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Apple Store / Apple news / iPhone review: which one should you buy in 2021?
26 January 2021

iPhone review: which one should you buy in 2021?

iPhone review, from the very first model to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. How did the entire iPhone line develop and how to buy an iPhone in 2021. Read our huge review of all Apple models

Kateryna Antonyuk

The history of smartphones from the company Apple started back in 2007. It is during this period was presented Since then , the iPhone line has developed rapidly, and today Apple iPhone smartphones are the most popular mobile devices in the world.

Steve jobs managed to change the average user 's view of phones. By this time , all gadgets are available they were quite large, a significant part of the entire body was occupied by a keyboard, and control was carried out using a special joystick. Later , the first touch phones appeared, but it was possible to control them only with the help of a special device that was constantly lost.

Jobs introduced Mira is a new device that has become much easier to manage - with your fingers. The first model had a small diagonal, which at that time was quite a large indicator. And we decided to add the letter "i" to the title as a symbol of inspiration. For this period , the device was a real breakthrough. But, the company did not stop working and began to present more and more modern iPhone models every year.

iPhone 3G

Already in 2008 , a new gadget was presented. This version became much more popular than the previous one, as it could support 3g. But, in the design, there were practically no differences from the previous model.

Main features of this gadget:

  • Memory 8/16 GB;
  • Glossy plastic cover ;
  • 3G support;
  • Availability of a GPS sensor;
  • App Availability Store.

iPhone 3Gs

In 2009 , an improved version appeared on sale , where the letter " S " is nothing more than a speed designation. In the new model , it was possible to shoot small videos, and so? since they took up a lot of space in the storage, there was also a 32 GB version. the Camera had 3 MP.

The new IPhone was characterized by an increase in speed, as well as an improvement in the camera. There was a digital compass that allowed you to navigate on Google Maps.

The capacity of the charging battery was not specified, but the battery life was much longer than in previous models.

Among the main technical characteristics it is possible to allocate:

  • Format-factor monoblock.
  • The Li-Ion battery is non-removable.
  • Working time in web surfing mode via Wi-Fi is 9 hours and up to 10 hours in video viewing mode.
  • 3 MP camera, video recording capability.
  • By the way, if you're thinking about before buying an iPhone, you should pay attention to the camera.

iPhone 4

In the next In 2010, the world saw a new creation from Apple - the IPhone 4. This gadget was distinguished by a new modified design. This iPhone in the line of models is significantly different. This model was the first to have a front -facing camera. This makes it possible to use FaceTime and Селфі. IPhone 4 was highly appreciated and to this day it is used by many people.

The company first created a phone with its own processor. And the previously presented models worked on a processor from Samsung.

Among the main technical points are:

  • completely improved case, which consisted of glass;
  • 5 MP camera;
  • the iOS operating system was introduced for the first time;
  • the first front -facing camera appears.

iPhone 4s

It appeared in 2011 and is an improved version of the IPhone 4. the design of the gadget has not changed much, but additional dividing strips have appeared on the case for better reception of the radio signal. With the version of the new Apple processor A5, the smartphone has become much faster to work with. And the main camera has increased in comparison with the previous version to 8 MP. One of the main innovations was the presence of a full-fledged voice assistant Siri in the phone. At that time, users did not even think about which iPhone to buy, because the 4S was high-performance at that time.

You can highlight the main features of this smartphone:

  • the new processor A5, which allows the smartphone to work much faster;
  • the memory has already reached 64 GB;
  • availability of voice control;
  • opportunities to shoot videos in FullHD;
  • the price started at $ 200.

iPhone 5

Even before its release, the iPhone 5 became a global star. This model appeared in sales in 2012. In our review of iPhones, we'll pay a little more attention to it. The smartphone has become much lighter and thinner than the previous model. And thanks to the new iOS 6 operating system, it has become much more powerful and faster. The design of the gadget was amazing, the thickness was 7.5 mm, which was on 2 mm smaller than the previous device. And the height of the new phone was at 4.87 inches, which may mean that the device has become not only thinner, but also higher.

