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23 March 2021

Review of the game Rebel Inc on IOS

Review of the game Rebel Inc: mechanics, gameplay, features on the IOS platform

Володимир Губчакевич

Rebel Inc is a new iPhone game that has already managed to become popular. The irony is that the previous product, which was presented by the developers, literally turned into a cult one. The new version has a lot in common with the previous game, but this does not make it less interesting.

The previous version from the developers of Ndemic Creations was able to win the hearts of over a hundred million players. Rebel Inc also made a splash since its inception, with over a million downloads on the app store today.

The player will be offered to become the leader of a country that until recently suffered from the war. Therefore, there is nothing left there: houses, roads and everything else is not in the best condition. The player will have to improve the situation and do a lot of actions.

On the one hand, Rebel Inc is just a sequel to the powerful simulator Plague Inc. But the plot is completely different. The player will not have to kill the population, but will need to gain their trust. To do this, it is necessary to restore roads, houses, get people to work and carry out other useful things for the benefit of the population. However, all this will not be as easy as it seems at first glance.

For example, the adoption of the wrong projects can lead to inflation, negatively affect pricing. Public confidence will also be constantly undermined by corruption, so anti-corruption laws will have to be passed.

The reputation indicator will help to track the effectiveness of actions. The game will allow you to prove yourself and develop the skills of a leader.

Why it is worth Rebel Inc download for iPhone

Rebel Inc is a rebellion simulator game. The player will find himself in a world in which the war ended and the country needs to be rebuilt. However, on this path, the player will be accompanied by various tests that will have to fight. The main thing is to interest as many allies as possible and defeat the rebels. Without this, the country will not prosper.

The game is regularly updated and today it already has not only an English interface, but also a Russian one. Other positive points worth paying attention to include:

  • wonderful graphics;
  • the presence of 5 regions that need stabilization;
  • the game world is detailed to the smallest detail;
  • six governors with different skills and abilities;
  • events will change depending on the actions of the player;
  • it is possible to exit the game and store it and return to it at any time;
  • the ability to use various strategies and tactics in the fight against revolutionaries;
  • it is possible to finance various infrastructures from the state budget;
  • no internet connection required.

Like other similar games, Rebel Inc is available in a paid and free version. And in order to appreciate all the content, it is better to pay attention to Rebel Inc - hack. This version allows:

  • get rid of ads completely;
  • speed up the game;
  • assist the governors and provide them with advisers.

However, it is also possible to enjoy Rebel Inc and not see ads in the gameplay. To do this, after starting the game, it is enough to turn off the Internet. Because most of the advertising messages appear precisely with the help of the network.

Rebel Inc Story Features - iOS Games

In a distant eastern country, the war ended, which led to great devastation. The player will have to change this and work for the good of the people. And in order to put things in order, you need to choose the right path.

The player will be able to start everything with the restoration of roads, reforms in the education system, or spend all his energy on the development of agriculture. And there is another option, much easier: paying journalists and getting reputation points very quickly. But it is not recommended to start the game with such actions. Such a situation will lead to the fact that the natives begin to complain, and this will devalue the money and prices will skyrocket.

But, even in spite of the fact that the leader of the country will work with all his might for the good, a riot will still occur. And given the devastation, there will be no army in the country, so help will have to be sought in the peacekeeping forces.

We'll have to wage a constant war with the rebels. It is almost impossible to destroy them, they are able to move quickly, there is only one way out - to direct them to the mountains, or to another area in which they simply have nowhere to run.

From time to time, there will be other events that require the player to intervene. For example, in one of the cities they want to build a hotel. Thanks to him, the city will become popular on the tourist map, but all this requires additional funds from the budget. And if the hotel is captured by the rebels, it will bring a large amount of damage.

If it is possible to reduce the population of black-bearded oppositionists, then at one point they will be ready to sit down at the negotiating table and agree to peace.

