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Apple Store / Apple news / How Apple Watch Saved The Lives Of Its Owners
14 April 2021

How Apple Watch Saved The Lives Of Its Owners

Apple Watch smartwatches have saved the lives of their owners more than once.

Ольга Мунтян

In the modern world, it is possible to keep an accessory with you, with which you can save your life. Not always there will be a person nearby who can pay attention to the fact that someone has become ill. What can we say about those cases when an elementary call to an ambulance will not work. Now, thanks to the development of digital technologies, and in particular Apple, which opened a new round of the technological revolution, a person has received an excellent assistant in the person of the Apple Watch smart watch.

Apple Watch is more than just a beautiful and fashionable accessory. This is the device with which you can measure your heart rate, do not miss important calls and messages. We can safely say that the market has not yet provided a more functional and useful invention in a small compact package. Which, at the same time, could save the life of its owner.

What else can the Apple Watch do

Smart watches are ready to surprise you with their extensive functionality. And if you quickly get used to all the benefits in the form of the same notification of a call or message and you are not even surprised, then the ability to monitor your health is unusual and useful. This is about:

  • Ability to take ECG readings;
  • Determination of uneven heart rate;
  • Notifying the owner of the danger;
  • Fall detection functions.

apple watch on hands

We will talk about the last function in more detail, because no one thought that such a seemingly unhelpful program could save lives in an unforeseen situation.

Apple Watch detects falls

This function has appeared in the Apple Watch Series 4. Before its official release, Apple carried out a large-scale collection of information, analyzing the types of falls. This is how the picture of the differences between falls has developed, that is, the artificial intelligence has learned to find signs of dangerous falls. He was also able to identify the groups of users that are most prone to falls.

No one was surprised when this group was led by elderly people who, during a fall, often hit hard surfaces and die from this, even if the cause of the fall did not seem serious and one that could bring death to a person. Thus, Apple Headquarters made sure that such a useful automatic crash detection feature was needed. After the smart watch determines that a person has fallen and this may pose a threat to his life, it will automatically contact the rescue service, providing the exact geolocation of the victim.

The downside, according to users, is that Apple Watch Series 4 does not allow fall detection by default for non-at-risk users. For automatic activation of the function, its owner must be over 60 years old. The age is indicated on the owner's account. However, the detection of falls can be connected independently, which once saved the life of one young man who decided to go on a hike.

people in place

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Friends Paige Russo and James Prudenciano decided to go on a tourist trip, the final destination of which was Hartshoorn Woods Park, in New Jersey. The goal was good - to admire the local landscapes. But, at some point in the campaign, the friends realized that they were lost. The sun had already gone down at that time, so it became almost impossible to navigate in the area. So they began to look for a way back by groping, but quickly realized how unsuccessful this idea was, since they chose the wrong road and, while descending from the mountain, slid down onto the rocks through which the river flowed.

Russo fell into the river, which softened the fall and did not cause serious injury. But Prudenciano was so unlucky - he fell right on a rock and suffered a fracture of his back in 3 places. Recalling that moment, he said that they literally were on the verge of life and death, because the place from which they fell was sheer, and under it there was nothing but a river and rocks. Because of this, it was not possible to grab onto anything. Prudenciano also said that after the fall he did not lose consciousness and shouted with all his might that he was dying. At that time, he really thought so, since he did not see a way out of the situation and had already said goodbye to life.

But then, unexpectedly for everyone, the Apple Watch Series 4 came to the rescue, which was on the man's wrist and determined the fall of the owner. The system prompted to call the emergency service. Since the tourist could not move and the smart watch did not receive any response from the owner, they independently sent a request for 911 and transmitted the geolocation of the victims. After a while, the friends waited for help, which took them to the nearest hospital, where they were provided with the necessary emergency assistance to reduce the negative consequences of their injuries.

Apple Watch saved the life of a man who fell through the ice

This time, an unpleasant and dangerous situation occurred with a resident of New Hampshire, William Rogers. While skating on the Salmon Falls River, he fell through the ice. A man has been skating all his life, so he can be safely called quite experienced in this activity.

men in ice

But on that day, the unexpected happened: the ice could not stand it and cracked under the weight of the man, and he fell right into the cold water. William later said that for some time he tried to climb back onto the ice and hook his hands on the ice to get out of the cold river. However, he did not succeed, and then he remembered the Apple Watch Series 5. The victim miraculously turned on the emergency call function on his smart watch, which saved his life. Rescuers quickly came to the call and pulled William out of the water.

