone XS: smartphone repair in Lviv

The "Apple" XS series smartphone has become the representative of the tenth generation of the brand. In addition to the bezel-less OLED display and True Tone color enhancements, the response time of the Face ID scanner has also been accelerated. The octa-core processor provides an even faster response to commands, but the device will take longer to discharge.

This is just a small fraction of what the iPhone XS can boast of , but with all the innovative "chips", like any technology, it also has vulnerabilities. First of all, the phone is susceptible to external influences, and negligence will significantly reduce the service life. The banal wear of parts also affects the work of the iPhone, rarely, but still there is a manufacturing defect in the manufacture of technical units. A software failure can also limit the functionality of a smartphone.

To bring your digital friend back to life, do not self-medicate, which will make the situation worse. The service center for the maintenance of IP-equipment ICOOLA in Lviv carries out diagnostics free of charge, identifies the real cause of the malfunction, and will answer all your questions about the service.

iPhone XS repair: prices for smartphone restoration services

The financial costs of the repair of a high-tech device depend on many components, and their size can be established only after external examination and testing of the functionality of special equipment. It's one thing to do flashing, another, for example, replacing a display module. That is, the price of the issue depends on:

  • the complexity of the work and its urgency;
  • the cost of the replaced elements or modules.

Additional costs may arise when sending/delivering the phone by courier service at the request of the customer. Diagnostics of the device will cost nothing, even if the client refuses to follow-up repairs. Minor manipulations for cleaning individual channels without opening the case are not included in the cost of the service. Service for the entire period of the warranty provided is also free.

Having many years of experience in this service sector, long-term contracts with reliable suppliers of original parts, working without intermediaries, Aikula can afford to set very loyal prices for customers.

What types of iPhone XS breakdowns we fix

The ICOOLA service center in Lviv specializes in eliminating various malfunctions in technical segments and software failures of Apple-branded digital technology, including the aforementioned smartphone model. Therefore, our experts have sufficient knowledge and skills to find and fix any problem. The availability of specialized equipment and professional tools in combination with high-quality spare parts leaves no chance for a single defect. People often turn to us for help when they need:

  • iPhone flashing;
  • replacing the rear glass of the case or display;
  • installation of a new audio codec;
  • "Rotation" of the charging loop or the synchronization controller microcircuit;
  • modular repair of the upper loop;
  • replacement of the image controller, touchscreen;
  • repairing the camera cable line;
  • re-equipment of the video module;
  • reinstallation of the battery, communication cables with the processor.

iPhone XS: is it difficult to fix a gadget

The question raised in this section can be called rhetorical since everything depends on the reasons for the iPhone XS breakdown, its consequences, and the characteristics of the unit that failed. Most often, dysfunctions are provoked by falling from the height of the apparatus itself or by the "arrival" of sharp, heavy objects on it, as well as by compression, kinks.

Often the owners of "advanced" smartphones try to check the IP68 protection standard specified by the manufacturer, which does not always meet the impeccable requirements of tightness. As a result, the penetrated moisture can cause a short circuit when trying to use the gadget for its intended purpose, or lead to corrosion of its metal parts. Recovery will require a lot of effort, it will probably cost a pretty penny, or even be unsuccessful.

Sometimes it happens that production errors are the cause of a malfunction, and if the mobile phone's warranty period has not yet expired, then there is an opportunity to exchange it. If the problem arose later, then it will have to be solved depending on the situation, since individual working modules in the iPhone XS, when reinstalled, are not always fully synchronized with the phone.

Failures of the flagship's software are more often "treated" by flashing if they are not caused by mechanical damage. The malfunction of the phone can also be caused by the penetration of dust, dirt, viscous substances under the case, and here everything is easier - you will need to open the case and careful cleaning, which will take several minutes.

Is it possible to fix the iPhone XS by yourself

All repair measures are conventionally divided into two types:

  1. Correction of errors in software.
  2. Repair of the technical part of the device with the reinstallation of components, soldering of boards, and other manipulations.

Each of the intervention options requires good knowledge and experience of the master, as well as the availability of professional tools and equipment. However, before going to the service, the user can try to “reanimate” himself by performing simple steps and adhering to simple rules:

  • inspect the device without opening it to make sure there are no / visible defects;
  • check the correctness of settings for functions, programs, and applications;
  • reboot the "smart machine";
  • you can try resetting to production settings;
  • remove dirt from speaker channels, charging port;
  • wipe the “eyes” of the cameras with a soft napkin;
  • make sure the battery is charged.

If all is in vain, then in the workshop of the ICOOLA company you will always be helped by providing inexpensive first aid to your "apple".

It makes no sense to do anything at home if:

  • the smartphone turned off after mechanical impact (shock, drowning);
  • cracks or chips appeared on the "fuselage";
  • Face ID does not fulfill its function;
  • there is a spontaneous shutdown, there is no network stably;
  • The iPhone does not turn on, or the screen looks like a solid one-color field;
  • freeze at boot on Apple logo;
  • the battery is not charging.

Benefits of the ICOOLA service

Our company operates in Lviv and has been accepting applications from clients from all over Ukraine for more than five years. A friendly team of professionals is aimed at the further development of their enterprise and high service. We know perfectly well how every phone is needed in our time, which not only helps to always be in touch with relatives, colleagues, partners but also solves many other tasks due to its wide functionality. By entrusting us with the restoration of your gadget, you can be sure that:

  • the cost of the service will be very loyal, taking into account only the labor costs of the master and the price of original spare parts to be replaced, additional manipulations are carried out by agreement;
  • the service center has all the necessary equipment and tools for the full cycle of "apple cell phone resuscitation";
  • the specialist will start work as soon as the customer gives the go-ahead for repairs, which in most cases takes from 15 minutes to an hour;
  • diagnostics are carried out free of charge, without regard to the client's refusal to restore the flagship;
  • warranty for work and accessories is valid for a year (except for batteries).

Warranties after repair

Giving a second life to your iPhone, Aikula SC takes full responsibility for the events held, the safety of the functionality of the device, and the confidentiality of the data received. Before returning, the device undergoes control testing, after which the warranty is issued. iPhone is subject to free service throughout the year.

The client can ask for help if suddenly the corrected malfunction reappears, provided that the operating rules are followed and there are no traces of new damage, both on the case and inside the smartphone. If during acceptance, defects are revealed that cannot be completely corrected, then the guarantee will not be issued, about which the owner is immediately informed.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone XS?

Prices for iPhone XS repairs start from 9,5 $

How long does the repair take on average iPhone XS?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone XS be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone XS from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail.

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.