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Apple Store / Apple news / How to Shoot Slow Motion Video in Night Mode on iPhone 12
26 May 2021

How to Shoot Slow Motion Video in Night Mode on iPhone 12

Features and algorithm of slow-motion video recording in night mode by the new iPhone 12 smartphone. Functional capabilities of the gadget cameras

Volodymyr Poliarush

The latest lineup of smartphones from the leading developers of Apple iPhone 12, including the base sample and modifications mini, Pro and Pro Max, received the most advanced technical equipment supporting a number of innovative functions.

The gadgets presented in this line provide for the use of night shooting mode, in which users can not only take pictures in the lowest light conditions, get high-quality pictures or shoot video at night. The trick is that the brand's developers have endowed the iPhone 12 with the ability to shoot video in night darkness with an increased frame interval.

This is made possible by the support of the exclusive Timelapse feature.

Learn how to shoot slow motion video with your iPhone 12, including at night, and what other features the cameras of this innovative touchscreen phone from Apple have in this article.

About the characteristics and features of the iPhone 12 camera system

The camera system of the iPhone 12 includes telephoto, wide-angle, and ultra-wide-angle cameras with six, seven, and five-element lenses, respectively. The lenses of the device are equipped with reliable protection in the form of a sapphire crystal.

This equipment, which contains a LiDAR sensor, supports a portrait mode with six light levels and a depth option. Two cameras of the smartphone are distinguished by their efficiency in night mode - wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle.

In addition, the gadget allows you to get a picture with the widest possible range of color palette, provides support for automatic image adjustment and provides access to burst photography in HEIF and JPEG formats.

The iPhone 12 can shoot video in Dolby Vision, 4K and two HD video formats. High-brightness True Tone flash delivers premium quality shooting.

The camera system of the device is equipped with tracking autofocus, supports the QuickTake function and allows you to record video in slow motion at 240 or 120 frames per second.

At the service of the owner of the phone - the function of optimization of the picture "Timelapse", which provides for video recording at night.

How to take time-lapse video on iPhone 12

Such video information is recorded at standard speed, but when the "Slow" mode is activated. The corresponding mode will allow you to play back footage with the effect of slow motion.

After shooting, the video is subject to editing. You can set slow-motion playback in fragments, defining the moment when it starts and when it ends.

The following algorithm helps iPhone 12 owners to shoot slow-motion video.

  1. The user selects the "Slow" mode. To do this, you need to click on a special button responsible for recording a slow-motion video on the front camera.
  2. You need to click on the record button or touch any of the buttons that regulate the sound intensity. In this case, the recording will start. It is possible to take a regular photo by recording video material. Pressing the shutter button will help with this.
  3. To stop recording video, you need to press the record button again or touch any of the buttons that adjust the volume.

To select a segment of video playing in slow motion (if it is a separate segment), you must first touch the video icon, and then click on the "edit" position.

The selection of the part of the video that the user wants to view in slow motion playback can be done by shifting the vertical bars located below the viewing frame.

The frame rate and resolution of the 12 iPhone are also adjusted. To change the corresponding parameters, first open "Settings", then "Camera", and then - "Slow motion video".

The specifics of slow motion video recording in night mode

If the light level is low, the Time Lapse feature in iPhone 12 will help you shoot footage at extended frame intervals.

To do this, the user should open the Camera application and swipe to the left. The name of the option appears on the display. After that, you need to press the shutter button and the video will start recording.

Time Lapse mode allows you to set the intervals for video recording. Implementation of this option makes it possible to shoot within a specified time interval.

This way, for example, you can capture the sunrise or busy traffic on a city street.

iPhone 12 Night Mode Guidelines: Important Points

When using night mode when taking photos and videos on this smartphone, there are several aspects to consider:

  • when it comes to photography, the night mode is turned on automatically - the camera, having detected an insufficient level of illumination, turns it on its own;
  • the activation of the night mode in the smartphone is indicated by the yellow coloring of the night mode icon located at the top of the screen;
  • If it's too dark, iPhone 12 may take a few seconds longer to take a picture;
  • the numbers that appear next to the night mode icon indicate how long it will take to shoot;
  • smartphone functionality allows you to adjust exposure settings even in low light conditions;
  • if you activate the Live Photos function and the flash (this is done only manually), the night mode will turn off;
  • you can get the best video quality if the gadget is stationary from the beginning to the end of shooting.

The smartphone can be properly secured by placing the mobile device on a firm surface. The ideal option to optimize stability and improve exposure tracking is using a tripod. In this case, the captured video will be distinguished by maximum detail and expressiveness of color.

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