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Apple Store / Apple news / Limbo game for iPhone: how to download, review, features
05 May 2021

Limbo game for iPhone: how to download, review, features

How "Playdead" created an unusual platformer with a mystical atmosphere, unlike what it was before

Volodymyr Gybchakevich

If you have ever dreamed that you are running through a gloomy eerie terrain with no goal and no idea how you got here, then Limbo will perfectly convey this feeling. The development of the Danish studio Playdead was released on July 21, 2010, on various platforms, including iOS. It was the first creation of independent developers who set themselves the ambitious goal of creating a platformer with a mystical atmosphere, unlike what came before. They did it the best way possible.

Limbo plot and features

The game is a multi-platform survival horror in which the user has to take control of a little boy wandering in pitch darkness. From the very beginning, the player finds himself in the center of a gloomy forest shrouded in darkness. They don't explain to him how he got here and what his ultimate goal is. The atmosphere of detachment and incomprehensibility, the feeling of hopelessness is the main "trick" of the game. You just need to go forward, towards darkness and your death.

 Limbo game1

The name Limbo refers us to the mystical "limbo" - a kind of purgatory, a place between heaven or hell, in which the fate of a lost soul is determined. Here the little boy turned out to be by the will of fate. The gameplay is full of various puzzles that you need to solve in order to progress further. Developers are not very concerned about the fact that traditionally game creators have a negative attitude towards child deaths in games. The main character will have to die and be reborn many times on the way to the finale, and in the most vile ways.

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Another exceptional feature of Limbo is the monochrome picture, which contains only black and white colors. It further aggravates the situation, which is further burdened by the various figures of the hanged and drowned, whom the hero now and then discovers in the new location. For this reason, it is not immediately possible to identify enemies in the blurry silhouettes on the screen. At the last moment you realize that a snag in the thicket of the forest is a monster's paw. There are more than enough monsters here - a wide variety of spiders and other infernal creations lurked in the darkness.

Unlike many other games of this type, the protagonist does not evolve in Limbo. There is no system for pumping or increasing stamina, first aid kits and other elements. The boy's arsenal of possibilities is limited - he can run without any acceleration, grab objects, drag them, jump. The gameplay is built on interaction with the environment: you need to understand the correct placement of objects, find hidden paths in order to advance further.

 Limbo game2

A defenseless boy cannot openly confront spiders, slugs and other monsters, so he must go to the trick: hide, set traps, create traps. However, thanks to his intellectual skills, he will be able to overcome the most powerful enemies and even a terrible spider. So Limbo invites gamers to stretch their convolutions to get out of this forest alive.

Where is the main character?

Limbo is replete with all sorts of references and symbols that are difficult to understand the first time. The player is not given any explanation of the plot and has to think out everything himself. Every thing in this world has a second bottom, and even the great psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud would be horrified by so many allusions. The gaming world lives by its own rules, to which it is unrealistic to adapt. When it seems that everything has calmed down, a new obstacle appears on the way. It can be a crowd of other boys wanting to kill the main character, a river strewn with corpses, moving circular saws and much more.

The developers refused to give explanations for what is happening in their creation, so there are several versions of the development of events:

1) The boy is a lost deceased soul who longs to be reunited with his sister. He cannot be accepted into heaven, but he does not go to hell either, so he ended up in limbo (purgatory). Here he must go through a series of tests before in the final he finds a frightened girl, which is his sister, who also went to another world.

2) The main character is just sleeping, and what is happening on the screen is a reflection of his fears. Here and the fear of the dark, unwillingness to die, aversion to spiders and much more. At the moment of meeting with the girl, the protagonist simply wakes up and returns to reality.

 Limbo game3

3) The in-game world is a reality, a creepy future in which the protagonist has fallen. He does not know how he got here, as he has lost his memory and voice. He can only run forward to find a way out of this terrible place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Limbo for iPhone

The development by Playdead has received generally positive reviews from critics and casual gamers. Among the advantages, they note:

  • the most realistically recreated scary-eerie atmosphere in which you do not know what awaits you on the way;
  • high-quality rendering of the game world, minimalism with a limited number of bright colors;
  • numerous various enemies and traps waiting for the hero on the way;
  • variety of puzzles and gravitational anomalies requiring different ways of solving;
  • interesting visual concept.

The game is perfect for fans of such indie horror games with a minimum of equipment and an incomprehensible plot. Of course, fans of shooters won't like it, because there is no action game here. In Limbo, you cannot pump a character, equip him with new skills and abilities, acquire weapons, armor and other tools. In terms of interaction with the environment, everything is simple and clear here. For this reason, the gameplay can be tightened after a few hours of play. But this is only the opinion of those who prefer arcades, action games and RPGs more. The rest are very much to their liking such an unusual creation.

 Limbo game4

No wonder the game received high marks. Initially, it was designed only for the Xbox 360 gaming platform, but in the wake of its success, it quickly conquered other devices, and iOS was no exception in this regard. The application has been perfectly adapted for smartphones while retaining the key features and atmosphere. Now you can download Limbo in the official App Store, though for this you will have to pay about 140 hryvnias. But this price is justified, because the efforts of the developers and the content that they managed to get hold of the money is really worth the money.

On average, a gamer will have to spend about six hours to complete the game, but if you do a detailed study of all the hidden elements and enjoy the atmosphere without haste, you can get up to ten hours of pleasure, or even more. During this time, the protagonist has a thousand and one ways to die: from a circular saw, a rolling stone, slab, monster, slugs and much more. However, in order to survive, you need to find one single solution for each puzzle. The developers are ruthless to the little boy, but this is the reality - no one will discount your age and defenselessness in this cruel world. Therefore, your only way out is to adapt and become stronger. I think this is one of the messages that the creators of Limbo wanted to convey, and it seems that they succeeded.

Hack Limbo on iOS and how to download for free

There is no in-game currency in Limbo, and the whole atmosphere of the game is built on the constant death of the main character, so there is no point in creating cheats for endless money and lives. However, players are concerned about another question - is it possible to download the application for free, because in the official store you will have to pay a tidy sum for it. Fortunately, hackers and artisans are uploading hundreds of hacked versions to the web for free. Such versions will not differ in functionality from the original, and will allow you to fully taste its atmosphere. So don't put off a minute, it's time to download Limbo to your phone. You can play anywhere: on public transport, on a park bench, in the office during your lunch break, at home. But keep in mind that the oppressive atmosphere is so real and addictive, that you can get lost and not immediately understand where you are. The eerie dark world of Limbo mesmerizes and immerses in itself - and it's wonderful. This is probably the reason that caused the popularity of the game, even despite the lack of a coherent plot and a wide variety of locations.

What we have as a result

If you do not plunge headlong into the hidden meanings and plot twists and turns of the game Limbo, then it appears as a stylish minimalistic platformer with horror elements. The intellectual component will be appreciated by puzzle lovers. The main character will have to die an unlimited number of times, but thanks to the system of frequent checkpoints, this does not cause disappointment and does not force you to go through a solid part of the game again every time.

 Limbo game5

However, Limbo is made more for thoughtful unhurried players who value not the gameplay more, but the atmosphere created around them. This is a development for those who do not like to rush. With a leisurely passage, there is enough time to think about the meaning of one's own life, being and other moments. It is these philosophical reflections that the developers have concluded in their creation. For this reason, even after the complete passage, a bright aftertaste remains: you can still ponder for a long time about why the boy ended up in this eerie world and who the girl he found in the ending is. There remains a certain understatement, which provides a basis for reasoning. It's great when the game is able not only to kill time, but also to touch the deep strings of the soul.

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