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28 January 2021

Apple Watch 5 Review

A device that opens to the user ample opportunities for individualization of the gadget. A good helper for your daily affairs.

Bodnar Oleh

Apple Watch 5 review

In the fall of 2019, the American tech giant Apple introduced the fifth version of the original smart watch. There are not many cardinal changes in this line compared to the previous one, but they are still there and worth paying attention to. If the screen and dimensions of the device remained unchanged, then the functional equipment has expanded significantly. Therefore, it is simply impossible to pass by some "goodies".

What's in the Apple Watch 5 package ?

The gadget is packed in a white rectangular packaging that has already become traditional for the brand. The smartwatch strap is kept separate from the dial itself. Together with it is an instruction manual and a charger. This design solution is quite user-friendly. In terms of container sizes, the "apple" manufacturer did not make any fundamental changes, so they remained the same as for the fourth version.

Stylish watch

What are the design features of the Apple Watch 5?

An aluminum version of golden color has appeared in the line of smartwatch cases. There are also classic versions, among which the silver aluminum stands out. They are made of recycled metal, that is, the one that remained after the manufacture of new iPhone cases . This makes the fifth version of the smart watch one of the most eco-friendly , in the electronics market. Moreover, the use of such material does not in the least affect the quality and strength of the product. So environmental activists can sleep peacefully.

Due to the integration of new sensors into the device and an increase in the amount of built-in memory from 16 to 32 gigabytes, it began to weigh a little more, but this difference is hardly noticeable, and outwardly it is not particularly visible. On closer inspection, the design of the Apple Watch 5 is not very different from the previous generation device. Special attention should be paid to the possibility of matching the old version of the strap models up to 2015 to the new device. This opens up wide opportunities for the user to customize the gadget, because you can choose thousands of combinations for all occasions.

Unfortunately, titanium and steel models of the device are not sold on the Russian market. Most likely because they support the eSIM card technology , which still do not enter the domestic market.

Clock applications

How has the Apple Watch 5 display changed ?

You can buy a smart watch with two screen sizes - 40 and 44 mm. They support 324 × 394 and 368 × 448 pixels, respectively. The front of the display is made of a scratch-resistant material in the form of a glass plate with a mirror surface. The American brand used an OLED display of the LTPO type, a low temperature polysilicon oxide display. The technology of instant adjustment of the screen refresh rate is "sewn in" into it.

A special separate microcircuit is responsible for the energy efficiency of the display, which became a novelty for the fifth series of smart Apple watches. The new ambient light sensor allows the device to adapt to changing ambient light indoors or outdoors, creating a comfortable environment for the eyes.

The watchOS 6 operating system has been optimized to accommodate the new screen type . The central and key display change in the fifth Apple Watch series is the introduction of Always On Display technology . Its peculiarity is as follows: after lowering the wrist, the screen will no longer go out completely. Of course, its brightness will decrease, the second hand of the dial and information about updating a number of applications will disappear. However, the display continues to work, showing the user the illuminated minute and hour hands, which in this mode are updated at a frequency of no more than sixty seconds to save energy.

If you delve into the settings, you can completely disable the Always On Display function . In this case, the screen will be activated only when you turn your wrist. This will increase the battery life of the device by several hours. On the other hand, with the always-on display function, the smartwatch becomes more like a classic watch, and is it worth giving up the significant difference between the Apple Watch 5 and the previous version? In this case, you can restrict the display of some confidential information from a number of applications.  

Watch straps

What features does the Apple Watch 5 operating system offer ?

The watch comes preinstalled with watchOS version 6. A number of innovations have been introduced into her work, including not only new design options for dials, but also changes in the principles of synchronizing a smart device with a smartphone. The long-awaited introduction of the ability to directly download applications to a gadget without using a phone is becoming obvious. This became possible thanks to the official creation of an analogue of the App Store for Watch 5. The store offers users a wide range of software for any need.

True, many basic applications are already preinstalled on the gadget, or are applied after synchronization with a smartphone. Among the applications that are already included in the standard version are calculator, compass, noise level tracking. Thanks to the introduction of a modern sensor, a lot of useful data can be obtained through the compass:

  • digital degree and current direction of travel;
  • the height of the user's location above sea level;
  • degree level of the slope;
  • location coordinates (latitude and longitude);
  • a compass arrow showing where north is.

Cycle Tracker is not exclusive to Apple Watch 5, but it still deserves attention due to its extensive functionality. It allows couples planning to conceive a child to receive information about the approach of ovulation and the optimal days to conceive. Women can optimize their menstrual cycle and the app will tell them exactly when they start their periods and other useful information to help them control their sex life.

Another interesting innovation is the "Noise" application. It allows you to track the level of ambient noise in decibels and show how harmful they will be to your hearing. Thus, at an indicator of 80 dB and below, the noise level is acceptable and is displayed with a green line. If this level is exceeded, an alert will appear indicating that the volume is at a level that is dangerous to the ears. True, it is unlikely that something can be done with this information, because the noise of the subway or a busy street cannot be stopped.

The latest Apple Watch 5 feature worth noting is the integration of the smartwatch's ability to recognize music tracks through the voice assistant Siri . Now it's enough to say “Hey Siri ! What is this song? " and get an answer in a matter of moments. The composition can be made part of the playlist right away . The advantage of the novelty is that now you do not need to waste time to get a smartphone if you want to quickly find out who the performer of a composition heard somewhere on the street is.

Ceramic watch

How long can Apple Watch 5 last offline?

With the introduction of advanced functionality and Always On Display technology, the level of battery life has decreased. The American manufacturer guarantees that in active use, the smart watch can work for a day. Thus, after a full charge at night, the device can work all day, but by the evening it will have to be charged again, otherwise in the morning you will need to go to work with a 10% charge level. Of course, if you wish, you can take the charger with you, but this is not always convenient.

On the other hand , in the settings, you can disable a number of functions, including the same Always On Display . In this mode, the watch can work up to two days. You can further extend the battery life by disabling a number of applications that are not always needed, and in sleep mode, seriously affect the charge. One of these is "Noise", which forces the microphone to be constantly active, although it is not always necessary to measure the ambient noise.

 In general, you have to pay something for an expanded arsenal of applications and the ability to make a smart watch a separate device from a smartphone. And it's primarily about battery life, which has dropped in exchange for performance. Good or bad is another question, but we have what we have.

Clock functions

What conclusion can be drawn about the Apple Watch 5?

Smart watches have a number of advantages and disadvantages, with the former still outweighing the latter. Among the advantages are:

  1. increased number of built-in applications;     
  2. the Always On Display system makes the gadget more like a classic watch;               
  3. health tracking monitoring has been expanded;     
  4. the range of offered dials is amazing;     
  5. high quality durable materials;     
  6. attractive design;     
  7. functional equipment.     

In contrast to these seven main advantages, there is only one drawback - short battery life. Of course, the "apple" smartwatches have much to strive for, but even their fifth version gives a head start to competitors from Android Wear or Xiaomi .

The fifth version will appeal to those owners of iPhones who use the Apple Watch of the third series, as compared to it, a cardinal breakthrough has been made. Of course, the owners of the fourth version should think about it, because the five is not far ahead in terms of functionality. For those who prefer to use smartphones based on All Android , hardly like the look smart watch from Apple's . But we invite everyone else to purchase, because the money spent will pay off with interest.

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