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07 April 2021

Aligning the iPhone and iPad case

iPhone and iPad case alignment process

Anastasia Perekupko

The material from which the iPhone and iPad are made is quite soft, it is very susceptible to deformation: dents or scratches form on the device very quickly, which will have a bad effect on the appearance of the device.

The main reasons for the breakdown of the back cover.

There are a number of reasons due to which breakdowns can occur:

  • Scratches - occur as a result of friction when the device is regularly placed in a pocket or bag without a cover.
  • Cracks - occur during impact or fall.
  • Deformations and dents - if the device is not used with care at all or in cases of swelling of the battery.
  • The material discrepancy between the screen and the case is the first sign of a device breakdown. The cracks that form in the case are quite dangerous, since in such cases the possibility of moisture and other small elements getting in is significantly increased.

Aligning the case is a very difficult procedure, which requires special tools and a specialist who understands this problem, since initially the device must be completely disassembled. If this is not done, then during the repair there is a rather high probability of damage to the components of the device or the motherboard.

Replacing the display and straightening the case on iPad

Of course, most users do not carry an iPad with them all the time, unlike a smartphone, but they are still very susceptible to damage, most often due to falls. The simplest example is when the device falls from the sofa to the floor and everything is already broken.

Many people think that there is nothing wrong with this, only this is a deep delusion, since even the smallest inaccuracy leads to a breakdown of the screen. Basically, due to damage to the screen, pleasant use of the device becomes impossible, then you should not even think, but take and change the screen.

How the screen is replaced

Display replacement takes place in several stages:

  • First, the person involved in the repair carefully removes the old display module - it is heated well from above, which finally removes the remnants of the factory glue and peels it off from the case. In no case should you remove the broken screen with your hands, for this there is a special tool, with its help they carefully pry it off:
  • When a specialist gains access to the internal component of the device, he turns off the module loops, and then the battery. Then the module and the “Home” button loop are removed.
  • Then comes the hardest part of the repair. It is necessary to remove the controller board of the wheelbarrow and the button with the fingerprint scanner from the module. In order to carry out this procedure, you should use a soldering iron, and the master should be incredibly accurate, otherwise you can damage the loop or some kind of contact. After removing these parts, install the Home button to the new module. "
  • After installing the button, completely clean the case from the remaining adhesive tape and start correcting the geometry of the case, if this is not done, then the new module may simply not stand up. To do this, the employee uses a special device with which it is possible to restore dented corners, thereby it turns out to fit the case to the required dimensions for installing a fresh display module.

In this situation, it is worth knowing that dents and chips may remain on the outer case, which were formed as a result of a fall, but everything inside will be exactly smooth.

If the geometry is set correctly, then the module will stand up like a glove. As soon as it is installed, the employee begins to put everything together, only in the reverse order, first connects the loops, and then installs a new display module. After the work done, the verification of the module operation and sensor responsiveness begins.

Everyone should understand that replacing the display is a rather complicated procedure, since it requires detailed work with the "Home" button. In such cases, if it becomes necessary to restore the geometry of the case before installation, then the repair can take as long as 4 hours.

What is the G - Tool and why is it needed?

The G - Tool is a special tool specially made for straightening corners and dented devices. As you already could understand that this problem is quite common, which is why a special device was made to solve it.

It can help:

  • In the event of a fall of the device or when a corner is crumpled;
  • When the tight contact between the display and the case disappears;
  • In cases of severe damage to the iPhone when the case does not fit.
  • Unfortunately, this device will not be able to help in the following cases:
  • When the corner is completely broken or there is a hole;
  • In cases of common scratches or abrasions.

Advantages of the G - Tool

This device has a huge number of advantages:

  • During its use, there is no need for a complete replacement of the case;
  • Pretty decent cash savings;
  • The process is very quick and quite simple;
  • The likelihood of breaking the display is once again equal to zero.

At the present time, in the life of every person there are various gadgets, without which many cannot even imagine their life and do not part with them for a minute. When a user constantly carries a gadget with him, a breakdown can happen, the most elementary thing is a fall and, as a result, a broken screen or a broken case. Many believe that in cases of such breakdowns, the device will have to be roughly thrown away, and instead of buying a new one with a broken device, it can also be completely new.

Only now you can be absolutely calm, since it is quite possible to fix any breakdown, the main thing is to turn to the master in time, who will be able to diagnose and fix your device. There are a lot of services that repair smartphones, in order to choose the best one, you just need to go to the Internet and read honest reviews of its users. In any case, you should remember that before getting rid of the broken device, you first need to contact the service center, where you can find out exactly what to do.

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