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Apple Store / Apple news / How to turn on "Access Guide" on iPhone or iPad: what is it
23 June 2021

How to turn on "Access Guide" on iPhone or iPad: what is it

What is "Access Guide" and why it should be used. Everything you need to know about setting up the Guide Access feature

Anastasia Perekupko

Experts advise distracting young children from electronic toys, so good parents will always find activities for their children. But it happens that when one of the parents turned away, and the child inadvertently clicked on the "Home" button and switched from watching the cartoon to the desktop. That's why Apple gadgets have introduced the "Guide Access" option.

The "Access Guide" function means a function on any iPad or iPhone that restricts the use of a device or application at the request of the user. For example, a person can turn on "Access" if he allows his own child to watch the cartoon. This option is also introduced to avoid accidental touches.

"Access Guide"

Guide to Access Settings

To activate the "Access Guide", you need to perform a few simple operations that can be done by each user. They are listed below:

  • Go to the "Settings" menu, select "Main", then click on "Universal access" and then another section "Access guide" will appear
  • Activate the specified function
  • Click on "Password settings", and then select the section "Set password code access guide".
  • Enter the invented combination in the appropriate field, confirm it. You can also activate the use of Face or Touch ID, with which you can go through the identification procedure to the "Access Guide".

That is, after performing these simple operations, the user will forget that his child will not go to the desktop while watching the cartoon, and will not get the parents to return the cartoon to the specified location.

"Access Guide"

What you need to set up "Access Guide"

To properly configure "Guide Access" on your iPhone or iPad, you need to know some features, namely the buttons you need to configure:

  • Fall asleep or wake up button. Allows you to enable or disable these modes on the device
  • Volume keys. These elements allow you to disable the volume control on the gadget
  • Movement. When activating this parameter, the user can limit the response of the device to movement. For example, if the gadget does not respond to the rotation of the display when you change the position of the device
  • "Keyboards". Disables keyboard reflection.
  • "Press". This setting will help turn off tapping in certain areas of the monitor.
  • "Search in the dictionary". By activating this option, you can search for words when selecting text.
  • "Time limit". This feature selects the time limit for the "Access Guide" session.

That is, these buttons either stop working or activate the desired functions when the "Guide Access" mode is enabled.

"Access Guide"

How to apply the mechanism

Using this feature also requires some steps. But they are simple:

  • Open the required application, and then click three times on the "Home" button. On the 10th iPhone, this option is activated by pressing the side button three times.
  • If you need to define an area of ​​the display or the screen itself did not respond to a few touches, these areas should be circled with your finger. The size and position of the circle can be changed, and to cancel it you need to press the X key.
  • To activate the "Access Guide" or set the usage time limit, first click on "Home" and then select the "Settings" button. But if there are problems with the reflection of this section, you can press the side key or "Home" three times again.
  • "Guide access" can also be enabled with "Gray". Just open the desired application and say: "Siri, turn on" Access Guide "!".
  • As you can see, the procedure for activating "Guide Access" on "apple" gadgets is very simple. You do not need to take any extremely difficult steps, you just need to know what to do, and that's it.

Interestingly, this option is quite easy to exclude. To do this, simply press the "Home" button or the side key three times, enter the password for the "Access Guide" in the field and press the "End" key. But if you used Touch or Face ID when entering this option, you only need to double-click the side key or "Home".

"Access Guide"

Other tools to help keep important data from children

Apple's developers have not only provided for the introduction of "Guide Access", so that important information is not lost due to careless actions of the child. To do this, you need to perform several more operations:

  • Entering a password on a smartphone. This tool is useful when a child without the knowledge of the parents picks up the gadget. The password is activated via the Device Settings menu. Of course, you need to come up with a protective combination, which consists of numbers, lit and characters to help protect the data.
  • Activation of restrictions. This feature will allow you to restrict the removal of applications and other programs, as well as most actions. You can remove some system options on the desktop.
  • Lock screen. To do this, you can assign a volume lock option to the volume up button on the gadget. You need to go to the settings window, select the "Main" section and select the appropriate switch.
  • 3D Touch. This option can be activated on "apple" gadgets if the child regularly plays with a tablet or smartphone. But it is important to know that this option is slow, and the screen will be difficult to unlock. Therefore, in the settings menu, select "Main" and enable the "Universal access" option. Next, you need to enable and configure 3D Touch. You can also activate the desired sensitivity threshold.
  • Nothing complicated either. All you have to do is go through the settings and activate the necessary options. And then the device will be protected from children's curiosity and careless handling.

Finally, it should be noted that using these tools, you can make your own gadget from Apple comfortable and secure important information from the hands of children. Therefore, you should first try "Access", but if you do not like this mechanism, then resort to other means to ensure the integrity of the data on the gadget. And by the way, it is very simple - no extra complicated actions are required, only simple operations.

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