Apple Watch rescued a kidnapped woman in the American city of Selma

The police were able to rescue the kidnapped woman using the Apple Watch. The events took place in the state of Texas. The daughter of the allegedly kidnapped woman reported her mother missing. Right at the time of the abduction, the victim was able to call his daughter with the help of a smartwatch and tell about the incident.

The police questioned the girl, who said that she heard screams from the parking lot, but had no idea in which direction her mother was taken. About 15 minutes after the abduction, the missing woman called her daughter using her Apple Watch and said that she had been stolen by Adalberto Longoria in order to harm her. This is stated in the official report of the police.

The victim managed to turn on the emergency call function on the smartwatch. This helped the officers quickly find the missing woman. Apple Watch indicated the exact geolocation of the missing, passing this information to the rescue service.

Apple Watch saves the life of an American cyclist

Apple Watch smartwatch saved the life of Washington state pensioner Bob Burdett. This case was reported by the victim's son on his Facebook page.

Bob and his son Gabe decided to go for a bike ride in a local park and made an appointment at a designated location. But the elderly man did not get there. He fell off his mountain bike and sustained serious injury. After the fall, the victim lost consciousness, so he could not call for help on his own. And then a smart watch arrived with its fall detection function. They called 911 emergency services.

apple watch in hospital

In addition to the service, the watch also notified the victim's son of the incident by sending a message to his iPhone with the exact location of Bob. Gabe quickly found the man, but could not help him in any way, as the victim was hit hard and was unconscious. The son waited for an ambulance less than half an hour after the moment of the fall. Apple Watch automatically makes a request to the owner after a fall. If he does not turn off the alert, the smart watch calls for help. If emergency contacts are specified in the program settings, they will also receive a notification about the incident.

Apple Watch saved the life of a graduate

Ohio University student Zachary Zees suffers from a disease that is transmitted genetically - Friedreich's ataxia. He also told how the Apple Watch helped him out on Thanksgiving.

Zachary inherited a disease that affects the spine, heart and brain and causes speech and walking problems. The heart rate sensor function in the smartwatch showed that the student's heart beats at a rate of 210 bpm. After that, the guy went to his doctor, who prescribed an artery ablation procedure for him. Soon the young man began to recover.

ECG function in Apple Watch

This feature in Apple Watch has already saved many lives. The incident that happened to 48-year-old Briton Paul Hutton proved that a very low or excessively high heart rate while a person is resting can be a signal that indicates heart problems. So, a man began to receive numerous alerts from a smartwatch about a critically low heart rate during inactive rest. After some time, he nevertheless decided to go to the doctor's office.

what do apple watch

They confirmed the existence of a heart problem and gave advice to remove caffeine from the daily diet. This did not work for Paul, so he again consulted a cardiologist who eventually diagnosed ventricular bigeminy. It is a disease in which every normal contraction of the heart walls alternates with a pause. Because of this, the muscle does not pump blood strongly enough.

The man underwent catheter ablation surgery, which solved his heart problem.

Apple Watch saves lives while you sleep

Apple Watch's built-in heart rate has saved a young man's life. The device has detected an increased heart rate during sleep. This was reported by Phone Arena. 24-year-old Australian Mike Love woke up due to vibration from a smartwatch. Thus, they informed the guy that his pulse was 135 beats per minute. The gadget recommended calling an ambulance, which Mike did.

He was taken to a medical facility where his heart was examined. The attending physician told the guy that he was diagnosed with a rare pathology. So, the blood saturated with oxygen reached the right atrium, while it should have flowed into the left. Mike underwent surgery and was discharged from the hospital a couple of weeks later. After that, the Australian announced that he will now always walk with an Apple Watch.

Undisclosed Apple Watch Features

It became known that some users use Apple Watch in order to protect themselves from overdose. They think they can prevent overdose and cardiac arrest. Experts say that this method of monitoring and determining an overdose can only do harm. The harm will be due to the fact that until the desired boundary values ​​of the heart rate are reached, users will use even more drugs, believing that there is no danger.

people drugs

In addition, experts from Medibio and Mindstrong Health say that information from phones and smart watches can help identify and diagnose depression. They collect data on heart rate, sleep duration, etc., which the Inform software then analyzes and gives a score on a 100-point scale. These indicators indicate how likely it is that the owner of the gadget is on the verge of stress and mental disorder. Thus, very long sleep is a manifestation of potential depression, and an increased heart rate is anxiety.

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