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 iPhone XS Max repair in Kiev: low price and warranty

The iPhone XS Max, one of the top three hits of Apple 2018, embodied innovative technologies, thoughtful stylish design and a high level of functional reliability. Experts noted the unprecedented power of the flagship, equipped with a Bionic 12 processor, which, combined with a large OLED display, sets it apart from other brands.

But nothing lasts forever in this world, and over time, breakdowns are inevitable even for primitive devices, not to mention a device with a "multi-filling". The most common cause of malfunctions is the active use of the iPhone XS Max, leading to wear and tear of elements and assemblies, careless attitude to the digital “pet”, which causes malfunctions in the technical part and software. Sometimes there is also a manufacturing defect, but it is about 0.1% of cases.

Whatever the cause of the problems, the Lviv ICOOLA service center, which specializes in the repair of Apple devices, is always ready to help and restore the Apple gadget, despite the complexity of the work. Even if you live in Kiev, you can still use our services by sending your phone number by New Mail, having previously discussed the situation with our manager.

The most common iPhone XS Max breakdowns

Owners of a status accessory most often deal with such malfunctions as:

  • the green bar on the display is a consequence of squeezing the iPhone (accidentally sitting on it, putting something heavy);
  • cracked screen;
  • the autofocus on the rear camera disappeared, spots appeared when shooting;
  • the display does not respond to touch;
  • the battery began to charge poorly or generally ignores attempts to "feed" it;
  • reduction of the operating period since the last recharge without increasing the load;
  • iPhone XS Max won't turn on.

Any of the listed signs serves as an alarm signal, the cause of which must be found out and eliminated. Do not try to do it yourself, because in addition to knowledge of the gadget device and the skills to perform the appropriate manipulations, you will need equipment for testing the phone, as well as a professional tool that allows you to fix the breakdown without the risk of causing additional damage.

IP engineers of our company perform free diagnostics of the iPhone XS Max, explain the current situation and calculate the amount of likely costs for:

  • replacing the broken display glass or on the back with a new one;
  • modular display replacement;
  • battery change;
  • reinstallation, soldering of modular sectors in case of extensive damage.

IPhone XS: how is the repair in Icoola

If you identify any non-working moments in the functionality of the gadget, the owner should contact an expert from ICOOLA and describe in detail what is happening. Having found out the alleged reasons for the non-working condition, having discussed the terms of delivery of the device to the workshop from Kiev (personal visit, by courier service, with a trusted person), the client ensures that the smartphone is handed over to the specialist. From this moment the service begins:

  • inspection and testing (free);
  • notifying the customer about the identified defects in the technical part, software failures and the amount of the total cost of upcoming events;
  • upon confirmation of consent for repairs, they start immediately;
  • after the completion of the restoration, the iPhone is again tested for the level of compliance of the functionality with its actual parameters;
  • notify the owner of the "apple" about the opportunity to pick up the device at a convenient time for him and in the previously agreed manner;
  • upon handing over the ready-made "mobile phone", a guarantee for a year with free service is provided.

The repair time depends on the degree of damage, which determines the scope of work. Typically, this takes 15 minutes to an hour. The center's team consists of 30 specialists, which excludes the option of a long wait.

What is the price to repair iPhone XS

By providing a solution to your iPhone problems to the ICOOLA service center, you will always get quick troubleshooting at low prices. We can afford it, since only experienced masters of their craft work in the team, and their workplaces are equipped with the latest technology, there is always a professional tool at hand. Therefore, now outside specialists and equipment are involved in the repair, which could lead to additional costs and increase in the cost of services for customers.

If we talk about the specific cost of the repair, then it is impossible to unequivocally answer this question only by describing the situation. The same "symptom" of the iPhone XS Max sometimes speaks of different malfunctions, and even the whole complex, or vice versa, only seems serious, but in fact everything is more prosaic and ends only with a banal cleaning. If this does not require opening the case, then the service will not cost anything.

To determine the amount of payment for correcting defects, you need to diagnose the condition of the device. In our center, it is performed free of charge. Even if the client refuses further interaction, there is no need to pay for preliminary testing.

After establishing the "diagnosis", the specialist describes the necessary manipulations and their cost. If flaws are identified that cannot be completely eliminated, the guarantee is not provided, about which the owner is warned immediately. The client himself assesses for himself the ratio of the degree of risk and the need for repair.

Benefits of our iPhone repair service center

If your tenth generation "bull's eye" suddenly began to show an inability to cope with its inherent tasks, if for some reason you damaged its body or drowned your smartphone, do not self-medicate it so that you do not have to regret additional breakdowns in the future, but then the untimely deceased flagship of Apple.

Icoola Service Center, specializing in the restoration of branded digital equipment, including the iPhone line, has been providing services in this area for more than five years. During this time, we have assembled a friendly team of real professionals who take full responsibility for the entire volume of work performed, which is confirmed by free warranty service. In addition, our clients have already been able to convince themselves of the impeccable quality of the events we perform and the loyal attitude towards customers:

  • all parts and assemblies to be replaced are original;
  • for work and spare parts, a guarantee is issued with free service throughout the entire period;
  • free diagnostics on professional equipment, even if the user refuses to repair;
  • for us, practically, there are no unsolvable problems;
  • low prices due to the full cycle of device restoration within one center;
  • terms of order fulfillment are as short as possible due to the large staff of specialists;
  • requests for repairs are accepted both from Kiev and from all over Ukraine.

Features of warranty service

The guarantee provided by ICOOLA is valid for a year and applies both to the work performed and to the installed elements and modules that had to be “rotated”. Returning to the owner of his iPhone XS Max, the wizard must indicate the features and operating rules of the device, which must be observed in order to retain the right to free service. Namely:

  • keep the ticket issued by the center;
  • do not drop, do not carry in the back pocket of your trousers;
  • do not experiment with immersion in water (despite the declared protection against dust and moisture, this parameter does not always fully correspond to reality);
  • do not open the case;
  • do not allow dust and viscous media to enter the speaker channels, charging connector;
  • it is recommended to avoid replenishing the flagship battery with energy from the Power Bank, car, through a non-original AC adapter.

If the client does not adhere to all the above, then when contacting the center about faults, he loses the right to free service. In these circumstances, any breakdown becomes a non-warranty case.

Of course, no one will refuse help, but the cost of the service will be charged in full. Perhaps the flaw will not be related to the hardware, then the problem will be solved by flashing it.

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What are the prices for repairs iPhone XS Max?

Prices for iPhone XS Max repairs start from 9,5 $

How long does the repair take on average iPhone XS Max?

Breakdown repairs take from 15 minutes.

Where can iPhone XS Max be repaired in Lviv?

To repair your device, contact our service center at Kotsyubynskoho 35

Is it possible to send iPhone XS Max from another part of the country for repair?

You can send from anywhere in Ukraine using the new mail

Is there a warranty after the repair?

After the repair, we have a one-year warranty on the replaced component.