The appearance has also changed. Even before the smartphone went on sale , it became known that it will be made of liquid metal, which will allow it to be more shock-resistant.

The new model had better color transfer rates. A new technology was also created LTE, which allowed you to work in Internet connection was much faster, but it did not lead to a decrease in the battery level.

As for the battery itself, it holds up to 8 hours of power during long periods of conversations, and up to 10 hours when watching videos.

The iPhone 5 was distinguished by a diagonal of 4 and an elongated body,which not every user liked. Moreover, some compared it to a TV remote control. But, this model still found incredible popularity, by that time, all other iPhone models were not in such demand. Among the distinctive innovations are:

  • Availability of a new connector Lightning;
  • Aluminum housing;
  • A-series processor;
  • 1 GB OF RAM;
  • The screen size is 4.

iPhone 5S

In 2013 , the new iPhone 5s was released. The smartphone is equipped with a version of the A7 series processor. There was a new body color, and other significant changes in the appearance of the new smartphone did not take place. One of the innovations was the flash, as well as the Home button, which over the years in the new smartphone has found a different look. The screen didn't change at all. Diagonal, as it was in the previous one 5-th version - 4-inch and in the 5S remained the same.

Even before the start of sales , no one could believe that the new gadget will have a 64-bit operating system. In addition , the IPhone 5s has a significant power in comparison with other models and new products. Android versions. Optimization played a crucial role , as the device is equipped with only a few components. 2 cores. Which iPhone is better to buy in 2021 – we can safely say that many people still use used iPhone 5s.

The camera is 8MP. However, the sensor has a different aperture of f/2.2. the Lens is completely covered with sapphire glass. And a p'yatielement lens with flash is used True Tone. The result of all this - capture images without distorting the white balance.

The smartphone became one of the best devices in 2013 that met all the requirements of a modern user.

The main feature of version 5s, the presence of Touch ID, as well as the appearance of the color of the side face " space gray".

The main parameters:

  • improved front -facing camera;
  • slow motion video;
  • A5 processor with embedded coprocessor M7;
  • memory is 16/32/64.

Except for the model IPhone 5s, presented and version 5C, which differed only in the bright colors of the case. However, they were not able to get much popularity among users.

iPhone 6

In the iPhone, all models differ in that the appearance of the new gadget is not for anyone did not become opening, after the launch of sales in 2014. For quite a long time , the company ignored the trend of increasing the diagonal of the device. But, everything has changed. The new phone was presented immediately in 2 diagonals 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

In terms of design, an important change for the iPhone 6 is a return to ergonomically rounded screens. The new device is much better in the hand and has a much smaller thickness. In this version, the indicator is 6.9 mm.

Another important change is the placement of the power button. The developers decided to place it on the right side, in order to make it convenient for the user to control the device with one hand.

The processor is still 2-core with a 64-bit operating system. Like the 5S version, the 6 is equipped with the same Touch ID. But, via the new A8, its work is faster.

Apple has proven that it does not chase the number of megapixels. Therefore, there were no changes in 2014, the camera remained the same-8 MP. But, the sensor has changed, and this has improved the quality of the recording.

The memory was released in 3 versions 16/64/126 GB. Many users were shocked that the basic version remained at the level of 16 GB. Buyers were sure that it would be changed to 32 GB, but the developers did not consider this the best solution.

Many people especially liked the large screen, which made it convenient to watch movies and videos. All iPhone models tried they may be compact and small, but the next release of the iPhone impressed everyone.

Excellent features IPhone 6:

  • increased diagonal;
  • 8MP camera;
  • memory 16/64/126 GB.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

In 2015 , two versions of smartphones were presented at once Apple iPhone: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you look at these two smartphones, the difference is not only in size. In fact, they have almost no identical parts. For example, the case is made of stronger materials. Unlike previous versions, the Touch ID scanner now responds instantly.

In the hand, the 6S is more rigid than the 6s Plus. The devices work fast enough. And the chip The M9 helps you accurately identify your steps when walking or even running. It was reported that the volume is 2 GB.

A unique feature for the line of iPhones has appeared in the 6S and 6s Plus – the ability to shoot advanced photos, which provide several shots at once after pressing the shutter.

