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Apple Store / Apple news / Archero: Awesome rogue-like game for mobile devices
25 March 2021

Archero: Awesome rogue-like game for mobile devices

The Archero is rogue-like game is not about boredom, because here you constantly need to defend yourself from monsters and pump your characters.

Ольга Мунтян

Rogue-like, or roguelike, is a separate niche in the gaming industry. Interesting games, the essence of which is to clear rooms from evil enemies, get various items during this, and fight the boss. Many people like such games, because they manage to combine everything at once: plot, catchy mechanics, game variety, random elements, many different enemies and bosses.

And someone likes to play them on a gamepad, someone on a keyboard, but few thought about roguelikes on the phone. And they are. And the Archero game has become a terrific representative.

What is Archero?                                   

As you might guess, Archero is a roguelike. All you need to do is slide your finger across the screen to make the character move, and release your finger to fire. All. You have to clear many dungeons from monsters, go through from ten to fifty levels to win. And also, pump the character, pump his weapons, suits, companions, and other accessories. And, like, everything.

But it was not there! The game is able to offer you cooperative passage, PVP battles, various events, and much more. All this has both its pros and cons, which can be found in more detail below.

What's so unusual and cool about Archero?

foren and table of possibilities

Probably, if the game becomes something from which many mobile application developers begin to openly steal ideas, then we can say that it was a success. But there really is something to steal.

It's worth starting with the gameplay itself. And it is extremely simple. Keep your finger on the screen to make the character move. If you need to shoot an enemy, just let go. Fortunately, your hero is aiming at the enemy on his own, so you don't need to bother with it. But then the game would not have sought out popularity if that was the whole point. And the game offers something more.

Equipment. This is an important aspect of the game. You can take with you into battle: weapons, clothes, two rings, two pets, an amulet, a bracelet, a book. And all the items are quite a lot. If we talk about weapons, then this is probably the highlight of the game. It is all varied and interesting. For example, there is a magic spear that shoots a beam at enemies rather quickly, and there is a magic staff that shoots not very fast, but shoots homing magic bunches. Well, according to the classics, there is a bow, a throwing scythe, a throwing dagger, a boomerang, and a crossbow. It is difficult to single out some of the strongest, or the weakest weapons, because each may be needed in any case. Here the staff will be an excellent solution against bosses, while the scythe will allow you to eliminate ordinary enemies quite quickly.

Clothes are also interesting, because if you pump them, you can get additional effects that will be useful in battle. But with other equipment, things are not so rosy. While it also makes sense, weapons and clothing overshadow it. But the books are as useful as possible, because they add unique properties to the hero.

But more than one piece of equipment paints the Archero. A variety of heroes. That's what matters too. The game has 16 heroes with unique abilities and properties. Some can be opened for coins, and some for crystals. Yes, it immediately becomes clear that there are ordinary coins that can be mined in unthinkable quantities, and there are crystals, very valuable, which are more difficult to get, easier to buy for real money. But now is not about that. Heroes. They are not limited to coins and crystals, and some can be bought for real money. But here we come to the most interesting part. Not so long ago, shards of heroes were added to the game, which allow you to improve them. But if there is no hero, and you collect 30 shards, then you can get a hero by spending them. That is, you can get a donated character that costs 500 hryvnia for free, just getting shards. Isn't that wonderful?

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hero and portal

And besides that, the game has 38 chapters. But, in fact, there are 19. Each chapter is unique in its own way, presents you with new enemies, new bosses, new abilities. Some of the chapters are quite extensive. They have as many as 50 levels, 5 of which belong to bosses. And some consist of 10 levels, but you will have to immediately fight exclusively with bosses. Here we remember the weapon, because the success of a particular chapter depends on its choice.

But why chapters 38, and in fact 19? Yes, because there is a normal mode, and a hero mode. There are 19 chapters in normal mode, just like in hero mode. Only the hero mode presents you with the opportunity to fight everything in the same chapter, only with strengthened enemies.