There can be three finals in the game:

  1. The insurgents have been destroyed, the country will prosper, and the leader will be respected.
  2. The reputation will be negative, the country will plunge into war again, the player loses in this case.
  3. A peace treaty has been signed with the rebels, the country will prosper, and the player will become the winner.

Rebel Inc Hack Tips

All events that will take place in the future of the gameplay are directly related to the actions and decisions of the player. And there can be a lot of development options, although there are only 3 well-known endings of the game.

Headquarters location

It is necessary to approach the placement of the headquarters with responsibility. Better to build it in the central part of one of the cities, for example Alpha Viktor.

Headquarters located in large cities will be able to give more reputation. More residents live there, so the population will be able to appreciate the positive work of the leader.

Community improvements

Already at the beginning of the game, the following improvements can be made:

  • are common;
  • public;
  • military;
  • managerial.

And at the same time, the player will not be able to prepare in advance for the uprising, so military improvements will not be available until the moment of protest and hostilities.

When implementing the first improvements, it is also necessary to take care of intelligence, which will help monitor the development of all recent events and socio-economic life in all zones of the country. Do not forget that after each improvement, the inflation rate may rise, and corruption may appear. A way out of this situation would be the uniform development of all regions, and not just one.

From social improvements, you need to immediately take water and medicines. The hammer mark on the map will symbolize that work is still ongoing in this area. The main task is to achieve 100% stability.

Annual budget and regional support

The annual budget depends on the level of support for the leader by the population. It is worth monitoring this indicator, its level affects the number of improvements that can be made. Also, the main thing in the game is the reputation scale. You need to constantly monitor it, if it equals 0 - the player will automatically have to start all over again.

Don't keep extra funds

All funds must be evenly distributed. It is better not to leave anything, but to invest wisely in business.

It is possible to find those improvements that will not be able to influence inflation in any way. Therefore, investments can be made in them.

Military coalitions

After the first improvements and prosperity of the city, the first protesters will appear. It is worth preparing for a civil war.

The appearance of the first protesters will open up the opportunity to improve military affairs.

A tip to help you win the game

If the improvement in the regions was carried out well and a situation arises when the rebels are driven into the mountains, or another place, then you do not need to rush to deal with them. It is worth waiting for the situation to stabilize in other areas. Otherwise, there will be a new uprising.

After that, you can implement all your plans and win.

Negative points of Rebel Inc.

Not everyone liked the game. And the main negative points are:

  • you need a paid version to complete difficult levels;
  • the game is quite difficult and in order to pass it you need to train a lot and understand all the specifics;
  • it will not be possible to pump military affairs before the appearance of the first rebels, which will not allow you to qualitatively prepare for the confrontation;
  • quite a few regions. Perhaps in the future, the developers will fix this situation.

Like other applications, the game can be downloaded to the iPhone on the App Store. The user can independently choose the paid or free option. The installation process does not take long, so there will be no questions: how to download the game to the iPhone?

Reasons why you need to download Rebel Inc to your iPhone

Rebel Inc has both obvious positives and negative points. Many users from all over the world have noticed the developer's intention about peoples living in such conditions and how difficult it is to bring the world back there. Such problems are very often covered in other well-known projects.

Other positive aspects include visual style. The player will be able to observe all the changes that are taking place in the country. The post-war state was conveyed quite clearly, the territories burned by fire will gradually be covered with fields. And without the presence of a military component, the project was an exact copy of the previous version of the developer. The user will understand the idea that the fight against the rebels is not easy, it is impossible to exterminate them, the only correct option is to conclude a peace agreement.Among the significant disadvantages, one can single out the monotony. And there is an opportunity to choose a rather easy way of improvement, in which corruption and inflation will practically not be able to hinder development. The only negative point is that the rebels are quite active. They will not only destroy everything, but also affect the reputation. And if its level is zero, defeat will ensue.

The main path to victory is to think about each step, and not even pay for additional opportunities, or something else. Perhaps the developers are already working on a new version, even more perfect. And today all that remains is to download Rebel Inc to the iPhone and enjoy the incredible plot and graphics.

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