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04 February 2021

TOP of the coolest Apple Watch chips

Apple Watch is a very user-friendly device with an incredible number of useful features.

Natalia Deineko

Apple Watch is a very user-friendly device with an incredible number of useful features. However, most owners are not familiar with all the options and hidden features of their gadgets.

We would like to draw your attention to the non-obvious, but at the same time very interesting functions of a smartwatch, which you might not even know about.

Change of design and exchange of dials

A set of Apple Watch dials will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning wearer. In the Watch Faces section of the Watch app on your iPhone, you can view and select a watch face design that suits your taste and needs. Changing the dial is possible with the watch itself, but it is much less convenient. It's impossible to add new design options on your own, but with each new version of watchOS, their choice becomes wider.

Also, you can easily share your favorite design with a friend. To do this, click on the desired dial and select the recipient from the action menu. Thus, you will transfer your favorite design with all its settings to your friend.

Unlock Mac

If you have an Apple Watch, then even a lost MacBook password won't get you in trouble.

In the menu item "System Preferences" select the item "Protection and Security", and then the option "Use Apple Watch to unlock Mac". Your computer will turn on and you will not have to frantically search for the master's phone.

Find iPhone

If you can't remember where you put your smartphone, Apple Watch will also help out here. Swipe up on the watch display, and once in the control center, click on the icon with the image of the phone. IPhone should beep in response to this action. And with a longer hold of the icon, it will even start blinking with the camera flash. The only disadvantage of this function in the radius of its action is 100 meters, that is, the radius
Bluetooth coverage.

AirPods charge control

At the moment when wireless headphones are paired with Apple Watch, the option to determine their charge level is also available. To do this, you need to start the "Control Center" and a window will appear on the display with the exact indicators of the charge of each of the headphones.


Apple Watch owners have a unique opportunity to communicate with each other at a short distance using the "Walkie-talkie" function. This option can be very useful if you have lost someone in a crowd or a large supermarket.
To communicate on the walkie-talkie, you and your interlocutor must have an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer. The list of software versions that allow the use of a walkie-talkie begins with watch OS 5.3. You also need to set up FaceTime on your iPhone, namely, the ability to receive and make voice calls. The "Walkie-talkie" function works perfectly in all regions and countries without exception.

Quickly turn on silent mode

In the menu item "Sounds" there is an option to respond to tactile signals. It is she who helps with a simple movement of the hand to mute the sound or reject the call if you cannot talk now. To do this, cover the watch display with your palm and wait for the vibration signal. That's it - Silent mode is activated.

Control over the price of securities

You can monitor the situation with prices for shares of various companies using the application of the same name "Shares". In this section, you can configure the list of companies and securities that you want to track information about. This will help you not to miss the opportunity of a successful investment of your funds.

Smart home control

Using your Apple Watch's Home app, which is almost identical to the iPhone's, you can control all HomeKit-enabled devices. Home appliances that work with other systems can also be controlled from your watch, only using the appropriate applications, for example Mi Home.

Parental control

Despite the fact that the iPhone can be tied to several Apple Watch at once, only one watch can be used in conjunction with a smartphone. At the same time, the new version of watchOS 7 provided the ability to customize smart watches for a child, and you can use this function even without being tied to a separate iPhone watch. This way you can restrict your child's access to some multimedia resources and contacts. And the option "School time" will at a certain time of the day open the child access only to the list of extensions and programs selected by the parents.

Search for people

Using the map search function, you can easily find your loved ones, friends or a lost child. But provided that they also have an Apple device.
To activate this service, launch the "Find people" application (watchOS 6 and 7) or "Find friends" (watchOS 5 and all previous versions). You will see the location of the person on the map and will be able to pave the route with him, or contact him using the Apple Watch.

Remote camera control

Using the "Camera" application of your smartwatch, it is easy to access the iPhone camera. By launching the application remotely on a smartphone, you can set a countdown timer until the moment of shooting. This is a very handy feature if you are alone and want to take a picture of yourself from the side.

Assistance in the process of meditation

Yes, yes, even your watch is capable of it. Among the functions of the application "Breathing" you will find exercises that consist of measured inhalations and exhalations, that is, meditation. The program will also remind you several times a day that it is time to meditate, relax and breathe.

The Pulse app will also help you stay busy and monitor your performance. By providing the user with the dynamics of the heartbeat during the day, the program will help to regulate physical activity and not overwork during work and training.

Hand washing control

This option has become especially popular right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple Watch recognizes the process of washing your hands as soon as you immerse them in water. At this point, the timer is activated and controls the duration of the entire process, which normally corresponds to about 20 seconds.

Noise control

The gadget is sure to warn the owner if the ambient noise level is above 90 dB. Since loud sounds are very harmful to hearing, the Apple Watch, starting with the Series 4, is equipped with the "Noise" application, with which you control this important indicator.


The latest version of the Apple Watch 6 constantly enables the measurement and height control mode. The altimeter is connected to the GPS module and uses the data of the nearest Wi-Fi networks. The system is able to recognize changes in height compared to ground level during vertical movements. The accuracy of the measurements is 30 cm. To view the data, they can be displayed as an extension of the dial. Another option is to display it as one of the training parameters.


A function slightly similar to the previous paragraph. But in this case, the clock determines the altitude relative to sea level.
This novelty appeared in the latest version of Apple Watch 6. The built-in altimeter will be useful to those who are fond of high-altitude mountaineering, as it will help control your activity when climbing a mountain.

Danger signal

Smart watches can help their owner even in an extreme situation. All you have to do is select the "Emergency Calls" menu item of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and then add the contacts of your loved ones. After that, you can send an SOS signal to the selected contacts by pressing and holding the side button hours. The device beeps and sends to the selected contacts
danger message.

Blood oxygen level

This feature also appeared in the latest version - Series 6. Measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood helps to monitor the general condition of the body, and also - to determine the first signs of influenza or even COVID-19.

Measurements are made using four built-in clusters of red, infrared and green LEDs, as well as four photodiodes. They determine the level of light that is reflected from human vessels. The system receives the exact indicator from the application "Oxygen in blood" which, using special algorithm, gives out indicators of level of oxygen in percent.

If you want to know your oxygen level, you need to run the application and stay calm while the measurements are taken. In the background, the watch can examine you while you sleep.

ECG recording

The Apple Watch, starting with the Series 4, has a special application for creating an electrocardiogram, which is called "ECG". Of course, you will not be able to use such an examination for medical purposes. But for the general control of the physical condition it will be very even suitable.

Fall detection

The watch can also recognize that its owner has fallen or lost consciousness. The gadget will immediately sound an alert and a warning will appear on the display. Depending on your condition, the Apple Watch can:

  • if you are moving - wait for your active actions, such as calling a doctor, activating the SOS signal, or pressing the "All right" button;
  • if you do not move for more than a minute - the clock will start the timer with a countdown of 30 seconds. At the same time, the device will beep so that others can hear and help you. After the allotted time, Apple Watch will report your contact information to the rescue service via a call.

If you are over 55, this feature will be activated automatically.



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