Also, it's a sin not to mention the expedition mode, which is a journey through the levels. You start small, from the very first level, and go up, receiving quite valuable rewards. Every day you are given 10 "elixirs" that you need to participate in the expedition. But if this is not enough, then there are daily events. They include PVP, cooperative passage (you can with random players or with friends), a thematic event that offers you unique mechanics, in order to get some themed bonuses (for example, for the New Year event, you can play with snowballs ", Where you can get the currency of the local event), 1-2 ordinary daily events, and the grandiose" Endless Adventure "and" Ancient Labyrinth ". In Endless Adventure, your task is to get as far as possible so that, at the end of the season,

The game is full of variety. And during the game itself, various skills are revealed to you. These can be both the usual "increased damage", "increased attack speed", and the skills of elementals, which add a bolt of lightning to your normal attacks, or impose the effect of poison on opponents. There is where to take a walk.

Are there any drawbacks to the game?

personages on a background hearts

The game would be too perfect if there was nothing to get to, right? And, unfortunately, or fortunately, there are downsides.

We return to the equipment. There are several ways to get it. During regular battles, during themed events, or from chests. There is a "golden chest" that you get every day, the keys to it are not so valuable, their cost is only 60 crystals. And there is a "devil's chest", which you get only once a week, and one such opening costs 300 crystals. But the loot is much more valuable there. Donating to the game is far from necessary. It is not so difficult to earn crystals, and given that if, due to some circumstances, you do not enter the game for a while and return, then you will have a wonderful bonus in the form of crystals, keys and coins. Wonderful! But there is one problem with dropouts. There are a number of items that will drop much less frequently. Maybe this is the experience of the author, but some positions are practically inaccessible for falling out. We are talking about an incredibly powerful crossbow, and about the book "Enlightenment". These items are not even the most powerful of their categories. They are situational, somewhere they will fit, but somewhere they will not. But the chance of them falling out is too low. For a year and a half of the author's game, they dropped out only once. But it might be a matter of luck.

But the question of balance is worth touching on. As mentioned earlier, there are as many as 16 heroes in the game. Some have really unique abilities and mechanics that can only please. But some are unlucky, and they only have elemental abilities. Yes, they are stronger than those that can be found in the course of the game. But not so much that I wanted to choose a hero with such an ability, against the background of others, really unique. But the unique heroes were not spared the problem! There is a character Meugik. Magic cat, which, during the attack, summons magic cats to enemies. That's about these cats and speech. These spectral cats, roughly speaking, crash into enemies, inflicting colossal damage. Approximately 2-3 times higher than the hero's attack. The effect itself is useful, it cannot be called imbalanced. But its action raises questions.

Let's say there are turret enemies. They are static but powerful. And they stand behind the wall. According to the scenario of the developers themselves, the player must come face to face with the turret, risk the loss of health in order to kill it. But Mäugik doesn't think so. You can just stand on the opposite side of the location, hide behind a few walls and release your finger. The character will simply shoot at the wall, but this nonsense will be registered by the game as a hit, so a magic cat will fly into the enemy and cause damage. Thus, you can get through a really difficult moment without doing anything. And this problem has been present for over a year. Fortunately, there is no such thing in PVP.

Mayglic and inscriptions

There are still questions about balancing the chapters themselves, but they are subjective. Well, here you go through a chapter in which there are 50 levels. The first 10 go with a bang, you kill the boss at the tenth level, and move on. And it feels like the enemies have adjusted to you, have become much stronger. They do much more damage, their health is higher. It probably was intended, but sometimes it's really annoying.

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And is Archero worth the admiration?

The game is not flawless, obviously. There are moments that, as they strongly interfere with the player, also help him to pass the game without much effort. But the game is beautiful. It gives an incentive to play further, go through chapter by chapter, try new items of equipment, hope for luck. And an independent search for combinations adds a lot of potential for replayability to the game. Therefore, she is a really cool representative of roguelikes. Yes, compared to the PC genre, Archero can play. But for a smartphone, it's awesome. There are practically no moments in which you want to come up with something else. Not at all. The game, one might say, in moderation.

And advertising there is only voluntary. Want a bonus? Watch the video. You do not want? Well then, play and don't get distracted! It's simple. And that is why there are many clones, in which there are a lot of ads, and similar mechanics made on the knee. This is why many games want to be like Archero. But this game is unique and definitely deserves the attention of as many players as possible.

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