The front camera received 5 MP. A the main one 12 MP and the ability to shoot videos in 4K. All images and videos are of high quality with good color reproduction. And 3D Touch allows you to switch apps quickly enough.

The design was almost identical to previous models, but had a more robust body. And among the excellent characteristics can be distinguished:

  1. availability of 3D Touch;
  2. 12 MP main and 5 MP front facing camera;
  3. RAM 2 GB;
  4. gold and pink shade color;
  5. the ability to shoot in the following mode: 4K RESOLUTION;
  6. introduction of the "live photo" technology.

iPhone SE version

The release of the new iPhone SE was long-awaited for many users. It went on sale in 2016 and was primarily created for fans of the 5 version of the gadget. This smartphone is almost identical to the previous version, but has a smaller size. The review of SE series iPhones is very interesting.

Users claim that on the iPhone SE is much more convenient to type than on 6S. The screen is somewhat inferior in color transfer to previous models, but remains a comfortable and well-balanced solution.

The model differs from the sixth generation by placing the power button on the upper end. The rest of the elements are in all their usual places. On the lower end there are speakers, a charging connector and headphones.

The SE features a four-inch display. In the new version of iOS 9.3, it is now possible to enable night Shift mode. Switching to darker shades during the dark hours of the day is more beneficial for the eyes, for example, when reading a book before going to bed or exercising. any other actions.

  • Main features:
  • screen 4;
  • the main camera - 12 MP, front-facing - 5 MP;
  • memory 32 GB;
  • the operating system is iOS 9.3.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

In 2016, they introduced two smartphones at once: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The two devices are similar, but there are still significant differences . Do you want an iPhone that you don't know how to choose? Then read this review of iPhones, and which one is better to find out exactly.

First of all , these gadgets differ in their size. Version 7 Plus is much larger. This display makes it more comfortable to read, watch videos , and do other things. In addition , pixel density and expansion make the IPhone 7 Plus better. Now you can see even the smallest details in the photo, even without making an approximation.

Other than that 7 Plus, unlike the IPhone 7, it supports working in a horizontal position with applications. The large size also provides for much larger dimensions. So the IPhone 7 Plus is very heavy and wide.

As for performance, the two smartphones are powered by a processor that has become much more productive than the IPhone. 6. for the First time revealed a change in RAM, so the iPhone 7 Plus 3 GB, and the regular version remains with 2 GB.

Both devices are equipped with a 12 MP camera and the ability to shoot videos in 4K mode. However, the 7 Plus version is equipped with additional features, namely an additional camera that allows you to shoot with a bokeh effect. A double optical zoom makes it possible to photograph the necessary objects even from afar and at the same time maintain the quality of shooting.

Another important advantage of working with version 7 Plus - longer battery life. However, it will take longer to charge such a device.

These models are still popular. And also have some of the same moments, these are:

  • missing AUX connector;
  • the presence of a 7 MP front camera;
  • improved "Home" button (changed to touch).

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

In 2017 , two models from the iPhone line were presented at once: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. In appearance, these devices practically do not differ from the previous seventh generation. As in the previous case, the main difference between gadgets is the size of the smartphone and the camera.

Each model is designed for a specific customer. The main characteristics of these models include:

  • Fast wireless charging. In new gadgets, there is a technology that was planned to be implemented 4 years ago. There is a Qi wireless system and the ability to charge the gadget up to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Color. A wide variety of colors appeared: Silver, Space Gray and Gold. However, silver and gold look the most unusual.
  • New glass design. This moment helped to refresh a little old design and implement wireless charging.
  • True Tone. This feature allows your eyes to get tired much less. The user has the ability to adjust the white balance.
  • The processor. Smartphones equipped with the processor version A11 and have 6 cores.
  • The 8th generation model is also now popular. Still, if you need more RAM, you can safely choose a used iPhone 8 plus.

iPhone X review of this model

So far, the entire iPhone line has been framed. In 2017 , a new smartphone was introduced IPhone X, this device has conquered many users, precisely with its frameless screen. Company Apple has not pleased users with new products for a long time, the screen looks more modern and almost evenly covers the entire front plane.

