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icoola.ua / Apple news / PetMatch is the app to help you find cope with losing your pet
04 May 2021

PetMatch is the app to help you find cope with losing your pet

An application that will help you find a copy of a deceased pet in order to pick it up from the shelter

Olha Muntean

When our beloved pet leaves us, it is a heavy loss, which is very difficult to come to terms with. A dog or a cat that has lived next to you for ten years, without a doubt, becomes a full member of the family, and therefore his death is felt very painful. It is not surprising that many owners cannot come to terms with this fact and are trying in every possible way to prolong the life of their pet. For example, some spend 24 hours reviewing old photographs and videos. Others, in vain attempts to resurrect their animal, spend huge amounts of money on cloning procedures. And not to say that it is going well, rather the opposite.

 PetMatch screen1

The unwillingness of people to accept such dire consequences pushed developers to create such a wonderful application as PetMatch. This is truly a saving combo, thanks to which it turns out to make two people happy at once - a homeless animal and a person who recently survived the death of his beloved pet. The application will help everyone find a living double on the Internet, which most closely resembles a deceased pet, be it a cat or a dog.

What is PetMatch

PetMatch has its own web service called PetFinder. It is he who automatically collects all the information about what animals are available from volunteers and in shelters. These pets are just looking for their owners. The PetMatch smartphone app performs a deep search of its existing database. So, artificial intelligence analyzes information about a deceased pet from the provided photo and searches for the most similar dogs or cats.

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PetMatch is a start-up development of Superfish, and allows you to upload pictures of cats and dogs to the system through the gallery on your phone, or even from various photo services.

How PetMatch works

This application for the PetMatch smartphone has its own patented technology, with which it analyzes unique search parameters and recognizes matches in the shape of the face, distance between eyes, coat color and length, size and shape of the body.

 PetMatch screen2

Further, all these parameters are taken and transferred to the PetFinder search base. It is on this server that hundreds of thousands of photographs of various pets are placed, which are waiting for the moment of "adoption" throughout America. After careful selection and search, the user receives information about all matches within the country and the result is shown closest to the place of residence.

What are the disadvantages of the PetMatch iPhone app

It is worth noting that this application for the iPhone PetMatch has just begun its journey, so all preliminary tests indicate that the program does not work perfectly. PetMatch cannot recognize blurry images or photos from an unusual angle, which differ from the template photos in the existing database.

Moreover, the creators decided not to include information about the pet's breed in the analysis, and this is a very important factor for many people. Of course, you can try adding any picture of your pet, however there are a number of pictures that enhance the best results. For example, you shouldn't use photos of your, say, a dog in a strange pose, as PetMatch can show cats instead of dogs and parrots instead of cats in the results. The program will be able to recognize and pick up a new rabbit for you without any problems, however, if you upload a photo of a person, it breaks down, because it does not understand what is happening.

 PetMatch screen3

It should be understood that no analysis of external parameters and data can help you choose a pet in terms of intelligence and character. However, the importance of the idea of ​​developing an application for people who want to take homeless cats and dogs for themselves cannot be underestimated. All this deserves, at least, approval and attention.

User reviews about PetMatch

Those who have already tried the application will notice that PetMatch can find similarities and analyze data based on appearance alone. At the same time, no one gives any guarantees about what the nature of the newly acquired pet may be. It can be radically different from the character of the previous pet.

 PetMatch screen4

The PetMatch app has just hit the market and will only be available to iPhone users in the near future. The creator of such a project, Superfish, has been trying for a long 15 years, since 2006, to teach artificial intelligence to see things through the eyes of people. PetMatch is not their first or only project. Among the developer's applications there are also many standalone programs and similar browser extensions that recognize photos for iOS operating systems.

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