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06 May 2021

FIFA Mobile 21 Football Simulator Review

FIFA is a whole era of a game that has managed to bring the gameplay to a fairly high level.

Yulia Demchenko

FIFA Mobile 21 players, gameplay

The development of the football simulator FIFA Mobile 21, the release date of which falls on October 9, 2020, belongs to Electronic Arts. EA traditionally releases games from the FIFA series - perhaps one of the most anticipated games, and the 28th in a row in a row - in the last week of September, but in 2020 the release was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The development was initially available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, but in early December 2020, an extended version was released for Stadia, a cloud-based gaming streaming service.

Innovations, FIFA 21 secrets of the updated gameplay

Every year, football and mobile game fans are looking for a set of chips that hide inside the new gameplay, and open up the world of football on the Internet from a different angle for them.

Despite the fact that some fans consider the changes to be cosmetic in the updated release, they are still there, and they affect the quality of the gameplay in general. What pleased you in the new version of FIFA?

  • Ultimate Team mode is popular with regular users of FIFA 21. Ultimate Team is probably the least changed in previous versions of the software due to its profitability. What has changed in the new pack? The developers decided to remove the fitness cards, which are needed to level athletes after the end of the match. In addition to this, Division Rivals or Squad Battles users will be able to test the game in a new 2v2 format, as one of the innovations is the co-op game. Another equally interesting event is available, known as the Battle of the Compositions.
  • To play offline, you can test the Career mode. The player gains new skills in managing a football club, up to transfers. You can pay in installments, or you can rent a football player if the club's budget does not allow the acquisition of a new team member to improve performance.
  • FIFA Mobile 21on iPhone or Android, observer mode became much faster than the previous version of the game, which made it more fun. A new system of acceleration and runaway technology has been introduced. A find for many players is the super acceleration function, with the help of which the player can throw the ball between the defenders, continuing his way on the football field to the opponent's goal.
  • New users and FIFA Mobile 21 players pay attention to the speed of the players. In order to form a good team in Ultimate Team mode, you need to match players by this indicator, be it Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe or Sadio Mane.

Many FIFA Mobile 21 users on iPhone or Android are interested in the new idol card pack. In the new version of the football simulator, as many as 11 new football icons have been added. Among the icons was Eric Cantona of the Manchester United football team, the legendary striker. In the football world, Cantona is called “King Eric”. Petr Cech from Chelsea, Xavi Hernandez, Philip Lam, Davor Shuker, Nemanja Vidic and others flaunt on the cards of idols.

Introduced in Ultimate Team Mode and FUT Stadium. FUT Stadium means a stadium that can be improved as your own football team develops. There is an opportunity to equip the stadium for regular Challengers and FUT Champions level games. What benefits are available to users?

You can choose a club logo, set up the desired lighting and introduce a ball of the right shape into the game. The user of the football simulator has access to create the most suitable atmosphere for the players and fans of the game. An innovation also includes the user's participation in external events necessary to attract a new audience and support the team spirit.

As you approach the level of the FUT Challengers home arena, access to the maximum number of settings is provided. FUT Stadiums are required for matches that take place once a week. Competition guests will be able to evaluate the external changes introduced by the user.

Regular users of Electronic Arts games, including FIFA Mobile 21, are interested not only in players, gameplay, improving the home arena for holding matches of different levels, but also in the possibility of safely switching from PS 4 to PS 5 without losing progress. When upgrading to new game consoles, progress is preserved not only in Ultimate Team, but also in Volta.

Delving deeper into the game mechanics, the developers have implemented a new system called The Agile, which is able to improve the ball handling. In the new version of the game, special attention was paid to dribbling, which became smoother. In general, football players start faster, and are much more professional with feints to ensure they dribble safely to the desired point.

The intellect of the partners should also be mentioned separately, as the movements of the players have become well-thought-out, and it is much easier for them to find a free zone or adjust to the movement of the ball on the football field. AI players see more passing options.

FIFA 21: promising players

The list of top soccer players in the sim hasn't changed for several years. The latest changes were seen in FIFA 16. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo remained in the top three. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was pushed by Robert Lewandowski. In FIFA 16, third place was taken by Luis Suarez.

The top ten included FIFA Mobile 21 players, including Sadio Mane, Kylian Mbappe, while Luka Modric, Ter Stegen, Eden Hazard were only in the top twenty and thirty.

Liverpool football team has a good line-up, as Van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane play for it. Bayern have taken over Robert Lewandowski, who has already made it to the FIFA 21 rating, sharing the top three with Messi and Ronaldo. In general, the Barcelona and Liverpool football teams have quite professional teams in terms of the composition of players. As for the goalkeepers, perhaps, nothing has changed significantly, although Manuel Neuer pushed David de Gea. Thibaut Courtois was ranked 5th in the ranking of the best goalkeepers.

The developers of FIFA 21 surprised fans and fans of the football simulator by introducing indicators of some football players, which does not always correspond to how the players behave on the real playing field.

Disagreements arose in the communities and in the calculation of the strength of the players. Carlos Enrique Casemiro, who is 184 cm tall and weighs 84 kg, turned out to be stronger than Kalidou Coulibali, although the latter, with a height of 195 cm and a weight of 89 kg, is not inferior in terms of Casemiro's performance. When compiling the Physics parameters, not only the player's strength is taken into account, but endurance, jump, aggression.

In FIFA 21, promising players can have a unique constitutional body type, so their figures are drawn separately. Not only Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, but also Thibaut Courtois have a unique figure. Most football players are grouped by height (tall, medium and short) and muscularity.

FIFA Mobile 21 for iPhone hack: download football simulator

Not all users have the opportunity to purchase a new version of the legendary game. In order not to donate, you can use the hacked version by downloading cheats, secret codes, for further participation in football matches. Among the advantages of hacking are the best players, game items, including boots and sneakers, experience, leveling football players. In FIFA 21 Hack provides access to the new version of the game, but without ads and donation.

FIFA Mobile 21 Review Summary: New Modes, Features, and Legendary Football Players

FIFA 21reveals all the secrets during the game, but users already familiar with the gameplay will always find something to do in Ultimate Team. Despite the fact that there are many flaws that truly experienced users and fans of the football simulator have managed to find, the game remains legendary in the Electronic Arts collection of gaming software. And other game software providers are unlikely to compete in detail with the FIFA game development team.

In the updated version of the game, the gameplay has been significantly improved, a lot of new content has appeared, fatigue after the game and a bunch of unnecessary training elements have been removed, which delighted many fans.

Users will be able to take up the management of football clubs in order to diversify the game a little and make their own innovations that raise the team spirit. However, no amount of innovation will change the fact that this is a familiar gameplay, albeit slightly improved. EA has not been able to reach a completely new level of the game, given the capabilities of the next generation game consoles. But one cannot but agree with the fact that, nevertheless, in this form, the football simulator remains one of the best.

FIFA is a whole era of a game that has managed to bring the gameplay to a fairly high level. And the latest updates to the gaming software confirm this. The developers have thought over the details of the game, introduced new parameters of the players and returned the legendary characters, idols, in the football world to the gameplay.

But getting used to new defenders and attackers is not worth it, since, according to feedback from regular users, the gameplay is modified quite often, making new changes. Maybe FIFA 21 is already goodbye to the era? It is difficult to answer such a question.

Why are many FIFA fans really grateful to EA? The developers pleased with new training, the speed of health recovery of players after the game and statistics. EA has improved on the classic game modes, listening to a whole generation of fans.



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