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13 May 2021

Top AR games

AR-games are gaining popularity every year, because virtual reality technology allows you to immerse yourself in an imaginary world with unlimited possibilities. Today we will tell you how AR-games are created and which of them are the best.

Irina Rychkova

AR games are becoming more popular every year. They are used not only in the field of games, but also in medicine or marketing. Any maps or locations that surround a person in real time can be used as an environment for AR technology.

In a broad sense, AR technology combines the reality around and computer technology. This allows you to get emotions from the real world and from imaginary objects. You can sit at home on the couch and see the character of your favorite movie. All you need to do is install the application on your smartphone and point the camera at something nearby, or wear special glasses.

The difference between AR and VR games

The difference between AR and VR games

VR (Virtual reality) - virtual reality technologies, the essence of which is a complete visualization of reality, which may be similar to reality, or radically different. With the help of special devices, in particular, helmets, headphones, glasses or gloves, people can plunge into a whole new world. The latest technical developments - VR-suits or VR-rooms in entertainment centers - allow you to immerse yourself in the imaginary reality as much as possible.

AR (Augmented reality) - augmented reality technologies that combine real reflection of reality and imaginary elements of computer graphics. All new objects are displayed in 3G real-time.

It is the ability to touch real objects and see them without additional devices that distinguishes AR from VR.

How to create an AR game

At first glance, it seems that games in the genre of augmented reality are programmed only by professionals. However, this is not the case. Everyone can create their own simple AR-game with the help of special free or paid applications. There are a huge number of them on iOS and Android. Creating a photo that can move is no longer an idea from the world of science fiction, but an action that is powerful even for a student.

In the last few years, AR technologies have been used to improve social networks. In Snapchat since 2018 you can create AR-masks. This later became possible on Instagram.

How to download AR-game to your phone

You can get into such a virtual world without spending extra money on special glasses or helmets, you just need to install the application on iOS or Android using Google Play or App Store. To make the game more interesting, various helmets with built-in cameras, headphones, goggles, etc. have been created.

Just a few minutes spent downloading the application, and you can enter into a duel with unusual creatures, complete an interesting quest or feel like the owner of an amazing castle in a game with a plot that you create.

Best AR-games on iPhone

The best AR games on the iPhone

Augmented reality games began to appear as a separate genre from virtual reality in the 1990s. The first profile developments with the use of AR-technology date back to 1992. The US laboratories have developed a Virtual fixture device with an exoskeleton, glasses and headphones. This creation of Louis Rosenberg allowed to control the equipment at a considerable distance. Later, games began to appear with additional devices for control. In particular, a number of Quake video games were introduced in the 2000s. Their essence was to look for monsters on the streets of their city. But the problem was that you had to play in a helmet with cameras and a computer in hand. Therefore, the game did not gain popularity, because cumbersome equipment prevented movement.

Since then, the field of virtual and augmented reality has begun to grow rapidly. Traditional games on the phone began to bore users, so the AR industry tried to replace them.

ICOOLA editors have prepared for you the most interesting AR-games that will help you have fun.

1. Pokémon GO

AR-games Pokemon GO on iPhone

IOS version 12.0 or later.

One of the most popular augmented reality games from Niantic. In a few years, the developers have earned millions of dollars to create the game and set Guinness World Records thanks to users.

Pokémon GO - an exciting adventure game for smartphones, which imposes imaginary animated objects on the real territory around. Simple and bright gameplay will appeal to beginners and experienced gamers. GPS and AR technologies allow users to catch Pokémon at home, on the street, in public places or elsewhere. Later, these Pokémon are needed to fight other players. You can also team up and play with friends.

2. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

IOS version 11.0 or later.

