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Apple Store / Apple news / Best iPhone games of April
23 June 2021

Best iPhone games of April

Information from Apple about new games for iPhone, which entered the top five in April 2021.

Irina Rychkova

The market-leading Apple brand regularly monitors the popularity of its iPhone apps and games that are part of the current Arcade collection. The last user survey was conducted quite recently, in April this year.

The reader will learn about what the results of the corresponding research have shown by reading this article. It also contains brief descriptions of top-ranked gaming sessions.

Current collection of Arcade games for iPhone

Which iPhone games ranked in the top five?

Representatives of the Apple corporation, who conducted an April survey on social networks and forums, concluded that five virtual games for iOS of various genres received the highest popularity rating.

  • Song of Bloom is a narrative puzzle game that forces the gamer to search for clues, draw pictures, and interact with objects in the story.
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts is a musical arcade game full of many non-trivial surrealistic landscape pictures and original visual effects. This "toy" is downloaded for free.
  • Sky: Children of the Light is a representative of the quest genre. The battle takes the player into a fantastic, magical world. The gamer's mission is to find and collect the stars that have fallen from the sky in order to return them to their original place.
  • Where Cards Fall is the go-to for adventure session supporters. The cybersportsman receives a task, which consists in constructing a building from an unusual building material - playing cards.
  • Infinite Galaxy is a space thriller with a strategy storyline. The gamer must lead an army of brave rebels against the tyranny of the Empire. The player's goal is to help the rebel forces overthrow the tyrant, gaining freedom and peace.

More details about the highest rated games for iPhone: descriptions

According to analysts, these games did not get to the top by chance - each of them really has something to interest players of different ages, levels of gaming experience and genre preferences. These sessions are united by a fascinating presentation of material, creative graphics and a literally "addictive" storyline.

Song of Bloom

An electronic version of artistic abstraction with interactive scenes, which, against the background of a pleasant melody, are commented on by a mysterious female voice.

Song of Bloom - an electronic version of artistic abstraction

A traveler in the world of sometimes completely ridiculous but magnetically enticing installations has to draw figures. If the images are done correctly, the hidden layer will become available. The player searches for hidden messages by moving different objects, rotating objects, clicking on them or other actions.

The graphics are interesting and very beautiful. Song of Bloom: Each level of the mobile session looks like an unopened flower, and when the gamer overcomes it, the bud opens.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

The key character of this game is a young lady going through a personal drama due to a breakup with a loved one. The heroine tries to achieve inner harmony by traveling on a bike with a Jester's mask on her face.

In an effort to escape from herself and from internal disharmony, a woman finds herself in dozens of completely strange, dissimilar worlds. During these wanderings, she collects hearts - and it seems that as a result of such a process, universal justice can be restored.

Sayonara Wild Hearts gives the gamer a special drive, forcing him to experience the most vivid emotions caused by a sharp change in the environment. Each picture, each episode, is emphasized by a well-chosen audio accompaniment. The game uses music tracks of various styles: from Scandinavian techno to European pop.

Sky: Children of the Light

Downloading to iPhone for free, this game-play battle has been elevated by users for its admirable level of graphics, as well as many creative solutions.

Sky: Children of the Light - adventures in a fairy tale

The ultimate goal of the toy is problematic to determine. The gamer who downloaded it finds himself in a unique world, magical and stunningly colorful. The traveler solves game tasks by interacting with strangers. This happens naturally, without talking or prompting.

Experiencing adventures in a fairy tale, accompanied by gorgeous visualization of the picture and the sound of epic soundtracks, the player feels like in a real flight, throwing off the ballast of everyday worries and problems.

Where Cards Fall

A thrilling mix of adventure and logic with a deep and complex plot - this is how Where Cards Fall can be briefly described. The opinions of the supporters of the game differ - some users call it philosophical, inspiring thoughts, others - causing feelings of relaxation and immersion, and still others - pay attention to the abstractness of the storyline.

The player's task is to build houses from cards. Memories are the result of appropriate construction. Unusual puzzles help to find the way at different stages of life, starting from his school years. Any path is not devoid of "pitfalls" - it encourages the gamer to solve puzzles.

Infinite galaxy

The choice of gorgeous 3D graphics and strategies is the Infinite Galaxy app. Plunging into the endless space of the cosmic galaxy, the gamer is transported to the distant future, tens of centuries ahead, and finds himself on the Milky Way.

Infinite Galaxy for fans of great 3D graphics and strategies

The cybersportsman will have to do a lot of things, the first of which will be the restoration of the spaceport. In the future, he is expected to build his first flagship, defeat space pirates, an expedition to explore the galactic expanses and fight the dark forces of the Empire. Space will tell the player its secrets, and battles will bring him the glory of the winner.

These five iPhone apps are noteworthy in terms of design, technology and innovation. It is interesting that all these games have already been awarded international prizes, highly appreciated by professionals.

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