The smartphone became the largest among those that were released earlier. The diagonal is 5.8 inches. The screen looks not only more modern, but also brighter. So, for example, comparing the display of the IPhone 7 with version X, the first one is significantly chewy.

Users claim that the top module is absolutely not annoying, in reality , this solution looks quite acceptable.

The 2017 model is different - Face ID. So, for example, frameless screens were used in smartphones running on the Android operating system, but three-dimensional scanning of the host's head with implemented new technologies was not available in other models before.

As for the camera, it remains the same as in the IPhone version 8 Plus.

Among the main visual characteristics , we can distinguish:

  • Screen size - 5,8;
  • The presence of modern technology unlock by face;
  • Color: space gray and silver;
  • The camera, as in the previous version, is 12 MP main, and 7 MP front.

iPhone Xs and XS Max

In 2018 , several new smartphone models from the company appeared at once Apple, one of which has both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. For a long time, the company has been working on to create a camera that will be an impressive tool and all this was implemented in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The new model features two lenses and 2x optical zoom. The user has the ability to adjust the blur.

The devices are equipped with stereo speakers. This allows you to better understand audio from movies and listen to music without headphones. In addition , the models have a long battery life. And the company also said that the Face ID function in the new line is more advanced.

iPhone Xs Max - has just a huge screen. The developers decided to follow modern trends and make the screen bigger with each new model. So the diagonal is 6.5 inches.

The company also took into account the fact that many breakdowns are associated with water entering the device , so they made it more moisture-resistant. Developers have raised the level of this indicator to IP68, which means that the smartphone can survive contact with water.

This iPhone line is first introduced with the ability to increase the amount of memory in the amount of 512 GB. And the RAM is now not 3 GB, but 4 GB.

Phones are quite similar in their characteristics, but they differ, first of all, in the display. So the iPhone Xs Max is 6.5 inches, and the iPhone Xs is 5.8 inches.

Main features:

  • availability of 2 cameras;
  • gold body color;
  • ability to purchase a new storage version;
  • the functionality of the two versions is almost identical.

iPhone XR

Users claim that the iPhone XR is the most interesting model that appeared in 2018. A lot of people are wondering which iPhone to choose in 2021? We can safely say that XR.

The frame of the device is made of aluminum, and the back panel is made of glass, and this is what allows it to support wireless charging . And also the smartphone has a large display in comparison with the iPhone XS-6.1 inches. All three new products 2018 years are similar to each other. And there are practically no changes in the placement of controls , only the nanosim slot was moved slightly lower.

XR is a typical smartphone from the Apple series, and if not for the presence of two other gadgets from this line, it could well be the flagship. But what really distinguishes this gadget from previous models is the display. And the point is not in the diagonal, but in technology. A matrix of the following type is installed on the phone: Liquid Retina. This makes the image look more colorful and saturated.

The gadget's autonomy is at the standard daily level. But, at the same time, the battery holds better than in the XS version.

The main camera remains virtually unchanged at 12 MP. The smartphone does not have a double optical zoom.

IPhone XR not itself the budget version, which is currently used by quite a lot of users. Against the background of older devices , this model is distinguished only by the display, material and the camera.

Among the distinctive features are:

  • unique among other smartphones of the line is the 6.1-inch diagonal;
  • the presence of only one camera;
  • the minimum amount of memory is 64 GB;
  • several bright body colors.

However, in 2018 , this particular model was named the most popular among the entire line of the company Apple.

iPhone 11 gadget review

In 2019 , the line of the eleventh generation iPhone was released. The developers decided to focus this time on improving the camera and photos. Therefore, it is this model that professionals and lovers of photography skills pay attention to.

The Design Of The IPhone 11 is presented in several colors at once. The purple and green gadgets were especially appreciated by customers.

The device is distinguished by the presence of two lenses, so this version is considered the best in terms of photo and video quality in comparison with other models. In addition , the developers have added a new night mode.

And True Depth Camera captures a large viewing angle and allows you to read 30% faster than Face ID.