Greedy green pigs stealing eggs have appeared on a desert island. There are 40 levels of difficulty for players to punish criminals. Aim the smartphone screen at a free area nearby and walk through the permafrost, arid desert, impassable jungle, etc. Create a trap, lure pigs there and shoot them with a slingshot. You can view the imaginary scenery from different angles, while looking for a comfortable position to attack the green monsters. There are nice bonuses hidden everywhere that help to destroy pigs and earn as many stars as possible. Resize the game, adjust it to reality and enjoy!

This fun game is designed for users of all ages. Especially if you are looking for something simple with 3D graphics. All you need to get started is to install the app and make sure your smartphone has a working camera and gyroscope, as well as a reliable internet connection.

3. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

IOS version 11.0 or later.

One of the best augmented reality shooter games for iOS. At your disposal - a military helicopter with weapons to destroy zombies in sight.

  • The flight is due to the movements of your body.
  • To get closer to the zombies - lift the phone closer to the ground.
  • For good visibility at night - turn on the infrared light.
  • The advantage of the game - intense realistic battles, simple interface, high-quality graphics.

Arm yourself with guns, missiles and sniper rifles - and go!

4. Zombies, Run!

IOS version 11.0 or later

If you like real sports games, try "Zombies, Run!" in augmented reality. There are currently several seasons of the game in free access.

A morning jog or a trip to the store can turn into an exciting fight with zombies attacking your city. You should use headphones to listen to music and tasks during the game.

You are the personification of a character called "Player 5". The main task is to complete the mission by walking or running slowly. You need to collect these items around and run away from the zombies that are chasing you.

5. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR

IOS version 11.0 or later

The video game is interesting because it combines elements of strategy, adventure and games and action movies. The events take place during the existence of the Order of the Templar's. In the center of events is a stone castle with the Holy Grail hidden inside. It is guarded by a well-armed army, with which you will have to fight.

All characters are placed where you point the camera of the smartphone. And they can be moved from one place to another. The game is only possible for one user.

6. Jurassic World Alive

IOS 10.0 or later.

A game created especially for fans of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. Animals come to life on the screen of your gadget and go on a journey through your city. This AR game allows you to see dinosaurs of different shapes and sizes, which are much scarier than all the still animated movies.

To start the game you need to create a special DNA sequence that will form the basis of the formation of a dinosaur mutant. You can create your own dinosaur army and start a duel with your friends' animals in real time.

7. ARia's Legacy

IOS version 11.3 or later.

ARia's Legacy is one of the first games in the genre of escape from the room using AR technology on iOS. The camera on the player's smartphone creates a virtual environment around him. The user should not stand still, but move around the room to see new imaginary elements.

The player walks around the room looking for clues and keys to open special doors and solve problems. The main goal is to find and open the chest with the help of improvised means. And when you do, you're both in your familiar room at home and in someone else's spooky room, which can be seen through the phone's camera.

The latest updated version of the game has many fixes, deleted ads and access to unlimited tips.

8. AR Dragon

AR game on the iPhone AR Dragon

IOS version 11.0 or later.

Virtual simulation of pet care. It will appeal to those who have or want to have a pet.

Each player has the opportunity to create their own little dragon. He needs to be taken care of and fed every day. Therefore, over time, the dragon will turn into a teenager and an adult with large wings. You can also take your pet to the real world and play with it.

9. Math Ninja AR

IOS version 12.0 or later.

An interesting game that will help you learn math. Long-term memory is developed by stimulating the mental capacity of the brain and physical strength of the body. When performing simple movements, such as squats, walking and leaning to the side, it is easier to solve mathematical problems.

10. Army of Robots

Army of Robots for iPhone

IOS version 11.3 or later.

Paid game in the genre of shooter, when users are attacked by works in real time.

Players must fend off robots that aim to destroy humanity and take control of the planet. You need to destroy the enemy before he can shoot. The game presents 12 different stages and you can choose a rival robot.

Above is a list of some best augmented reality games for which you do not need to buy additional equipment. Although they all complement reality, but completely different. We hope you enjoyed at least one game. Download to your smartphone and enjoy!

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