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Apple Store / Apple news / How to save money on your subscription with Apple One
15 April 2021

How to save money on your subscription with Apple One

If you want to significantly save on subscriptions, then Apple One is the best option. It provides various tariff plans and features. Thanks to her, Apple got even more subscribers.

Anna Onishchenko

The least profitable model for users is a subscription that distributes services and various applications. You have to pay exactly at the specified time, if the payment is late, you will be denied access. Missing the monthly payment will have negative consequences: you won't even be able to play music downloaded for offline listening. Subscribers constantly have to choose between programs. Apple was able to find a way out of this situation – a package subscription to Apple One, which allows you to subscribe to any services.
Smartphone subscription

Modern users spend several thousand every month on various packages, the price can be reduced only by abandoning one of the applications. Software developers are not able to combine them into a single whole, but Apple can easily do this, since this company has enough of its services. This is exactly what the company did in the fall of 2020.

What is a bundle subscription

On Apple One, the tariffs are quite reasonable, and you will definitely like it. You will have access to several options at the same time. The following tariff plans are provided: the main one opens access to TV + and Music, the next one allows you to add Arcade, another one – News +. The most expensive includes space in iCloud.

The main goal is for subscribers to be able to significantly save money. If in the US a user subscribes to all applications at once, the monthly fee will be $40, with us, due to the adapted pricing policy, the amount will be significantly lower.

Apple Arcade subscription is absolutely free

Considering that Apple One reviews are only positive, the company decided not to dwell only on this package. Another option for the popularity of branded applications among subscribers will be the extended gift subscription application, which will constantly increase in the future. The main nominee for free access was Arcade, which did not gain as widespread popularity as the free Apple One subscription.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bundled Subscriptions

The advantages of this service include the following:

  • Payment at the same time for all services at once – now you do not need to remember when and how much to pay for a particular package, it will become much easier to control costs.
  • Savings – due to a single payment, the payment has significantly decreased, because everyone knows that wholesale is always cheaper than retail. Thanks to this, you save almost 2 times.
     Apple One Subscription Composition

Of course, there are a couple of downsides:

  • Not everyone uses these services – for those who prefer certain applications, it is better to cancel the Apple One subscription, because the effectiveness of the service is a big question for you.
  • The savings are not the same as we would like – if you do not use at least one or a couple of services, then you get an overpayment.

This subscription is connected in several stages:

  1. Go to the "settings" section.
  2. Open your account tab.
  3. Go to subscriptions, a phrase with an offer to subscribe will appear.
  4. Swipe, choose a tariff plan, subscribe.

There are two options: family (about $14) and individual (about $10). The first month of use is absolutely free, after which you will have to pay according to the selected tariff plan. You can also subscribe using the App Store.

When asked when will be available Apple one, we have already answered. Therefore, if you did not know about the release of this program, we recommend that you study it in more detail and subscribe. It has already helped many users to save money.
Apple One TV subscription

What does an Apple One subscription consist of?

This option offers the best services at an affordable cost. The experimental period lasts 30 days, if you wish, you can always turn it off and switch to any other tariff. Apple One subscription consists of:

  • Music – Includes over 700,000,000 different songs, daily track selections from top music professionals, and advanced features such as artist sync and lyrics.
  • TV – you get TV shows and movies from world directors. The content has received 18 nominations for the acclaimed Emmy Award and nearly 100 awards. No other application has been able to achieve such success in just a little less than a year.
  • Arcade – no special spending in the app, now you have more than 10 different exciting games available to you.
  • New – open access to magazines and newspapers so that you can always keep abreast of the latest news.
  • Fitness – the service was developed specifically for smartwatches Apple Watch. Due to intelligent functions, it is possible to view the metric, discover new achievements in physical exercises. You will be able to appreciate the lesson in the fitness studio format. The leaders are world-class coaches. With the help of well-known tracks, classes will be even more interesting and motivating.
  • iCloud – all files, including videos and photos, are safely and securely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved from any gadget.

This service helps to save money if you really use all the offered opportunities. Thanks to him, you will find something new and interesting for yourself: music, TV shows, films, and more. Each subscriber receives an individual ID, that is, personal access to all recommendations and applications. When registering a family option, 5 more family members will be able to use the service. It should be borne in mind that even if you were carrying an individual package, you can always set up family access.
Apple One on iPhone

Apple wants to attract as many users as possible to its service. Back in 2013, the developers realized that focusing only on the iPhone is a narrow way of financial success, creating many risks in the future. Services were announced as a key industry, their capabilities have improved, users need to buy the minimum package for the active use of the iPad or iPhone. Work has also begun on new film applications. In just 5 years, 5 paid subscriptions were launched, including Apple One.

Issue of Issued Split Subscriptions

During the development of the Apple One subscription, Amazon Prime was the benchmark (something new is added every year, due to this it is simply unprofitable for the US to completely abandon it). The active existence inside Apple forces subscribers to pay separately for several services monthly. In 2020, most of them signed up for a bunch of different apps. The main goal of the company's five subscriptions is convenience and minimalism. The fragmentation has an impact on the desire to continue using them. After receiving a notification about the withdrawal of cash for one thing or another, a logical question arises, are they needed at all? Due to this, the subscription frequency significantly increases, the company begins to lose money, because you cannot go far on trial models, the paying subscribers are becoming less and less.

Thanks to Apple One, the subscription rate should significantly decrease, because the service combines several of the most popular applications at once, around which the marketing system is easily built. This option eliminates a one – time monthly fee.


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