Productivity IPhone 11 can not be compared with other models, as the gadget runs on the A13 chip. Memory is presented in 3 versions -64/126/256 GB.

All devices the rulers are moisture-resistant. But, the iPhone 11 model is more vulnerable to water ingress, it can withstand a dive to a depth of 2 meters. To sum up, about the iPhone review 11 is a premium-class smartphone.

Main features:

  • double zoom;
  • protection indicator against moisture and dust at the standard level of IP68;
  • the diagonal of 6.1 inch;
  • RAM 4 GB;
  • the front camera is already 12 MP;
  • ability to shoot videos at 60 frames per second.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

In 2019, we got two more smartphones from the company Apple - iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Two devices have a number of identical characteristics, namely:

  • availability of four colors;
  • memory capacity (operational information - 6 GB, storage capacity 64/256/512 GB);
  • HDR support;
  • A13 bionic processor;
  • 12 MP front camera;
  • support for wireless charging;
  • triple main camera with 12 megapixels;
  • IP68 dust and dirt protection (up to 4 m underwater).

Among the distinctive features, it is worth highlighting:

  • the dimensions of the gadget;
  • diagonal (iPhone 11 Pro-5.8, 11 Pro Max-6.5);
  • weight;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max runs for one hour longer;
  • there is also a difference in price, so the iPhone 11 The Pro is cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

The twelfth generation was introduced in 4 smartphones at once, one of which was the IPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Today , anyone who is wondering which iPhone is better to buy, only after seeing this model, will immediately understand that this is the best smartphone in the world. Ukraine.

Through the situation, situations in the world of gadgets they were presented a month later. The two models have absolutely identical design and size characteristics. Many also noted that the origins of the design of the new line reach back to the iPhone 5.

The models differ in coating, so in the IPhone 12- g fret glass, and in the iPhone 12 Pro – frosted. But the second option is very practical. But, this moment plays a role only for buyers who do not like to wear cases.

In the O model , the diagonal was increased to 6.1 inches. And separately , the company focuses users ' attention on the strength of new smartphones with a new ceramic coating. But, despite the statement that the smartphone will be difficult to break, the protective glass and films do not lose their value.

The two devices show almost the same color transfer. All this is possible thanks to the function True Tone. The only difference in the models is brightness. And according to the provided characteristics - this is 625 versus 800 CD / m2. All gadgets are equipped with the same TrueDepth function, which scans the face of the owner of the gadget.

IPhone 12 and 12 O became the first gadgets on the market that have the following features: 5-nanometer processor and new smartphones already support 5g. The regular version is equipped with 4 GB RAM, 12 GB – 6 GB. Minimum storage level 12 Pro has increased and is 126 GB, but the IPhone 12 remains with 64 GB.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

This smartphone has attracted special attention, and this is not surprising. It has a large display, which is 6.7 inches, as well as Super Retina XDR. The device has become more resistant to bumps and falls. The phone case is made with surgical stainless steel, which looks practical, reliable and beautiful. Minimal cost the storage capacity is 128 GB.

The phone is equipped with a 12 MP camera O which includes an ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle , and telephoto camera. You can shoot at any time, but photos taken in daylight still look better.

Excellent features:

  1. 6.7-inch display;
  2. Scratch-resistant glass;
  3. 12 MP Camera;
  4. The battery is 3687 mAh.

IPhone Mini 12 review

Along with three other models , one of the most budget smartphones , the iPhone 12 mini, was introduced in the fall of 2020. IPhone 12 mini and IPhone 12 is absolutely identical in its characteristics and differ only in size.

Compact the device weighs 133g and has a display 5.4 inches. In this version, there is absolutely the same chipset as other phones in the line, namely - A14 Bionic. The main camera of the mini version is dual and the extension of both is 12 MP. And the battery is on par with other devices - 2227 mAh. This smartphone is ideal for use in one hand. It is easy, quite fast , and can handle all the standard tasks quite well.

In the results of this review of smartphones of the iPhone line, which is better to buy a gadget after all . You, because someone likes small and convenient devices, and for some, powerful and large flagships.

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