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Apple Store / Apple news / Apple officially launches in Ukraine
08 April 2021

Apple officially launches in Ukraine

Have we really waited for the official representation in our country?

Eleonora Rusanovska

The world market for technology is expanding daily and increasing the volume of supplies. The most famous and demanded brands strive to take leading positions in the sales of their own products. Apple belongs to the first-class technology in the premium segment.

It is not surprising that a huge number of fans are waiting for the release of new iPhones or software with great impatience, interest, and delight.

The company's developers every year delight their consumers not only with new products but also with a personal representative in the country. To date, Ukraine has entered the number of residents where Apple is officially launched.

What is an official dealership?

For foreign companies, this is an opportunity to enter the Ukrainian market and represent the interests of the owner. The official status of a legal entity allows regulating the sales market. Also, perform all the necessary functions to provide the buyer with favorable conditions. Apple has registered a representative office in Ukraine for wholesale and retail sale of licensed equipment, the launch of localized services.

At the moment, Apple only has resellers. They directly sell to potential buyers. This is the best option for foreign business. According to the rules of territorial legislation, it is necessary to pay taxes, provide supporting documents.

The mediator already has a status in the country. Therefore, the relationship between the official representative and the reseller works on mutually beneficial terms. In this case, the intermediary has the right to display products at its own price.

apple ukraine

Apple products in Ukraine

Today, Apple equipment enters the Ukrainian market through an official distributor. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the most optimal option at an affordable price. The intermediary specifies the cost upon sale independently. However, in this case, the technique is much more expensive. This indicator can be influenced by partnerships, terms of supply.

The representative office opens up a lot of opportunities for the Ukrainian buyer. First of all, this is a guarantee of quality from the owner, cost savings. Certified products are serviced in a licensed service center.

In addition to technology, it has an official website of the company. Today, each user can find on request and go to the required section. Apple launched the Ukrainian section of the site and began localization with the ability to familiarize yourself with, select a product in Ukrainian. Also, all customers will be able to find out the nearest address of stores selling licensed products. A list of authorized resellers can be found in the relevant section. All other suppliers that are not listed are working illegally.

Site features

The design and layout of the site are consistent with the general appearance of Apple products. Here you can find technical sections, categories. When you enter, a request from geolocation pops up on the top panel. To switch to the Ukrainian version, you must select your country of residence and click the "Next" button. Localization allows you to automatically adapt the site for the Ukrainian consumer. Also, at the top of the site, there will be sections: Mac, iPhone, watch, TV, music, support, and where to buy.

Main advantages

Apple's representative office in Ukraine was officially registered in April 2020. The company's activities will be related to the wholesale and retail trade of computers, electronic and telecommunications equipment. Besides, Apple has opened a vacancy for an HR manager in Ukraine.

This means that every Ukrainian user will be able to contact the official representative office for support and get advice in their native language. It is known that the company is looking for employees among the Ukrainian population.

Main pluses:

  • Certified products and shop in the country;
  • Official prices from the developer of the equipment;
  • Possibility to contact a localized service center;
  • Great demand and consumption of products on the Ukrainian market;
  • Profitable relationship;
  • Lack of illegal intermediaries.

Also, in the future, Apple wants to teach Siri the Ukrainian language. It is a voice assistant that can be used as an additional assistant. Users can make any request. Siri's smart app searches and responds to tasks. Apple products will continue to be presented in chain stores. At the same time, the consumer gets a choice where it is better to buy a gadget or equipment.


Results and conclusions

It's safe to say that the launch of Apple's official dealership is an important step for the international market. The company independently determines the trading strategy in each separate region. Therefore, for Ukraine, it is an opportunity to get away from intermediaries. Apple can move away from distributors and enter into large new contracts with companies directly.

Every Ukrainian has the opportunity to interact with the representative office. The official website with support in Ukrainian allows you to understand the details more, to study the market. Website localization is a confident step into the future. Separate blocks and sections can already be read in Ukrainian. In the future, the content will also be filled with information.

The presence of a company store, a large warehouse, and a service center affects the speed of delivery. Now new items from Apple will appear on the shelves faster. There is no need to wait in line, delivery is carried out in a short period of time.

Each Ukrainian user will be able to purchase equipment from Apple on the territory of his country. For everyone, there is an opportunity to apply for vacancies. Apple products are among the most sought after in the world. The demand is increasing every year. The company takes into account the needs of each region, covers the requests and needs of customers.

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