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08 April 2021

Smartphone VS health: myths about the dangers of phones for the body

Every day we are faced with claims about the dangers of phones to health, but is this true?

Ольга Мунтян

Perhaps, literally from the very beginning of the emergence of technologies, the question arose: how do they affect human health? Scientists immediately rushed to debunk the mass of emerging myths that said that any created technology bears total harm. However, if you look into the most common myths and rumors about the dangers of phones to health, it turns out that they all do not carry any evidence. In some small media you can still read about mass strikes against the installation of any radio tower. Moreover, in developed countries there are whole separate settlements that preach eco-life, rejecting any benefits of mankind, including sources of radio emission.

Phones have long been firmly blended into the everyday life of a person, because any modern user cannot deny himself to communicate, exchange SMS, new photos and videos, search for information, etc. All these needs lead to the constant need to keep the phone with you, as close as possible. This makes some people believe that mobile phones can affect their health in a negative direction, as well as cause a plane crash, because it is not for nothing that we are asked to turn off smartphones during flights.

ecolife people

In this article, we will talk about the most popular deceptions of humanity:

1.    The phone is a mini version of the microwave

In a network, a few years ago there were popular videos, whereby means of smartphones it is possible to prepare food and even to toast meat. It is known that telephones - these things of electromagnetic radiation, that, in turn, can render thermal and ionizing influences on organisms. However, it only sounds terrible, in business all is far simpler. During telephone conversations power of gadget can make near 1Вт. But it is not needed to begin panic, because through a human organism the small dose of radiation, that in principle in any way does not affect a man, passes only. A body takes in a small part of energy of waves, that then converts into a heat, only. However, this amount of thermal influence even can not be in any way fixed, id est, it turns out that no harm for a man is not present.

It turns out that all the videos, where the phone, in one way or another, heats up food, fries meat are fakes. To create such fakes, a variety of methods are used: an induction oven, a microwave magnetron is placed under the tablecloth, or they simply mount the video as needed.

2.    Radiation from the phone can be harmful to health

In the minds of people, radiation is something as bad as possible, and it will certainly lead to some kind of disease. In fact, radiation is a general term that combines all types of radiation by electromagnetic waves. That is, X-rays, ultraviolet light, radio waves, gamma rays, etc. - all these are subtypes of radiation. Of course, in large quantities, these rays can seriously harm all living things, destroying or changing DNA. And, in today's technological society, it is impossible to completely avoid the fate of being radiated. But at the same time, you can try to reduce their impact.

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Again, in everyday life, a person gets sweat from non-ionizing radiation, that is, turns on electric or infrared light, uses Wi-Fi, home appliances and catches radio waves. Such radiation is not harmful, which means that daily use of the phone will not cause any problems.

It is necessary to understand that any device will emit radiation. At the same time, it will also come from buildings, and land, and even people. And all this carries absolutely no danger to humanity. Emissions from telephones are just certain radio waves with a certain frequency.

3.    Smartphones fuel cancer

For about three decades, scientists have been conducting research in the field of radiation from smartphones and the harm of frequent use of gadgets on the human body. Most of the attention doctors pay to the effects of radiation on the brain, since during telephone conversations, the device is held near the head.

Studies have shown that radiation, which is similar to the radiation from our mobile phones, but many times stronger, affected laboratory mice. However, it was never possible to confirm the theory about the dangers of smartphones to the human body. Since telephones are a relatively young invention, scientists simply do not have the right amount of time to study the long-term effect. Many institutions from different countries are still trying to find out this aspect. However, all they came up with was that you need to use gadgets with a reasonable frequency.

4.    5G radiation affects more than 4G

5G radiation

Since the establishment of the first 5G towers, there have been those who begin to worry about the perceived harm. So we hear about meetings in honor of the overthrow of these very towers, etc. But is the new generation radiation so dangerous? Not really, since the only difference between the new and the old generation is the waves at higher frequencies, which means a shorter wavelength. Such waves cannot pass through solid material, unlike longer waves. These are the laws of physics.

That is, with increasing frequencies, all their effects will remain on the surface. So there is no need to worry and panic. 5G radiation will not affect the human brain in any way, since it simply will not reach it, because everyone will absorb the materials that are in the front rows of the access zone - headwear, hair.

5.    Mobile phones of any generation are harmful

Any smartphone has its own set value for the unit of measurement of the amount of radio frequency energy that the human body absorbs while working with the device. They call it SAR, and its value is found out in the laboratory by specialists. In addition, SAR levels in real life can be significantly lower than during laboratory experiments. Thus, the closer the smartphone is to the base station, the more likely it is that its actual SAR is lower than the stated value.

Moreover, SAR is influenced by various factors: the length of the phone calls, the use of a headset, headphones, network congestion, or even speakerphone mode. It turns out that the newer the phone model, the more dangerous it is?

No, because the SAR measurement factors do not include the advancement point of the gadget. Phones of any price category can have a low SAR, it is worth paying attention to the brand of the device and how it has proven itself in the market.

6.    Telephone radiation leads to brain diseases

As talked before, there are no proofs that subzero electromagnetic radiations can as or negatively to influence on the health of the human organism. And let yet from 90th of MASS-MEDIA tell about some scare stories, where a telephone renders similar functions as radiation on the organism of man, or about people that found out for itself mortal illness after the purchase of smartphones, all of it nothing more as an attempt by any methods to attract attention to the publishing house. It is not needed to believe that mobile telephones assist development of malignant tumors, in fact there are a few laboratory researches that refute these expressions. Thus, all of it is a no more than next myth.

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7.  Smartphones cause an allergy for children

The International Journal of Epidemiology submitted a publication that said 13 studies were conducted worldwide. Scientists were looking for a trigger for the development of the main types of brain cancer - meningiomas and gliomas. After the conducted stages of research, it was found that frequent use of telephones does not induce cancer to develop, as was commonly believed by the people, but, on the contrary, reduces the likelihood of its occurrence by 20%.

The data from this result was tested several more times, so that in the end the researchers concluded that there is no connection between brain cancer and the use of smartphones.

Also, the Danish Institute of Cancer Epidemiology conducted its own experiment, in which about 410,000 people took part. Here, doctors decided not to trust the words of people about the amount of time spent on the phone, and took the data from mobile operators. And in this case, no similarities were found either.

It is impossible not to talk about the results of research at the Center for the Study of Alzheimer's in Florida. They say that electromagnetic signals from gadgets help to improve memory, as well as slow down the gradation of the disease.

8.    Smartphones affect the human endocrine system

After mobile phones first appeared in the public domain, a study was conducted, during which scientists proved that the use of gadgets does not affect the level of hormones in the human body in any way. A slight increase in hormone levels is possible when the user is on the phone. However, it does not exceed the permissible norms, and after a certain amount of time it simply returns to its original natural position.

9.    Phones harm a person's healthy sleep

The only thing that a smartphone can threaten during sleep is the excessive number of notifications received, because of which it will simply not be possible to get enough sleep. However, the use of phones during the day does not in any way affect the amount and quality of your sleep. No studies have been able to confirm the harm to healthy sleep.

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